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What is Retargeting Advertising and How Does it Work?

The last few years, retargeting or remarketing becomes a very effective way to promote your business or products and succeed any business online. It lets you achieve your goals easier and quicker, without losing big budget with classic advertising ways that need lots of resources to manage.

Today, we’ll talk about this new marketing strategy that big brands invest millions of dollars on it, and we will talk about how retargeting works and show helpful tips to succeed with it.

What’s retargeting?

Retargeting or remarketing is a method to recycle your visitors, who spend some time on your website reading a product description or whatever. But, that, without buying it or making any action that you need, of course those people leave your site and browse the web.

What retargeting does is recording the visitor’s browser cookie with the topic, and the page visited through a small JavaScript code, that website owners put on their webpages. Now, what happens is that you have the visitors’ browser “ID”, and the topic searched. It is like creating an automatic list of your interested visitors.

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The next step and this is the most important, is that the retargeting company, or server follows anonymously your visitors wherever they are on the web. Their browsers include your JavaScript tracking code. When they visit another website, they automatically see your banner ad.

That’s it what’s retargeting in general, you re advertise your brand or product to visitors who already seen your site. That will bring better results than the classic advertising method that display ads for anyone.

The retargeting display your ads to the right people wherever they are on the web. Of course, you might see company ads just after leaving their sites and browse any other site. That is the Google ad exchange that works with big retargeting companies. Facebook is also started with these retargeting banner ads, Facebook retargeting is cheaper than Google and other networks.

Retargeting and Remarketing

Please don’t be confused about these two terms, they are the same thing. Retargeting is remarketing, but just Google Adwords wants to call it remarketing to give themselves a special branding for their business. They use the same method to save the cookies, when a visitor visits the website in their advertisers list.

I know that there are many people who publish posts about the difference between retargeting, and remarketing. But, in reality the only difference is the nomination and that is in all.

Remarketing lets you show ads to users who’ve previously visited your website as they browse the Web.

I don’t know why people waste their time searching for the difference, and even, some of them says that remarketing is sending emails to your actual customers with additional offers. That is completely wrong, and it is a marketing. So, make things simple and forget the difference between the two.

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How to succeed with retargeting

The first thing you need is creating a plan about your retargeting advertising, simply because you want to make things clear from the beginning and define your maximum resources to promote your company or products, this step will give you some important points to focus on.

You need also to make your goal clear, for example, you can start a marketing strategy to achieve a new 30 customers the next month. That will give an idea about the cost and what you need to achieve that goal.

Retargeting can become a spam advertising

Retargeting can take your business to the next level only if the agency that display your banners limits the total number of ads per visitor. That is important and no one will clicks on banner ads that appear on every page they visit on the web. That is why a real business should take that into consideration, and set a maximum limit for each visitor per month.

Imagine that you are a browsing a website, and then find their ads in Google, Yahoo and where ever you go, is that the right advertising way? Of course, no, that will be a real spam marketing and it can bring negative results and go the wrong way. So make sure to discuss your retargeting company about that, send them an email if you can find a clear answer on their website or FAQ page.

Brand your banner ads

A visitor who leaves your site and browse the web cannot easily remember your company, and what you should do is adding at least your logo in your ads. If you are showing your photo in your site, then, that is great, add that exact photo in your banner.

The visitor will remember your company and the probability of clicking your ad will rise. Use the same colors in your website and work hard to make your banner brandable, you will advertise your brand even if the visitor does not click the banner.

Call to action banner

If you want to succeed, give people a reason to click on your ads and visit your site again, they already browsed your product and they left for some reasons. You do not need to ask them why, but work hard to attract them again with exclusive discounts or special offer. For example, let’s say that someone already visited your software page without making an action.

What you can do with retargeting is give it a clear call to action message in your ad, saying that he/she will get a “spacial 30% discount today”. It is just an example and you can let your imagination work. When people see that ad, they probability of clicks will rise and the purchase will be there with high conversation.

Real example

I want to give you a real example of a company that becomes the number one web hosting provider today. When you visit HostGator website, and browse their plans and see what they offer. But, you leave the site and browse any website, you will see immediately an offer that makes the majority of people want to click the banner.

They offer one penny hosting for the first month, while the real value is at least $7 and that is great and it makes a difference. Other hosting companies promote their plans without a discount like that.

Best retargeting companies

Retargeting becomes a large business with millions of dollars in advertising, if you want to see the biggest companies. Then, Google AdWords is the largest one, they are the largest network and you can customize your ads and display your retargeted ads in their network. However, their prices are the highest and you should have the necessary resources to adverse with Google.

Adroll is the leader in retargeting advertising, with cheapest prices and the best part is that you do not need a minimum budget or cost to start, they offer 2 free trial and your ads will be displayed on Facebook, Twitter and the web in general, they also have a mobile network. You have full control about your budget.

Perfect Audience is also a great company with advanced and easy to understand dashboard, they need to add a small code in your website, it is a way to capt your visitor’s browser and follow them on the web. If you have a WordPress website, you just need to install their plugin and it is done.

You need at least 1000 saved cookies, then, you can create your campaign with a 14 free trial. Your ads will be displayed on Facebook and Twitter, but also the web in general.

What is Retargeting advertising and How Does it Work

Retargeter is another company that you can try, they have their own technology and they are one of the biggest retargeting companies. At the same time, you can try Chango, they are using their own platform and exchange ads with Facebook and Twitter.

I hope you learned some helpful information about the retargeting ads and how to use it. But, remember that every marketing strategy need testing all the time. What works for others will not necessarily work for you.

You need to test many strategies and change your banner ads to see how they work and keep the one that perform well and give better results.

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