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Creating a video website is not a hard job to do, some people will embed their videos directly from YouTube. Others will host them on private servers, and that will cost more, to monetize your website videos. You need to know what are the best ways to make money with your videos, and then select the best method that suits your needs and goes well with your budget.


Matomy is a big media group, and you can earn real revenue. It’s a great place to monetize video content. All you have to do is join their network and start your application, they have lots of advertisers who need to promote their products and services. They offer high CPM compared to other advertisers, and that’s good for you.

Their ads appear before, in the middle, and after your videos. Of course, their advertisers should find your website interesting and related to their business, which will bring engaged advertisers and good relations between you and their advertisers in the long term.


Admedia is one of the rare advertising networks that offer lots of options, to monetize a website in general and video content in particular. They monetize the ”404 not found” pages, the exit users, and much more, for your video. You can join their network, and their advertisers will bid on your video slide in real time.

The good part is that you can submit and select your industry, with relevant keywords you think are helpful to make ads relevant to your video content, and that will result in better revenue.


There is no need to browse lots of sites, to find that YouTube is the first and best program to monetize any video website platform. Of course, you need to use the video that you’ve uploaded to YouTube, but you will make a solid income if you have lots of page views and visitors who browse your videos and watch them.

The main reason to go with YouTube from the beginning is that the network size is multiple times the size of all the biggest video hosting platforms today. So, you will get exposure to more advertisers who invest millions of dollars in YouTube video ads.

At the same time, there is no technical knowledge needed to create a YouTube account and monetize your Videos. Google Ad Network, is the biggest platform where you can earn a real income with it. Actually, YouTube uses two types of video monetization: The first, is a banner ad that appears at the bottom of each video. The size can be different from video to anchor depending on the video dimension.

But, in general, the banner size is 468 by 60 pixels, and the second is the video ad that runs before some videos that YouTube selects. They are short videos in less than 30 seconds in general, and this type of ad attracts more brands for its quality and great results.

These are the two methods to monetize YouTube videos, but the second one needs lots of traffic, and only accounts with a large number of views can succeed. The standard banner ad works well; you get paid for each valid click on these banners, but please make sure that you understand the Video monetization criteria.

That will give a clear idea, that you should use free music in your videos if you create them, copyrights can cause problems, and you need to upload a video that’s 100% copyright-safe.

Your YouTube earnings go directly to your Adsense account. And, you can apply directly from your YouTube account, but make sure first that you have lots of videos with a good amount of views.

Google offers another good program called DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) Video, and it’s a big business. You need to contact them directly from their website.

AdSense for video

Most people confuse YouTube and Adsense monetization. If you don’t have a YouTube-hosted video, you can apply for AdSense for a video program, it’s created especially for that type of video.

You need to have an Adsense account, and the Adsense ID in the application process. You need high traffic, they require more than 2 million video impressions per month. At the same time, your website needs to integrate and work with Google IMA3 SDK.

Dailymotion Publisher Network

Dailymotion is one of the most visited video platforms, they have over 25 million videos to monetize, and you can join their network. They have a revenue share method, it’s not as good as YouTube PPC, but you still get big money if you have thousands of views per day.

Not all their videos are monetized, and this is a negative point. At the same time, they only allow individuals to apply to their network. So, if you want to apply as a company, then forget this actually and go with YouTube.


This is a premium video streaming platform with multiple monetization methods. If you host your videos with them, you can use their pay-per-view program. They also offer a paid per subscription and other ways, such as the white label service for interested people. Anyway, you can join their website and find more detailed information about their monetization ways. It depends on your account type, and it’s really different from one account to another.

Dacast offers another monetization with ads, and it works well if you have videos related to their advertisers’ business.


Liverail works with big advertisers, and they bid on their publisher websites. They have a private exchange system and pay per impression. If you want to block certain advertisers from displaying their ads with your videos, then, you just need to use their checkpoint system.

The best part about this company is that they monetize any type of video size and screen, from desktops with HTML5 to iPhones and Android, your video is still monetized, and you can see in real-time your statistics.

Coull Vidlinkr

Coull selects the right ad for your video based on your content and even based on what the person needs and searches for. Actually, they are featured on big brands such as Technorati and you can give them a try. As with all the above networks, advertisers find your website based on their business category, and they will promote their offers or products based on your niche. Cool works with big brands such as WordPress and TechRadar, and you can join them.


The above networks can really be the ideal solution, to monetize your video website. They are different, and each one of them uses their own methods, but they are a real solution. I recommend starting with YouTube if you’re eligible, then learn more about the others and spend some time reading their guidelines.

To avoid mistakes that the new publisher makes all the time, especially the copyright, you need to have original videos, or permission to use them by their creators.

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