4 Cheap Reliable and Unlimited WordPress Hosting Services of 2017

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With many options and features, finding a cheap WordPress hosting that’s reliable and unlimited at the same time, can be a little bit confusing. In reality, all depends on the resources that you’ll get, such as the disk space, the bandwidth, and more imitations. For that reason, I’ll explain and show you the most reliable and of course inexpensive hosting services for WordPress. At the end of this article, you’ll find the top trusted providers with easy comparisons based on prices and features.

Cheapest web hosts for WordPress blogs

1. InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting is the number one cheap WordPress hosting company. Unlike other providers, they offer low cost website hosting plans with professional features and resources. Additionally, they offer fast SSD servers for all hosting plans.

So, as a result, you get a faster web hosting with lots of features, with reliable a uptime economical plans. Also, you get a free domain name with lots of freebies and best of all, you get helpful tutorials and guides.

hosting offer

What I liked most about this hosting, is their fast SSD servers. Indeed, they company uses the latest SSD drives with PHP7. Furthermore, InMotion uses a great caching system that speeds up your website automatically.

All that power of hosting comes with great pricing, for WordPress hosting, there are 3 different packages:

  • Launch: This package costs $3.49 per month with our special 56% OFF discount
  • Power: This WordPress hosting package costs $4.49 per month with the same discount applied automatically.
  • Pro: This hosting plan costs $7.49 per month and comes with unlimited resources and faster servers.

All the packages come with unlimited bandwidth WordPress hosting and resources. That means, unlimited disk space, email, databases etc…

cheap wordpress hosting

As you can see, compared to other WordPress hosting services, this one is cheap, unlimited, and professional at the same time.

Automatic WordPress installation

This is the best part, the company offers a pre-installed WordPress website. That means you don’t have to do any manual installation, you can just select WordPress to be installed when creating your account. The installation software will professionally and automatically add the application to your main directory with total security.

WordPress optimized web hosting

This is what makes the difference with other services, in reality, the SSD servers make the execution time of the processor faster. That’s because the server processors will access the data in the disk faster. Now, keep in mind that Google uses the website speed as a ranking factor. So, you need to make your website faster to have a ranking improvement over the time.

The good news is that the company makes your website or blog fast with this optimized infrastructure. That’s also because of the powerful caching system that saves a copy of your site files to reduce the server execution time. So, the first time when a visitor comes to your website, the browser will save a local copy of the main elements of each page.

As a result, when the same person visits your site for the second time, he’ll get faster pages.

All that makes your site better in terms of speed, user experience and also sales, if you want to build a store online.

cPanel control panel

This is one of the best cPanel WordPress hosting services. Indeed, you get a professional cPanel control panel to manage your website files easily. cPanel is the most popular and the easiest web hosting control panel. It works for Linux hosting, and what you get is the best of the best.

Other features

In addition to the free domain name, the company offers over $250 of free advertising credits. So, you can save a lot of money with Google AdWords, Bing, and Yahoo.

For the customer support, you can’t get better than what InMotion offers, They have a great customer support department, and also, you can call them by phone, or send them tickets emails or starts a live chat session.

WordPress hosting features

InMotion Hosting offers a free website transfer, so, if you have an existing website, you can get it moved to their server for free. Also, you can request a free web hosting consultation, that way, you can ask questions and get the right tips from professional WordPress experts.

2. iPage

iPage is the cheapest unlimited WordPress hosting provider, Indeed, they offer the lowest prices in the industry, the company offers good WordPress hosting plans that cost $1.99 per month for optimized servers. The WP Starter package comes with free domain name, unlimited resources, pre-installed themes, and plugins.

On the other side, there is a higher level of WordPress hosting, it’s called, WP Essential, and it costs $6.95 per month. That plan comes with faster servers and stronger security.

iPage offer support by phone and tickets. So, you can get help when you need it. Also, they have tutorials and documentation.

WP package

3. GoDaddy

GoDaddy is another cheap and fast WordPress hosting, they offer 4 different hosting packages: So, the first plan called Basic comes with 10 GB of SSD disk storage and 25, 000 monthly visitor to your site. That package costs $3.99 per month.

The second hosting package called Deluxe costs $4.99 per month. It comes with 15 GB of SSD storage and 100,000 monthly visits to your WordPress website.

You can also read more bout the iPage vs Bluehost comparison, it can help to find the differences between web hosts.

The third WordPress hosting package costs$7. 99 per month. It comes with 30 GB of SSD storage and 400,00 visits per month. With this hosting solution, you can host 2 websites.

Godaddy hosting

The fourth WordPress hosting plan costs $13.99 per month and it offers more resources and disk storage.

All the above WordPress hosting plans come with a free domain name, malware scan, and removal, and also, professional customer support. Additionally, there are hundreds of free themes.

4. GreenGeeks

This is another unlimited and cheap WordPress hosting company, in addition, it’s a green web host with years of experience and professional customer support. The company provides cheap yearly WordPress hosting with discounts for the first time. Furthermore, they have inexpensive monthly hosting plans for blogs, but with an activation fee for one time.

There is a cPanel WordPress hosting if you want and that means full management and control for plugins, themes, files, and htaccess.


All the above cheap WordPress hosting solutions are the best, you can choose the one that suits your budget and needs. But keep in mind that you need to avoid installing plugins and themes from sources you don’t know. That’s the only way to secure your WordPress site and succeed.

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