Why Do You Need a Landing Page for Your Online Marketing?

Landing pages are the most important element in any marketing strategy. They allow you to capture emails and build your own platform with interested people. Unfortunately, the majority of online business owners are missing this opportunity, and they still focus on old marketing ways that work but are poor compared to the new ones.

There is no reason to spend money on advertising, but later, you let the customer leave the sales page forever. Why not keep people updated with your latest news? At the same time, you can offer some free stuff and build a list that will work for you.

Let’s see why using a landing page is not an option when it comes to successful business strategies.

Build your list of subscribers

The easiest way to build your email list is by using a great offer and integrating it on your landing page. It’s not only attractive, but you can do it easily.

There are lots of services that offer custom designs if you need them, or you can simply create your own designs and free pages using any WordPress plugins. Search, and you will find lots of these tools for free.

When it comes to email marketing, there are a couple of services that are recommended. But, the best one is Get Response which comes with amazing and professional landing pages that no other service offers. In a few clicks, you can select or build your landing page.

Compared to other services like Aweber, this one offers better services, and at cheaper prices. Even, they offer a trial if you want.

Email marketing is not only building a list and stopping there but also, you need to make the landing page as unique as possible. At the same time, create a few variations and make a conversion test to find the page that performs better.

Then, use the results to make things better. Colors, for example, are different from one niche to another. As we all know, the green color is recommended for health niches, you have to apply the same thing for other products.

The more you make the landing page relevant to the content, colors, and even layout, the better results you will get, and the conversion will be amazing. Don’t be surprised if you know that super marketers achieve a conversion rate of 60 to 80% as opt-in rates.

They have a lot of experience, but also, apply the right things at the right time. For example, they schedule a special landing page, created only for the holiday seasons, and others for Thanksgiving and so on.

Every page will perform better because it reflects something that people want and are searching for, and that’s what builds success.

Increase ROI

Imagine if you spend thousands of dollars with Google Ads, for example, and you make sales. That’s a good result if you generate sales and you have a profit. But, the big mistake that lots of people make is to lose the biggest part of their R.O.I., and they leave it forever.

Nothing is more important than getting a new interested subscriber that will be added to your list. If you consider that sale as a goal, then, you’re one of the 95% of marketers who apply the wrong strategy.

If you think about the long-term investment, you will find that making a sale and losing the customer forever is not more profitable than making a single sale, but also, keeping the customer as a subscriber.

When you achieve the above goal, you will have a solid list of subscribers, and you can start building good relations with them. They will buy from you multiple times in the future. But, keep in mind that you have to offer some good quality and free products, and offers.

People need help, and you can win their trust and never worry about the future.

Instead of paying for PPC and losing people, use an attractive landing page, offer something good, and make the “thank you” page your sales page. That way, you’re a winner, even if nothing is done as sales. You have the list that takes your R.O.I. to the sky and does not profit from a single sale only.


Think about someone who checks his email, or searches for something online using smartphones. Of course, the majority of people who access the web on the go are busy people.

So, they have a limited time to read and click your links, but, if you understand the behavior of your audience, you can target your landing page to a specific category of people.

The best thing about using a landing page is the smart way to show attractive offers for people who are interested in your service, or even, the niche that you’re promoting. Then, you will save time for your visitors and instantly capture their emails.

Even if they’re not interested in the product, you already achieved the biggest goal, which is the direct connection with that person. Later, you can send him, or her a free offer and build trust. That’s how people promote their products effectively.

Now, it’s time to start thinking about the way that you promote your business and products. It’s not a secret that building a great list using an attractive landing page is the key to success with little effort. However, you need to understand your market first, what’s the background of the people who want to buy from you.

Ask yourself how they use the product, when, and where. These are the simple questions that will open the doors to your business and take it to the next level like never before. Offer what people need and talk about what they want to read. That seems hard, but, if you spend some time thinking about all that, things will be great for you and for your customers also.

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