Never Buy PPV Traffic Unless you Read These Facts

It’s not easy to get real traffic our days, you should starts with SEO if you want long-term results, but if you want fast targeted visitors t your blog or landing page, then you will find lots of guides and videos talking about how PPV is magical and things like that. In this post, I’ll show you some facts that no one talks about for this low-quality traffic source that can be profitable if you lose lots of money to test it first and hope it will work for you.

What’s PPV traffic?

PPV or Pay Per View is the lowest quality traffic that you can imagine, it’s a way to show popup ads to people even without their permission and notice. Of course, others will say that it’s a legal business, but the truth is completely different. These networks are working with Adware applications, and when someone without money wants to download something like software, they offer it for free, but in exchange for installing adware that kills his computer by pop-up windows.

It’s not rocket science to understand that people who receive these ads are not ready to buy anything, or why they search for free things that risk their machines and destroy their user experience.

PPC traffic is served to market that it’s not ready to buy anything. So, if you have a ClickBank product to promote, then never use PPV as a source of traffic. If you do that, you simply will lose your money in a matter of minutes. Not all the traffic is real, they can use bots and that’s not a hard thing to do for them or even for their publishers.

If you search you will find some fake clicks generator for some networks. In other words, people generate clicks with a click of the button, they show you that it’s real traffic, but when you investigate the average visit duration, things will be clear. It’s the words way to make money.

Never use PPV for affiliate marketing

I know that lots of so-called gurus are motivating their students and showing them their earning report from ClickBank or any other network, a few of them are honest and talks about what they try personally. But the problem is that PPV is not the way to start as a beginner in the affiliate marketing business.

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The only way to make some success with PPV is to promote games or dating sites, and in general, the CPA offers. But the trust is this, only smart marketers who have experience can make a profit. If you want to follow them and buy traffic, then, you will waste your hard-earned money overnight.

My advice is to never buy PPV traffic if you just started as an affiliate. By the way, the reason why these networks require from $100 to $1000 minimum deposit is not to get real advertisers, but they know that people will never come back again when they spend some $30 in traffic.

What to do next?

Please take this as advice from someone who tried PPV and their fraud, I’m not saying that all of them are bad, but none of them offer real targeted traffic that you can make sales with them. Just imagine how it’s bad to serve your offer through a pop-up window or even from an ad injector application installed in other people’s laptops without their permission.

Of course, if people are spending thousands of dollars with these networks, they will make some money because they tested what works and what doesn’t. But if you’re a newbie to this domain, you will never succeed.

Instead of that, I recommend using quality PPC networks that offer cheap prices compared to Google AdWords that not all people can work with. Many companies offer a minimum bid of $0,05 per real click, these are people who see your text ad and click on it because they’re interested. So, with that $100 you can get 2000 quality visitors to your landing page, and of course, the conversion will be much better and no risk here, it’s real traffic.

On the other side, with the same amount of money you get some 6000 Pop up that no one will click on them, even if they do, the conversion is near to nothing, especially for affiliate products. You have to compare these different cases, one gives real traffic, and the other sends pop-up windows here and there.

PPV is not for beginners, that’s why you should focus on PPC if you want to make money and succeed. You can generate big results if you optimize your landing page and offer something for free. That can be a quality PDF report or a Video presentation with real content and tips. People love free stuff but id they are informative and valuable.

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If you think that bidding on other people’s website and their exact URLs will make you money, then think twice, people are not all stupid to follow those ads, they can see that they are caused by adware. Microsoft itself started removing lots of these applications that work ad installers for many products for Windows 7, 8, and others.

It’s the garbage advertising method that takes your money and never drive the traffic that you want. Unfortunately, many people still recommend this way to generate traffic and make sales. But when you investigate, things will look different.

PPV is the highest risk advertising method that you can imagine. Why do you want to block your server with junk traffic, when you can get real visitors from cheap PPC and banner advertising ways? Just follow what you think right and not just apply what other people are saying just to promote a network and make an affiliate commission when you buy that low-quality traffic that never works.

Again, I’m not saying that not all the people are losers with PPC, but those who make money have tested many niches and lost money there. Instead of risking your budget, focus on what works. Buying a banner ad space for a full month with a high traffic website is much better than any PPV network if you apply the right tips.

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