Home and Garden Affiliate Programs: Promote and Make Money

There are lots of ways to earn income from your blog or website. But, the best method is always helping people with good quality products, and make money at the same time. There are many home and garden affiliate programs that let you turn your site traffic, into sales.

The best part is that these products are easy to promote if you have articles and content related to the home in general. People want to change things from time to time, and they browse the web to look for great products.

The below affiliate programs are good, and they are working only for the home and garden niches. The conversions depend on your traffic quality and the number of daily visitors. The more traffic you have, the easier will be to promote programs in general.

Top Affiliate programs to promote

1. GoVacuum

GoVacuum is a leader in the vacuum industry, they have lots of products and you can recommend them with confidence. What amazed me, even more, is the quality of their products, and the promotional tools, such as banners, they are attractive and modern.

The company offers an 8% commission per sale, and you can make lots of money promoting vacuum cleaner and air purifier products.

Also, I recommend this affiliate program for technology blogs, there are lots of products that can attract the intention from this niche.

2. Boll & Branch

The Boll & Branch lets you promote lots of good products, they have organic sheets and they made with 100% organic cotton. If you have a blog about home, garden, or health topics, you can promote their products. There are lots of discounts from time to time, and you can benefit from that. People want discounts and promo codes, and you can help them easily.

When it comes to banner ads, this company offers lots of attractive and well-designed images in many sizes. There are also big banners with dimensions 970 by 90 pixels, and you can add them at the top header of your website. They will look pretty and not just like an ad.

Home and Garden Affiliate Programs

This program offers lots of home and decor products. On holidays, you can promote gifts and interior design, you earn a 5% commission generated by every new customer.

3. Stonecrest Furniture

Stonecrest Furniture is a company that creates beauty and health products. They have real wood products and you can promote them on your website. As I said before, the traffic is the secret to success in affiliate marketing, to use banners on a site with few visitors is not a good way.

At the same time, you need to read carefully their terms of service, because the majority of companies has never allowed using their brand names in pay per click campaign if you have ones.

4. Indoor Dog Potty

UGODOG is a manual indoor dog potty training system that can be shipped for free. However, bloggers and sites in relation to dogs are not promoting this good product. You can profit from that and offer your readers one of the best training to help them to find a good solution for dogs, without spending thousands of dollars on other training systems.

The program pays 15% commissions for the first 10 sales. Then, the commissions will increase to 20% and that’s good for people who can promote the products to lots of people. The average sales price is $75 with additional products that people love.

5. Ozbo

Ozbo is all one home and pets solution, they have small animal supplies, lighting and accessories, lawn and garden products, and much more. These products can solve many problems for lots of people.

The only thing that I don’t like about this affiliate program is the banner ads, only they have a single banner actually. But, you can create some banners in your Photoshop or simply promote products in your posts.

If you want to promote baby supplies, this site offers lots of them with groceries. This program pays a commission of 7% per sale.

6. Interior decor and gifts

The Belle and June offer all the home decor products and accessories that you can imagine. Their products are original and beautiful as well, you will be amazed by their quality.

The best part is that you will find lots of awesome and unique gifts for special holidays if your reader needs a special mother’s gift, then, this site will be the ideal solution. They add an exceptional design and make things attractive.

You can put their great banner ads on your website and recommend their products to readers, at the same time.

You earn 7% commissions per sale and the average sale price is $190, so, you can imagine the huge potential of income that you can generate with this program.

7. MVP K9 Supplements

MVP K9 Supplements is a complete dog supplement system, they work well because they have the scientific method, and that’s why their products are recommended. If you have a pet blog, forum website, or even, a Facebook page with lots of followers. You can promote this product and help people who can find solutions for their dogs.

Things can’t work for all the dogs, simply because every animal is different and needs a special chemical supplement. You earn 20% commissions per sale, and the good thing is that the program tracks every click.

Tips to succeed

Please remember that these are affiliate products, and you need lots of traffic to get a sale and make money, banner ads in the sidebars without visitors are just a waste of time. So, make sure that you have traffic from search engines first, and then, promote these home and garden programs.

Lots of them offer higher commissions than the others, but the common thing is that they are all good and recommended for their good quality. Affiliate marketers should recommend products that they trust and find helpful.

At the same time, you can advertise a product with other blogs, just be relevant, and partner with sites that are related to home topics. There are thousands of good sites and you can find some of them on the BuySellAds website. It’s a big marketplace for bloggers and marketers and you can browse blogs by category and advertise with them.

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