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How to Protect your Computer from Pop Ups and Adware Ads

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For many years, Adware programs dominated the world of free software downloads, but also, they make millions of dollars in advertising revenue each year. Unfortunately, the way they inject ads in millions of computers is not legal as they think all the time.

The problem is that people install free stuffs online in their machines, and they never notice that they needs to allow that program to run pop-up ads. That will destroy their web browsing experience. At the same time, it slow down their computers and put them at risk.

Today, I’ll show you Protect your computer from pop ups and the adware ads, but, first, let’s understand how these scammers work.

Adware programs are not safe

The idea behind those programs is this, people don’t have money to buy premium software. So, they ‘re ready to download that program when someone offers it for free. Ad networks play with that and they know how to add some small, and even, hidden notice about their ads.

The user will check all the boxes and options just to run the installation. But, what he will miss is that he will allow the software to install lots of  applications without his permission. Later, he notices pop-up ads and more problems in his laptop.

Unlike what many people says, adware programs are not only for running ads, but, many of them install spyware applications later, when you can’t detect them.

It can run in the background and all your screen can be recorded. The same thing will happen to your microphone, and even, the camera. Nothing is safe there, and no one can guarantee that.

Illegal ad serving with popular websites

This is the biggest problem, some adware programs that are installed in the majority of cases, run smart ads that can make people millionaire.

The reason is this, if you’re not able to advertise with Google AdWords, you can use other networks like Bing and Yahoo, at cheap prices, but with a good quality. But, what other advertisers are doing is to use large ad injector networks and their ads will appear in the homepage of Google, Amazon, eBay and what you can imagine.

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I’ll show you an example, it’s an extension that will be added automatically to all your web browsers, and then, it inject ads on websites and it modify the Google search in your browser. So, advertisers can pay cents for the first place on Google, but, without any permission, of course.

This is an example of an extension called ”buynsave”, that can be removed from Firefox and Internet Explorer, but, it will remain for ever in Google Chrome. The only way to remove it, is to uninstall Chrome completely and run lots of cleaning tests.

Hhow to protect your computer from pop ups

As you can see, when a user search Google or any other search engine, unknown ads will be placed above the fold, and also, in the right ad section, and where it can be available.

That’s not all, if there are advertisers for a particular URL, the application will inject a different URL.

So, to make things clear, when you click any of the organic results, or even, the ads, you will be redirected to a different destination.

How to remove these spam tools

Unfortunately, it’s not easy to remove all those adware programs. As I said, you can use lots of tools, but, many of them will remain active in your computer. However, you can do your best to remove them, by using multiple adware remover programs like Malware Bytes and Adw Cleaner.

If you need a step by step tutorials, you can read how to remove pop-up ads. Also, here are some tips from Norton.

What to do next?

Regardless of whether you have an adware on your computer or not, you need to verify every installation and download that you make. Nothing is free in these days, imagine how people will spend days and nights developing a great software, then, you get it for free, without donation or support.

They simply inject ads and many people will never notice that in the first days. So, never download that so-called free software, unless you verify that they are from trusted sources.

People are making money when you install their applications, and they can do everything for that. You need to have a good antivirus and nothing can beat Bitdefender, which is powerful and fast tool to use.

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Also, avoid installing applications from installers, even, the biggest websites about computers and software, allow downloading adware programs. So, make sure to protect yourself before asking others to protect you.

Free programs can be a real source of spam and risk. They come with a long list of applications inside them, and when you agree to install them, your computer will be infected, and nothing will be working as normal after that.

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