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Tips to succeed an online business with the right marketing strategies

To make an online marketing strategy that will succeed your business, you need to learn exactly all the information and the needs to start selling online. But, most important is to succeed, in this article, I’ll share with you things that you need to become a good seller and how to avoid marketing mistakes that the others are doing.

Some people make things happen, some watch things happen, while others wonder what has happened.

Tips for successful online marketing

1. It needs decisions

The common mistake that new sellers and marketers are doing is to forget learning about themselves, and what they want from their online business. Indeed, it’s necessary to learn about your business before starting, because nobody will help you in the beginning.

You have to minimize your risks and have knowledge about your project. So, you can make a clear online marketing strategy.

Take the time that you need to learn about your business, in order to succeed. That’s the first step that everyone will make, you don’t have to learn everything as academic, at the same time, it’s not good to start your business and neglect this first step.

So, think again about your business to make the appropriate decisions later. What’s your business is about? Is it in your background? Would you start alone or with someone else? And most important, what is the product that you want to sell online?.

2. Transform your skills into projects

You need to know that you have skills, maybe many skills, that you can explore. Forget what you’ve learned about online marketing before 2007, we’re on 2015 now, everything was changed. Nowadays, you can create your own product and sell it online, even if you don’t have the knowledge about that product.

Creating a product and selling it online without skills has risks, you can’t succeed all the times. But, if you create your products with your skills you will succeed.

Confidence is contagious; so is lack of confidence.
Vince Lombardi

The importance of skills comes from confidence, you will have confidence in yourself when you sell a product that you create. If you’re a web designer, for example, you can create useful and attractive themes and succeed in selling them online. But, if you create themes from software, you won’t succeed as a designer.

The main reason is that you can’t see the product from the inside, but, you see it as images, sidebars, colors and not codes, however, the theme itself is a code.

So, if you really want to succeed as a seller, you have to transform your skills into products. If you’re a photographer, make beautiful photos and sell them online. If you’re a programmer, create programs that solve problems and make an income from them.

The skills that you have will make the work easier for you, you put your personality in the products. People will trust you first, and trust your products later.

Skills will help you in your business, but if you go without your skills, you have to learn everything about your product. I’m not saying you won’t succeed without skills, but, your business will cost you more money and hard work.

3. Choosing products to create and sell online

With thousands of products online, you may ask if it’s possible to create a new product that will be sold and succeed. The answer is “yes”, The problem is not the number of products, you can see thousands of products, and they all are successful.

The main problem is how to sell a product that solves a problem? So, think about problems to solve before selling a product. You can’t succeed if you sell a product that people will not use.

Make sure that the product that you sell is useful and people are looking for it, to solve their problems or help them.

4. Sell products that people search for them

The best successful product is the searchable one, if people are searching for your product, then, they will sell it certainly. The best method to see if your product will be useful or not is to find what people are searching for. Indeed, there are many tools, you can use a professional keyword finder tool to find hot niches and words.

For example, if you take the word e-book, you can see that thousands of people are typing that word in their Google search. So if your product is about e-books, you can make a clear marketing strategy to succeed in selling it.

Another tool to look if people are searching for your product is Yahoo Answers. With thousands of questions every minute, Yahoo Answers become the biggest question answering platform.

All you have to do is to sign up with your Yahoo account and type your word or phrase to look at what problems and questions are related to that word or phrase.

Yahoo answers will give you a clear idea about your business marketing. Just browse their questions for some period, let’s say 15 days. And then, create a list of questions that people are searching for answers to them.

That’s a very clever method, but, most sellers are not using it. So, they’re missing a good way to understand your next customers and avoid any problem after the purchase. You can find unexpected questions that no one asked before.


5. People levels are not the same

The main goal to use tools like the Yahoo answers is to help yourself understand your customers, as possible as you can. That will help you in return, to be trusted by them. They will be returning customers, who purchase other products from you.

If you sell WordPress plugins, for example, you can find many people searching for “what’s Plugins”, in this case, why not adding a page in your website to define plugins? You can’t expect that people ask that question if you’re an expert.

You think that people know what “Plugin” but, you forget that thousands are using the internet, for the first time every day. Look at the below infographics, every second, there are 8 new internet users!. They don’t know anything about all your products.


6. A successful product must have a good design

A product with a good-looking image or page can be sold much better, and faster than normal classic a look. Make sure that you make your product to be as attractive as possible. Use modern images and designs, take a look at eBay and Amazon, and find the best-selling products and compare them to other products.

Ask yourself simple questions like, What designs they have, what makes them more attractive than others.

