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Landscape Website Templates: Top Responsive Designs

The most important things in every website is the theme, it makes a direct relation with every visitor and that’s why choosing the right design is the key to succeed.

Today, I’ve selected the greatest landscape website templates to help you starting your website with a professional, responsive designs, and clean code that’s optimized for speed and SEO. At the same time.

Best landscape responsive templates

1. Landscape Design

This is a premium HTML5 template with CSS3 animations, clean design and Bootstrap support. The centered logo at the top of the page, helps featuring your brand and showing your message in front of people’s eyes.

Also, the responsive mode saves lots of time and money creating a mobile theme. The theme layout looks the same with all the mobile devices and desktops.

You can add social links at the bottom of the website and everything is well created based on the user experience and the search engine best practices.

Landscape Website Templates

2. Gobo

I’ve used this great template for a friend, it’s recommended for all kinds of sites, especially building and construction websites. If you’re searching for the best company theme, this will be your best choice. It’s fully responsive. What I loved more is the great layout. Posts will be listed on grid layout and with good-looking featured images with every page.

At the of the homepage, you can create a custom menu to show special links. Of course, there is a main menu, and it’s located next to the logo. The responsive slide can make the difference if you use the right photos to showcase your business and attract more customers.

Gobo theme

3. Exterior

This is one of the best landscaping website templates. As its name, this is a template for garden and exterior landscape websites. It comes with all the features that a premium design needs. But also, the designer added cool slider and a great menu with buttons and colors reflect the nature.

You can add extra page layouts if you want to customize the look of your website. This is a 2 column template with a full width layout and social buttons at the bottom of the website.


4. Green House

As you can see from the template designs, it was created especially for green construction. But, it comes with powerful layout and ayes catching logo with new form and amazing structure of the whole layout.

You can create pages about your company and add a few projects to showcase them using best quality images. Also, you can customize the theme and add testimonials to build trust with your customers.

Green house template

5. Landscape Maintenance

This is an attractive template build for landscape maintenance websites. The home page showcases your latest jobs, and add some photos and information. Also, the theme layout and font sizes are optimized for everything, including SEO and also the user experience.

Unlike other templates, this one comes with a light box function for thumbnails, and normal images. That way, even, the small images will look clear when the user click on them.

The template width is 1400 pixels and that’s great for a better user experience and its compatible with modern browsers. This is Two column design build with HTML5 and CSS3. It comes with a contact form to stay in touch with your customers and show the your contact page in a beautiful way.

landscape maintenance

6. Garden

If you have a website about garden and home design, this will amaze you with its layout and colors. The layout is boxed and you can add your own options, and everything was created especially, for garden sites. As you can see from the design colors, the green color was used for links and that adds real value

You can also, add a slideshow that will appear on the homepage, but make sure to use rectangular images that looks good with the slider dimensions.


7. Leaf and stone template

This is also a modern template built with HTML5 and jQuery. It’s a fully responsive design with boxed slider that looks good before the content, and also, an option to add your featured products. The design is full width with the dark green color is used for the background.

If you want to add your own colors, it will be easy and best of all, the template works well with any HTML website.

Leaf and stone design

These are the best landscape website templates and designs for professionals. Nothing is more important than the clean and optimized designs in these days. Google and all the other search engine crawler can easily find your content and index it. Just make sure to think about a premium web hosting and you will get good results.

At the same time, avoid using too many colors in your template, instead of that focus on a few colors and think about customers who need to find your products easily. The main navigation menu is important and you have to make it clear at the top of the page.

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