Do you Really Need Managed Web Hosting

Do you Really Need a Managed Web Hosting for WordPress?

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It seems that there are many confusions about using the managed hosting services for WordPress or any other software and application. Things become problems when you go with the wrong choice, and people still ask the question every day. Beginners, especially, find themselves lost between companies, simply, because they have the wrong ideas.

Today, I’ll show you when you should use a managed hosting for your website or blog, and when you shouldn’t. It’s a simple case where you will avoid being scammed, and you will save your money and time, also.

When do you need a managed hosting?

Unfortunately, many WordPress users believe that they should host their site and make them fully managed. That’s a great idea if you don’t have the time to set up things, and manage the theme and your plugins correctly.

The majority of users knows what they need speed up their blogs correct problems themselves. In this case, you don’t need the hosting to be managed, you can configure your site and install plugins and update them correctly.

If you look at the best company that offer that hosting which is WP Engine that I recommend, you will find that the minimum plan starts from $29 and that’s multiple times the shared hosting price. Of course, it’s not the same quality, but, that’s not a solution if you can manage your site.

If you don’t have that monthly budget, you can use the best SSD hosting, instead, and pay cheaper. They have great customer support, and you can get help by phone or other ways like the live chat and emails. They offer a pre-installed WordPress and other applications, and best of all, the site will loads fast without issues. So, you can host your site om a shared server, without losing the speed.

Of course, you have to install and manage your plugins, the theme and update them.

On the other side, where you can configure things, and you can’t even, edit files like the htaccess, or fixing problems, then, using the managed hosting is the right choice for you. Everything will be fixed instantly and the full installation will be optimized by an expert technician, who knows how to speed up your site and make it better.

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If something wrong happens like broken plugin or theme, you don’t have to do anything. The company should do that job for you, that’s one of the causes to you pay them higher than the shared hosting.

Is managed hosting always faster?

It’s not necessary that every managed hosting should be faster and better. If you can make the right configuration for your server or website, you should be able to get the same quality hosting as any other premium hosting.

It’s a matter of knowledge and even experience. When you use fewer images in your posts and compress them, you will speed up your site automatically.

Also, there are many ways to optimize the server for better speed and performances, but that take a few days to be fully optimized.

Do you Really Need Managed Web Hosting

In the end, managed hosting doesn’t mean faster hosting, that’s clear. But, it means hosting without worries, you just pay monthly fees, and they take care about your site, and of course, you need to consider the custom server optimization. That’s why busy people prefer managed hosting all the time, the simple error can take hours from their time and that cost money for their business.

Instead of that, they can pay extra money and someone else will fix the problems.It’s just a situation where people focus on their site content and not the hosting issues.

What to do next?

As you can see, you should never confuse between the fast hosting and the managed services. You can get a good quality shared hosting with SSD as the above recommended company and there is no need for any expensive payment. Just a cheap and affordable hosting that makes your blog load quickly and protected.

You need to manage the installation, but, when problems happen, you can contact the support team and they will fix everything for free. If you don’t care about that extra payment and you don’t want to waste your time, then, using a managed service is the right choice for you.

If you should use a premium hosting, then you have to use WP Engine and forget settings and everything else, as technical. Just create content or promote your business.

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If you need a good quality shared hosting with affordable prices and amazing support, then use Inmotion Hosting and you will be fine.

I hope that this clarified things for you. Please share your idea about this type of hosting in your comments.

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