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Effective Ways to Promote your Graphic Design Skills and Portfolio

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To be a good designer only, isn’t enough to succeed a career and work with big companies. The design and creative industry is multiplying every year, it’s the most demanded skills in our days. But, no one can find you online if you don’t make a presence. You should tell people about yourself, your work and skills, then companies can contact you, and work with you based on your skills and creative work.

Today, I’ll show you the most effective ways to expose your portfolio and design skills using popular websites. They receive millions of people per day, and they’re built especially to meet designers and companies in the right place.

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Expose your creative Work to millions of people

The biggest companies in the world visit Behance every day to find creative graphic designers. This company is owned by Adobe, the leader in the graphic design industry and you can’t find a better place to tell people about your actual work and skills.

It’s like advertising your skills for free, you can create your own page that shows your projects, and people will interact with your designs, and show their appreciation through an advanced community system developed especially for that work.

Behance is a large community that lets you follow popular creative people. You need to select which category you want, then you get thousands of influential creatives by country and industry. People are not playing there, or just creating their profiles for fun, but they receive big works from big companies that find their works creative.

You need to create your free account, add your information and a good description, then upload any of your works, this is a very important step, to get big exposure to the right people, you have to upload your best works.

If you’ve created a good website for example, you can upload a screenshot about that work, or upload a normal, but attractive design that you’ve made. Don’t be hesitated, a single photo, image, 3D work or whatever can make you famous there. What counts is the creativity, and not the work size.

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graphic design skills

You can create the biggest and most advanced website or application in the world. But, a single image can sky-rocket your career and bombard your inbox with thousands of company’s demands to work with them.

The best part is that you don’t need a completed project to upload, even a work in progress can be uploaded. Of course, you don’t need to upload your secret work other private company, just upload something good and that can’t affect your work. But, remember that you will get feedback and notes from other designers and creative people and this will ameliorate your work and help you  to make it better than before.

If people follow you, they will get e-mail notifications when you upload a new work. Keep that in mind, it’s like having a free email list that work for you. The more followers you have, the more exposure you can get. Members can follow each other and see their latest uploads, comments on them and get new ideas and projects.

Graphic deign and creativity jobs

Behance is the right place to find jobs just for you, companies pay money to post their offers there, this is the biggest place to find design jobs, or sell your designs. You can browse them and search the exact job that you need, then apply for that job.

What you need here, is some patience, you can’t expect when your application will be accepted. Remember that what you’re applying for something big and interesting from companies that spends millions of dollars in advertising only.

Don’t be surprised to find a job from Apple, Google or Microsoft. Just spend the time you need to apply for the right job post. What can help you to get accepted is your uploaded works, the more views and appreciation your work will receive, the highest chances to be found by companies.

To promote yourself and get found, you can follow creatives and be active in their pages. Comment what you can and add your notes to their work, you’re not wasting your time there, thousands of profile pages worth more than big websites. Look at their Page rank and how many views they received for their work, appreciations and comments are counted by thousands.

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Learn from these big creatives and follow their ways to get views and appreciations from thousands of people, you need to spend some time each day in your best category. Find what people are doing, and get inspired from their work.

If you can’t find your design idea, browse designs and works in Behance. You will not only get new and fresh ideas, but, you will make your work better, the best of graphic design industry are there, you don’t need to search anywhere.


Dribbble is another popular website to show your work in screenshots, there are thousands of members, it’s similar to Behance, but with smaller size, this website’s Alexa traffic rank is 1100 actually and improve.

You can imagine how many thousands of people visit the site per day! Best of all, you don’t have to pay fees like other networks who take your money just to let you promote your work and find a job. This one, offer a free membership just like Behance and you can upload up to 24 works per month. is a new, but popular website to tell millions of people about yourself, what you’re doing and show them your website. It’s an effective way to attract graphic design seekers who and find your profile, what makes this website really helpful is the way to create your page.

Just add something about your work, your life and interested people will find you in their search. This is a great way to collaborate with people from around the world. You don’t have to do anything, just create an attractive profile page, and use a description related to graphic design and creative works.

You can promote your page and get more views when you invite people to join with your link. This is a simple method that gives a boost. People can compile and thank others, it’s a big community that lets people expose their profiles and get the maximum exposure.

Other websites

The above sites are the most popular in terms of traffic, they’re not the only places to promote your portfolio or tell people about yourself. But you can also take a look at other sites and browse their pages before joining them. You can visit:

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Remember to keep your profile active and upload the maximum great work number as you can. Amaze people and show them your skills, don’t create limits for your work and let your creativity do the impossible. This is why popular designers have made their fortune from simple, but, unique and amazing works.

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