Wrong Ways to Promote Affiliate Products

The Wrong Ways to Promote Affiliate Products that you Should Avoid

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There are lots of affiliate products to promote, but only a few will help people solving their problems and make the world better. If you have some ideas about promoting these products, then make sure to understand the wrong places to use to avoid mistakes and work smarter.

As I said earlier, affiliate business is a great method to earn money, but it needs hard work or the money to invest in adverting. This is how to succeed.

Source of traffic that no longer work

Buying low-quality traffic

Stop wasting your hard-earned money on sites like Fiverr and others where people are claiming they can send you real traffic and things like that. Ask yourself why they need that few bucks and not using their traffic to drive sales that generate thousands of dollars to their affiliate products? It’s simply because they send you bots and not human visits.

Even if you find thousands of reviews and great positive comments and recommendations. You need to understand one thing; they are just people who don’t have any idea about traffic and can’t find the real traffic from the fake one. So, stay away when it comes to traffic and use their other service like the design and so on.

Wrong Ways to Promote Affiliate Products

Commenting on blogs

For a long time, new affiliates who just started their business thinks that they can make sales when commenting on blogs and adding their spam links. That’s just a game that no one use and people are wasting their time with it. No one will accept affiliate links on his website or blog and let you hurt his SERP Ranking.

Do you accept these comments if you have a blog? Of course, no, and the others will have the same response as well. At the same time, you can easily lose your affiliate account, the majority of companies never allow spamming and you need to be careful about that.

Using your forum signatures

It’s not the ice age of the Internet now, and forum users know exactly what they want to read. Forum signatures can be helpful to drive some traffic, but not sales. If you want and advice, then, stop spamming people with affiliate links, and create useful content on your site. Or, use any of the advertising ways to earn a real income, but after choosing the right products to promote.

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Social media profiles

This is the place where affiliate and especially the newbies start bombarding their flowers and even groups with links that no one click on them to buy, if you get some click. Then, be sure that they’re just people who want to find what you’re talking about, and not to buy the products. Social profiles can help you promote your post and drive some traffic.

But when it comes to sales, no one of these sites will work until you advertise with them, and hope that it will bring some sales in the long-term. To make money you need to spend some money on advertising, but, you can’t get money for free. That’s the truth about social media.

Where to promote your products and make money?

To be able to drive high-quality traffic, you need Google, and that will take lots of time to create the right content and drive traffic in the long-term. However, there is an affiliate training course called Affilorama where you can learn everything from A to Z, and that’s including optimizing your site for SEO and marketing your products that the right way.

Furthermore, they are the number one place to get all the lessons, and the tutorials to start a real affiliate business without mistakes.

On the other side, if you want to use the hard way, then, prepare yourself for a few months of work by posting great articles on your blog. And only recommend the best products to your visitors.

That’ the only way to make money from a blog using free and real traffic. But you can also use advertising, of course, you have to spend money on that, but make sure to use one of the following ways only.

  • PPC. It cost a lot if wish to go with Google, but, you can start with a low-budget and get amazing results with Yahoo Gemini. It’s a trusted PPC network with great options to customize and optimize your ads.
  • Direct ads. This is a great way, just find blogs and site with high traffic and ask their owners to put your banner on their sites for a fixed monthly price. The best thing about this method is that you don’t have to pay-per-click or per view and the number of visits is unlimited for a whole month. Then, you can decide to renew the spot or not. Be careful here to check the site traffic first using any tool like Alexa that will help you to pick the right sites with thousands of daily visits.
  • YouTube. Yes, this another way to drive good traffic if you create good videos and review the product carefully. Don’t just talk bout how that product is great, but criticize it and talks about everything. There are lots of people who make real income from review videos on YouTube.
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If you want to save time learning all the method of affiliate marketing, then take a look at how you can get a full affiliate website with all the tools to succeed. This is the fastest way to make money without the need to learn complicated things and ask people how to do things all the time.

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