How to promote a game application the right way

If you have just created your game application, or if you are in the last stage of development and want a great way to promote it. This is good news for you, game apps are in demand and can bring you real income if not a fortune, but please refine what you find in forums and online communities

Not all of that information will work for everyone. Things are changing every day, and there is no exact way to succeed. To learn how to promote a game or application online, you have to choose the right methods.

The website before everything else

Before launching your game, make sure that you understand all your customers’ needs, when they will play the game? And where can the application be downloaded? But, the most important thing you need is a great and optimized website for your game.

Make it clean and attractive with lots of information and explanations. This is the first free step to tell search engines about your application and it will give you a good return in the long-term.

Create a blog and share your latest content with your community. Even a tutorial about how to play the game will rank in Google and promote the project for free.

There is no exact platform to use for your application’s website, you can use WordPress or any other software, but make sure to get powerful and fast web hosting.

If people will play the game online or use some important server resources, then you should get your own dedicated server. That’s the only way to make the website work 24/7 without downtime.

If you can’t create a good website and you feel that it’s not your interest, get help from others or simply learn how to install WordPress and search for videos on YouTube.

If you’re preparing for some great applications and things that can attract thousands of customers, then go pro from the beginning and create a custom website with programmers and designers.

Promote your Game app with AdMob

Please skip this step if you don’t have the resources to advertise, the next method will be for you.

AdMob is owned by Google, and it’s the only guaranteed method to promote a game or any other application, simply, because the platform has millions of users and it’s specialized in mobile advertising, which is more important than desktop advertising for a game, everyone uses a mobile device for gaming.

The good news about AdMob is that you can get your budget back through the advertising revenue, you just need to sign up for their monetization, and Google application ads will appear on your game, thus, you monetize the application while you’re promoting it.

The system works as the Google Ads (previously AdWords) way, you create simple ads for your game, and you pay only when people click on your ad and visit your website from the AdMob network. Not all the game developers have an idea about AdMob and this is why I started with it.

Social media marketing


Don’t use the wrong way and just create a Twitter account and wait for followers to come. At the same time, never buy fake followers and make your account more spam, Twitter is a great platform to promote your game, but, through tweets from influential accounts.

You can buy a tweet from popular accounts and even celebrities, this will cost you money but will give better results also.

To find Twitter profiles with hundreds of thousands, or even millions of followers, you can use . It’s a free service where you can search for the most influential Twitter accounts by category, you can’t find a better tool like this one.

For every category, you get the top Twitter accounts not only with their total number of followers but also, with the top engagement profiles. People behind these accounts receive a big income just for Tweeting ads.


The first thing to do with Facebook is creating a page that describes your game, and a link back to your website in the description.

This is an important step, not all people want to search for detailed information on Facebook, many of them want to see your product as quickly as possible, and the website link is what they are looking for. So, add a good description with your website address.

Don’t be amazed by people with fake fans, a few real human fans will promote your application better than thousands of fake accounts.

Make sure to forget exchange fans first, then invite your friends, and family and tell them about your game and the launching date. That can be done at once, but make the message personalized and friendly.

Being active on your Facebook page is a need and not an option, share your latest information, and connect with your fans.

The biggest and best method with Facebook is their ads, if you have a budget, advertise your page and you will get real human fans every day.

Those fans are people interested in your game, a big part of them will give you free fans with direct invites or recommendations, or simply through their timeline and shared links.

Your Facebook Fans number will multiply naturally with this method, it will cost money but will give you real interested people and not bots.

Other social platforms

If you want places with serious people without spam, then make a great account for your game on popular sites like Pinterest, Snapchat, and also Instagram.

Just communicate with people naturally, reply to the other posts, add your point of view and share something about your application from time to time.

People will see that you’re serious and not spamming, visitors and interested people will come later. This is not a one-day work, make it simple and on a daily basis.

You can also join other communities on Reddit and of course create a YouTube channel with lots of videos about your game.

If you’re in pre-launch mode, make an attractive announcement with effects. Or, hire someone professional to create your video and make them attractive and look professional.

Start with Android Pit and submit your game for review, you have the chance to get featured on their website and sky-rocket your game without any hard work.

The game should be great and attractive, in other words, the application will promote itself, if it’s something great.

Amazon App Store is a website that you must submit your game to, you will expose your applications to thousands of game players. Aptoide is also a great website to submit your game.

Samsung App Store receives high traffic every day, you should get results from it. Other websites for Android applications:


These websites are known for their reviews and active users. Be active and respond to comments, the best thing you can do is to offer a discount, or trials, and tell them about your exact launching date.

Email marketing

Don’t forget your subscriber’s list, it’s a good source to promote any type of content and not just applications.

If you have a small list of subscribers, tell them about your launch and invite them to share their ideas in your blog or what you want. Or, simply give them a special offer, or discount “because they are subscribers”.

When you don’t have the list, you can cooperate with bloggers and marketers. Give their users a special discount or trial, if they have thousands of subscribers, the result will be great in any way.

Some advertising platforms offer the option to promote your product with an email list from popular marketers, they verify that their list and charge you for every click when people open the email.

These are the best methods to promote a game application and get results. You don’t have to use all of them, but it’s the ideal way to go with them. Prepare for your launch date, continue developing your game at that time.

Surely, there is something to add or change, listen to your actual customers or people who try your application and make what needs changing, and the success will be your way.

Work smart and not post your links all over the web with low-quality sites that receive a few visitors per day. What you need is large websites with millions of users and your great application.

I hope this helped, of course, there are other methods to add from people who have used them, please share what you know and let game developers promote their applications.

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