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Best WordPress WooCommerce Themes for Online Stores

Woocommerce is the easiest way to use to build a complete e-commerce website with WordPress. It makes things easier and everything is well-managed by professionals. Sometimes, you search for the theme, but you find that they’re not for you, simply because, they’re just for blogs or for other uses, but no for your online store.

So, I’ll show you the best Woocommerce themes for WordPress, based on their quality and the reviews from real people who already used them. Of cause, you can customize everything and make it yours.

Top rated WordPress WooCommerce themes

If you really want to use the best quality, you have to use the Template Monster themes that offer what you need, and everything is optimized by default. The reason for choosing this place is not only the designs that look professional, but also, the method of psychological layout and colors that they’re using.

Unlike other theme creators or marketplaces, this place has the greatest designers who understand the behavior of the customer, and what people need.

For example, if you want a theme for electronics products, you will get the best layouts that are tested many times with real users.

In other words, you don’t have to test your design and waste the time and money, all that is done for you, and you can just customize some other options. But if you want more colors and things to add, the theme is customizable and you can edit any part of it.

1. Drugstore Theme

This is a 100% responsive theme that works well for health niches, and also all the natural and green products. The green color used, especially, for that theme gives a good impression from the first visit.

The search box at the top of the page helps your customers to find their preferred items. At the same time, the menu itself is well placed in the right location. You can add featured products, and they will look amazing in your homepage.

Best WordPress WooCommerce Themes

2. Designer Clothes

These designs transform your WordPress website to a fully functional store for clothes. The layout and colors are inspired from the world of fashion, and the successful websites that already sell clothes online.

It’s a responsive design and it works with custom post types and many other functions. It supports 8 languages and there is no need to hire a translator, like what happens in regular themes. Unlike many themes, this one is creative and fresh, at the same time.

Designer Clothes

3. Tshirts

With this theme, you can build a powerful T-shirts store, and make it loads faster with the lazy load effects. The product box layout offer the best user experience, and the price look clean and used in the right pace.

There is no need to edit the layout, but, I suggest changing the price box color to the Green, instead of the Red. It’s what I tested in many designs and it worked perfectly. The red color works well, but, not with all niches. Everything else in this theme is great, and you can keep it as the default settings.

Tshirts theme

4. Computer Hardware

When it comes to creating a computer online store, and sell all the accessories and hardware items, things can be different from other niches. This theme comes with beautiful slider that looks professional and attractive, at the same time.

The simple design on the homepage was created, especially, for better performance and faster loading time. At the same time, the user gets all the information in the right place. So, if someone wants a specific hardware type, he can click the right option from the category boxes, and find the right products..

The red and black colors, add an extra professionalism to the theme, and it will help making better conversion psychologically.

Computer Hardware

5. Grocery Web Shop

People love this awesome theme for many reasons. But, if you see the good looking designs, you will see that this is the perfect WordPress theme for online supermarkets, and grocery products. The colors are not only attractive and well-selected, but also, they are used carefully for better conversions, and more sales.

The category menu on the left sidebar looks great and with that green color, it will beautify the whole design. Also, the featured product boxes look good with that discounted price. This is the designs that every grocery store needs.

Grocery Web Shop

Tips to succeed your online store

The theme is important for every store, and you have to select the right designs that suit your niche, and that looks clean, at the same time. However, if you choose a low-quality hosting, you will lose all the theme and the benefits of the professionalism.

That’s why choosing a premium managed hosting is the right solution. If you can’t use the quality hosting for any reason like their prices, then, I recommend Liquid Web, it’s a fast hosting that offer the speed and the reliability that you need.

For the designs, you need to make a few tests, to find the design that performs better. But, keep in mind that you shouldn’t change the layout periodically, and risk your SEO. Separate the test by one, or two weeks and run it for one day. Then, you will be able to find the results and conclude the next steps to work on.

Please avoid submitting your website to online directories just to get listed there, many of these places are real risks for your business, and you can get penalized by Google and other search engines for the spam sites that you get links from the.

So, keep it simple, optimize your web store for speed, and use one of the above themes. Then, test the designs and changes the things that performs poorly, and you will save the time and money in the future.

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