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How Easy is it to Create a WordPress Website?

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Web statistics estimate that every day, there are dozens of thousands of people who create new WordPress websites. That seems a huge number if you compare it to other applications. However, people still afraid about installations, and other complicated things that look from another planet for beginners.

In this post, I’ll tell show you how easy is it to create your WordPress blog or website, and what you need to make it looks professional, unique, and fast.

WordPress Creates any Type of Website

It’s not a secret that WordPress is powering 20% of the total worldwide websites. That percentage represents over 70 million blogs and websites, and all of them work fully on WordPress. That open source application opened the eyes of millions of people to work smarter, better, and to focus on writing, instead of coding.

It’s not only a blogging software, but, a CMS that lets you develop sites, and makes changes for new things and functions.

When it comes to difficulty, WordPress is the easiest way to build a website. You don’t have to learn coding and technical skills, all the things come together in your applications. You just need to start creating content, add your photos, videos, or whatever you want.

You don’t need any installation (in this case only)

I know that WordPress should be installed, that’s not easy for beginners, and it can break the whole website if something goes wrong. But what if you get a pre-installed WordPress website? Inmotion Hosting is the only shared web hosting providers that offer that feature for free.

You create your hosting account and check WordPress when you enter your details. Then, the installation will be ready for you, and you get a free domain name, with free setup.

All that extra services will cost you hundreds of dollars if you add the website migration if you want, and other things. But, they offer it for free, and also, with amazing customer support.

Unlike the other hosting providers, Inmotion Hosting offers free SSD for your website. That makes it loads faster and of course, the performance will be better.

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building a WordPress blogIf you want to use other services, you should pay extra fees and in the end, hope that your site will work properly. You will get a classic HDD hosting that works slowly and cause many downtimes in a single day. That affects the search engine ranking and you will lose users, because of the slow site loading time.

That’s why I recommend that a company that offers advanced infrastructure and phone support. That’s not all, but they offer phone support and ticket system, So, you can get the help instantly and not wait days like many other services.

What about the theme and plugins?

Every website should be hosted on fast servers first, the above hosting offers the best quality. But now, you should think about the look of your site and its layout, colors, and everything else. Luckily, the same company can help when you send a ticket, you can get a free theme installation and plugins setup.

Just use the contact page and send me your logins and I’ll install a premium theme for free.

In the end, you can get a free blog setup, including, a premium theme from me. You will get plugins setup, and website protection to harden the full website. The hosting company offers a free domain name, with setup and other things.

If you think that creating a blog on WordPress is hard or complicated and that’s what makes you hesitate, then, send me your question using the contact page and I’ll be happy to help. You can’t get this service from any other place, and you can secure your position by adding your name to the list. You should get the blog ready in less than 24 hours.

Also, you get a full month of support, including, answering your questions and helping you to make the website better as you want.

As you can see, WordPress is not as hard as it looks like. It’s a great application that lets you make a website in minutes, and start working online as a blogger or showing your skills and portfolio.

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