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Best sites to make money as English Chinese translator

In these days, it’s easy to make money when you translate from English to Chinese or vice versa. Best of all, this is a great popular translator job, but the problem is to find a website without high competition to succeed and to get your first job as soon as possible. So, today, you will get the best places to find and apply for a translator job and to get it.

The translator job is a great way to make money online, it can bring you a lot of money. However, it’s not easy to find a real translator job, between thousands of people. If you take a look at Elance, Freelancer, and Odesk, you will be shocked how much it’s difficult to apply for that job.

There are thousands of professional translators since years, they ‘re known for their work, so, they will keep the majority of the new jobs for them.

To find a great website with thousands of users and agencies, you can check the below list.

Websites to find a job as a translator

Translators Cafe

Translator Cafe is a popular website, with over 186,000 registered users and 5,400 agencies. You can browse different posts to find a great job for you. You can also use the advanced search to find your best translation job. This website is a good place to find sustainable English and Chinese Translator jobs that can help you earn extra income.


Guru is a large and popular job searching platform. It’s like Freelancer, but, with more chances to get accepted for a translator job, there are hundreds of jobs posted every day, you can apply for your best one. They have a good payment, which motivates translators and freelancers, in general, to better make quality work.


As Guru, Proz is a popular platform to find translation jobs, especially, for English and Chines languages. You will find thousands of them, just use the search box, and you can start translating. They have 62,031 visitors per day who looks for jobs, and others who need translators.


Simply hired

This website is more popular than the above, but with special jobs, Simply Hired is an international platform, where you can apply for translation jobs, but with popular companies, they have a lot of professional companies from all countries. Best of all they have a long-term translation job. You can find a full-time translator job easily. But you need to be as fast as possible to contact the publisher to get the job.


Fiverr is a great place to find translating jobs, all you have to do is to sign up, then, create your gigs and tell people about your skills. Tell them about the languages that you’re able to translate and include some work if you have that can be a website address or a file. It’s just to prove that you’re a real person, and you can translate their documents into a quality copy from their selected language.

This is a great and trusted Gigs marketplace to get real work. But, keep in mind that the more gigs you create, the more chances to get clients later, this is an important point that I should say.

At the same time, divide big works into multiple gigs, this is because of the job payment of $5. If your work value is $40, for example, divide it into 9 gigs and clients will know that. They will buy them one by one if they have a big project or something that needs additional work.

These are not all the sites, best the best ones with less competition. Of course, you can join the popular places where people hire and get jobs. But, you need to consider the competition there, it will be much higher. If you have another site and you want to add, share it in your comment and I’ll add it here after verifying it.

Please be careful when you join new sites that no one heard about them. There are thousands of scammers that appear every single month, and you have to verify everything before starting. Some will use a field form to get your personal data and information. Others will send you their scam offers every day and that’s what you don’t need. So, visit the site and search reviews about in on Google.

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