If you’re a writer and want to sell your eBook, create a professional cover, with professional design and color. Then, give your product its value, see your product from other angles. Consider yourself as a customer, can you be interested to purchase your eBook?

What makes you hesitate to buy that product? These questions can help you create a professional design and a good-looking product to sell it online.

7. Ask friends for help

Ask your friends to give you five minutes of their time to see your product. Don’t tell them anything about your product, the most important thing is not showing them your sales page face to face. That won’t give you a clear and trusted result. Here is a good sales page plugin for WordPress.

Ask them to visit your product page and forget that you’re friends. Ask them if they want to click and purchase your product, are they interested? Send them to a feedback page, where they give you notes, advises, suggestions, and questions.

Another good and professional method that I recommend, is to record the first 30 seconds when your friends visit your page and see your product. Ask them to turn on their cams, so, you can see their reactions.

Make the necessary changes like, colors, layouts and all the suggestion that you’ve received. That will give your product more valuable and it will be friendly to people. Don’t use many commercial words like “Purchase”, Buy Now”, “Enter Your Card Number” etc…. Just use what you need exactly no less, no more.

Instead of talking about purchasing the product, tell your visitors about the problems that your product will solve. What makes it different from others, use friendly words, like “you” instead of “user” or “buyer”.

Make sure that you use simple colors, no more than 3 or 4 colors per page will be great and look professional. Then, avoid using mixed colors that will look like mosaics, remember that your goal is not to be Picasso, but, to create a professional product.

8. Professional, but simple

Make your product’s page professional, but simple at the same time. If you have a long squeeze page, separate paragraphs, uses a white background instead of any other color. This will look professional with any color change in your text. Another advice is to use a clear font, don’t use the small size for your squeeze page, a font size of “9” will be hard to read, use “13” and greater.

9. Selling your product online

Now you have your product, and you need places to sell it online. First, what you need is to select if you want to sell it personally or through affiliates. This is an important decision that will create the size of your product success. What you need to know is to drive visitors to your product to sell it.

Of course, there are many ways to get visitors, you can advertise your product, and, it will cost you money. Or, you can learn some SEO basics, and sell your product on your own blog.

Make sure that you have a verified PayPal business account, You need your PayPal account to receive payment online. I recommend reading their terms of service or contact them to verify if they have problems with your product or not. That will help you to avoid any problem that can happen in the future. Or, you can use other trusted payment processors.

10. Sell your product on your own website

If you want to go this way, you need to work hard to get visitors who will purchase your product. You need to learn more about SEO, and how to rank your website higher in search engines. This is not an easy way to start with, but, it’s the cheapest and most profitable way to sell your product online.

11. Work with affiliates


This is the most popular and easiest method to sky-rocket your online marketing strategy. Let affiliates sell your product and take a percentage of every sale.

That’s the way that makes your product popular and sold worldwide. ShareASale, for example, let you sign up and submit your product. Then, they will approve it and let their thousands of affiliate marketers will be able to promote your product, to thousands of websites and blogs.

You may ask, how much commission would I pay for every sale? My answer is your income will be related to your generosity.

You should look at the quantity and not the commission, If you make 25% per sale from 1000 sales per day, it will be incomparable with 50% that you earn per sale, from 10 sales per day or less. Give more, earn more. You have nothing to lose, but, you earn more when you’re generous with your affiliates.

12. Advertise your product

I listed the method below the others because you need to have money to advertise with. It’s a good way that will bring you thousands of dollars, it depends on your product type.

I recommend advertising with the biggest networks and Bing ads in the first place. And you can use BuySellAds or directly advertise with websites or Blog owners. Just contact them, and make sure that your product is relevant to their content.

13. Grow your business

If your business isn’t growing, then, it’s dying. Your product needs to grow to make your business stable. In this important step, you have to make statistics to understand your progress. What’s your revenue from your product? What are the best websites and blogs, where you receive more sales? Keep the good ones and forget the rest.

This way, your car really builds a successful business from your product sales. It’s not a matter if you sell one product or thousands, but, it will be a problem if your business isn’t growing.

14. Learn from your mistakes

I am always doing that which I can not do, in order that I may learn how to do it.
Pablo Picasso

Nobody will be perfect and be successful like 1,2,3. Everything needs work and the work needs mistakes sometimes to find a solution. That’s life, learn from every mistake and keep in mind that mistakes will let you protect your business, and find new solutions.

Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end.


Everyone has his own strategy to succeed in online marketing. Successful internet marketers are working hard, and this is the main reason why they succeed, you need to work. You need to learn from others, don’t make yourself as an island.

And remember that, if you help the others, they will help you in return. So, enlarge your network and find new people to learn from each other.

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