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What’s ClickBank University and How Does it Work? My Personal Review

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For more than a decade, ClickBank creates the biggest online digital marketplace that thousands of affiliates, and vendors are using. Billions of dollars already generated from that huge platform.

It changed the lives of lots of people around the world, but, when people find the new ClickBank University product, they ask many questions about its quality, prices, and much more.

It’s like a doubt about something new that you have no idea about it. Today, I’m going to show you my personal review about ClickBank university, with everything inside the member area, and what guides you get.

My ClickBank University review

The first question that everyone asks is what is this ClickBank University?, and what it talks about? So, let me start with that.

CB university is the new ultimate guide to generating an income online. It comes with 3 main parts that I’ll talks about next, but, every step is well created and organized with videos, lessons, and everything else that, both affiliate marketers and vendors needs.

Unlike many other guides that we all find online, this new one is created by the biggest affiliate network in the world. So, they put all their statistics and tips inside this complete product, and that’s what makes the difference with others.

I wanted to try the membership area and see what it talks about, and what I can say is that’s great, professional, and easy to use. People can forget all the guides and the trainings that they’ve and focus on this one that put all the things together in the same place.

Even, they get a website builder and a web hosting for free. ClickBank university contains 3 main sections:

  1. The Member Area
  2. The website Builder
  3. The advanced Master classes

Now, let see what every one of these parts talks about.

1. The ClickBank University member area

This is the membership area where you get you login details to access the guides, the tools and everything. It comes with multiple sections and every one of them takes you step by step, to learn how to build an online a business like an affiliate or like a vendor.

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This is what people can’t get in any place around the web. Both sides, find all the resources, video tutorials, tools, and everything they needs to start making money the next days.

But remember, you need to follow the steps and apply them. ClickBank tested hundreds of thousands of products. They have a big database of statistics that shows them what works better, and how to succeed with the minimum effort.

ClickBank University member area

The class sign ups let members join the weekly training by signing up for the live webinar that they create every week. Vendors and affiliate marketers can exchange advice and tips about their latest strategies and programs.

The Beginners section shows  everything that anyone can imagine for affiliate marketing. For example, you find how to select the profitable products, and how to build your building list, and succeed with every step.

When you enter the advanced traffic system, you will learn the right ways to turn visitors into subscribers, and build your list of subscribers the right way. You need to apply smart ways that reduce the time, the effort, and also, that guarantee the best results.

For the affiliate section, people get in-depth tutorials and tips, about building squeeze pages, list building, driving targeted traffic, and managing your list easily. It’s a place to understand the things that work, and how to apply them easily.

The ”University Talks” is the section where people find ClickBank affiliates and vendors who shares their secrets, tips, and even, strategies. I loved the way that people get tips from successful marketers who already make millions of dollars in sales. That’s the place to learn things that no one else wanted to teach for the public.

ClickBank University talks

If you like to be social, then, use the community section, you can connect with others and exchange your tips with them. Also, you can ask your questions to specific people, and find the right device about your business, and how to make it better and avoid mistakes.

2. The website builder

The ”ClickBank Builder” is the powerful tool that make things professional and easy, at the same time. Just create a new project like a product page, and start dragging and dropping elements. You can create what every website needs like, sales pages, squeeze pages, and thank you pages.

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Also, the website and pages builder create powerful and well-optimized product delivery pages, and affiliate pages, without any technical skills. Even, can also create up-sells and much more with a click of a button. That’s all from one single dashboard that cover everything you need.

ClickBank Builder preview

You can create a membership website, it allows you to create your own ClickBank product without any need for developers, coders or any advanced knowledge. Just use the drag and drop tool that’s optimized for everything and the job is done like never before.

The web hosting is included for free, So, everything will be ready to work in a matter of minutes. People can buy your product, get their member, username, password, and everything else to login and use your service.

ClickBank University scam

The website builder contains the training area, where you can watch videos about everything you need. It explain things and shows how they work correctly. ClickBank University is not a scam, but, a complete guide to be a successful affiliate marketer.

3. The advanced master class

In this part, you will find advanced traffic and conversion methods to makes sales. Successful affiliates and product vendors shares their SEO, PPC, and strategies to make a huge number of sales in a short period of time.

It’s like a source of the ClickBank real secrets that a few people know and apply, at the same time. Of course, everything needs some intention and real work to apply these strategies. But, the result will be much better than any other private forum, that talks about affiliate marketing, especially, with ClickBank.

In these courses and guides, people get the information from the source, there is no better way to find what work, and what doesn’t work, in terms of sales and conversions. At the same time, I saw lots of vendors talks about their own tips and tactics, to reduce refunds, and take their business to the next level.

Best of all, there are many tips about making your product hot on ClickBank marketplace, by boosting the gravity and attracting more affiliates who success.

Even, there are lots of tips about optimizing the sales pages, and making them friendly. Not every button or layout works in sales pages, and that’s what people can learn there. You get what you need to know about using the right colors, arrows, and all the other things that seem easy for many affiliates and vendors.

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If you have doubts about the ClickBank University membership, guides, tools, and you still ask yourself if it’s for you or not, then, I can recommend it with confidence.

I’ve tried what they’re talking about, and I found that no other website in the web offer what they have. It’s the ideal system to be a super affiliate and a super vendor, at the same time. Forget all the scams and build your business professionally.

There is no need to look away for any tools or guides. Everything is there in one place, and that’s what makes the ClickBank University the top recommended place to succeed online. I hope that this helped making things clear for you.

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