How to Test WordPress Locally, for Offline Development

Installing WordPress can take a few seconds on your server, but when you need to test the theme and plugins, you have to work locally for better development. There are many ways to install WordPress locally on your computer, then, you can just change the design and see it in real-time.

The good news is that there is a free tool that comes with all the things that you need in a single place. That includes the database, the WordPress software ready, and all you have to do is to check a few buttons and start accessing your site offline like never before.

Unlike the other methods that require lots of work and installations, this one lets you get your own local WordPress installations in just two minutes. But first, download the application, it’s called  DesktopServer, and you can use the free version.

Select the right version for your computer. The application works for Windows and Mac, and you can get the appropriate software for your machine.

After downloading your software, run the installer, and follow the steps. It will take some time to finish all the elements, but remember that you don’t have to do anything else to get MySQL or PHP. At the same time, WordPress will be installed there, and you just have to run the server and install WordPress, and customizing its name, location, and even local URL.

Now, the WordPress installation and the full site will be located on your local disk. If it’s called C: then open it, and you will find a folder named “xampplite” as the below screenshot.

Test WordPress Locally

In the first use, you get the server running automatically and you can access your offline site by typing the URL in your browser. Even, the URL looks exactly like a real address that can be accessed on the web, but, it’s locally.

Next time, when you want to access the site, you have to run the server first, or, you will assess the real URL instead of the local one. So, make sure to open the above folder, then click the DesktopServer application as the next example and everything will run.

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Install WordPress locally

Then, you get the option to run the server with privileges, just click Next and everything will be ready. Finally, access WordPress installation from the browser URL bar as usual. Login to your admin area and start testing your themes, plugins, and develop WordPress on your local computer easily.

test WordPress themes locally

Please remember to download the right version for Mac or Windows. This is the easiest PHP and MySQL local server to develop WordPress sites, themes, and plugins rapidly and in a few moments without any advanced knowledge.

It’s a virtual hosting environment. Deploy WordPress with a domain or sub-domains like the real hosting exactly but through the local server. That will save time and let you manage everything from one place.

You can create and publish posts, then see how they look and edit everything like the real sites. You can also, install extra sites and even copy or edit existing installations in a few clicks, the server comes with everything to run WordPress and I can’t find another software easier than this one. I hope that this helped. What about your best solution?

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