How to Create a Blog for Free in 2019

Nowadays, there are over 70 million blogs on the web, and that’s a huge number. However, the majority of these blogs are not making any money because the people who created them just want to start a simple information sharing platform. So, if you just want to learn how to create a blog for free, then this is the right place to use. Of course, the free sites are the first level that you can use to understand things and test others.

Best Places to start a blog for free

This is a website that lets you build a blog for free. The best thing about this company is that they have the best website builder software. Unlike the other tools, this one comes with a drag and drop builder that’s easy to use and professional looking.

The site offers lots of free themes and templates, and you can choose the layout of your blog as you want. Create content and add your video or photos and publish the blog the web.

How to Create a Blog for FreeYou can use free sub-domains that include their main domain. If you need your own domain name like, then they offer it. The site offers a limited function for the free account, but you can build up great pages.

WordPress is the best blogging platform for the self hosted, but also, it’s good for people who want to try blogging and create content.

Of course, you can’t install plugins and customize everything as the self-hosted version, but you still have the possibilities create a good blog that looks professional. Just create your free account, and search for available sub-domains and finally start building the site.

Please note that you can’t add advertisements in this version, or they will terminate your account. If you want to start a blog and make money, then use this Tutorial.

This is the Google’s blogging platform, they let you host a complete functional blog, and use their blogging software without bandwidth or disk space limits. But you can’t guarantee that your blog will still active, they can delete it for guidelines or term issues. But, if you want to host and creates simple blog, then use this platform. It’s similar to WordPress, but with other software that does that same job for you.

This is a combination of blogging and tweeting platform. You can create a short blog post that looks as tweets, and that’s what makes the platform unique and loved by millions of people.

Please remember that this is just for personal use, and you can’t create a fully professional blog like the ones you see online. Everything is limited, and there is no way to edit and customize the way that you write or publish.

This platform is used especially by people Who are interested in sharing Photos and animated GIF and so on.

As you can see, the above sites let you create a blog for free and host it in their infrastructure. There is no need for installations or other things to do, but you can create a professional blog to use for real business or even to look professional in the eyes of people and also search engines.

On the other side, there are lots of professional hosting providers like Inmotion Hosting that let you host WordPress or any other application and create your own sites like you want exactly.

Also, they offer a pre-installed blog, and a free domain name with phone and live chat customer support that’s available all the day. This is the only way to start blogging and make money as all the others.

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