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Bluehost vs iPage: Web Hosting Comparison (2020)

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Let’s have a look at this detailed comparison of iPage and Bluehost web hosting services to find the truth of each company. It’s not about pricing and features, but also a matter of security and customer support.

For beginners, choosing the web hosting provider for their websites is not easy. For others, they can find a long list of services, but, they find themselves lost between details and data.

In this article, I’ll compare the two web hosts and show you the differences and best features of each provider based on my experience, first and more investigations.

Bluehost vs iPage comparison table

The iPage essential hosting plan is their service that puts all the things together. That’s what everyone needs on the same account. Unlike Bluehost and other providers, iPage is the cheapest web hosting provider with quality services.

The plan costs $1.99 per month, and that’s a huge hosting discount that lets people save money for other things like web design and even the theme or plugins. Use the following hosting comparison table to find the differences between iPage and Bluehost, based on their cheapest plans.

Monthly cost$2.25 (36 months)
$2.50 (12 months)
$3.95 (36 months)
$5.95 (12 months)
Yearly cost$30$71.4
Disk SpaceUnlimited100 GB
Allowed domainsUnlimited1
Allowed databasesUnlimitedLimited
Allowed email accountsUnlimited100
Email forwardingYesYes
Spam FilterYesNo
Control panelvDeckcPanel
Linux serversYesYes
Windows serversNoNo
Website builderYesYes
Auto-installer softwareYesYes
Daily backupYesYes
File ManagerYesYes
Site statisticsYesYes
Sopping cart integrationYesYes
Shared SSLYesNo
Daily malware scanYesNo
Site authentication sealYesNo
Free online storeYesNo
Free marketing offers for Google/Facebook/Bing/Yahoo$500$50
Free Toll-Free Phone numberYesNo
FTP and SFTP accessYesYes
SSH accessYesYes
U.S based customer supportYesYes
Phone supportYesYes
Live chat helpYesYes
Help by ticketsYesYes
Photo Gallery Setup WizardYesNo
Tutorials and video guidesYesNo
PayPal IntegrationYesNo
Free security suiteYesNo
Business verification (option)Yes, FreeNot offered
Green (Powered by 100% wind energy)YesNo
Free Yellow Pages ListingYesNo
Payment methodsCredit Card or PayPalThe same
Discount81% OFF iPage65% OFF Bluehost

This web hosting providers comparison can help to find the limits with each company, and what you get as features and offers. So, remember that you need an affordable hosting that suits your needs and saves you money at once.

iPage features

Before comparing the shared hosting plans, let’s see the iPage features. I’ll make things simple and clear, iPage is a trusted company with good customer support and lots of features.

iPage is a green hosting that uses wind energy to power their data centers, and make them work. Also, they are one of the few companies that offer real unlimited bandwidth web hosting.

If you’ve used other services in the past, you already know that they will limit your account when you start getting good website traffic.

If you’ve used other services in the past, you already know that they will limit your account when you start getting good website traffic. Luckily, it’s not the case with iPage, I’ve used them for a simple blog in the last 4 months, and everything worked normally.

So, it’s not a surprise that they’re on the top list of the best web hosting services at low prices.

In addition, I liked the way they add everything in the same place. In one account, you get a professional WordPress web hosting, Joomla hosting, and all the other applications. For that reason, everyone gets all the services without wasting time with dashboard tutorials and complicated navigation menus.

For programming languages and apps, iPage as Bluehost support PHP and there is an auto-installer software for hundreds of open source applications including WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, PrestaShop, and all the others.

The essential iPage hosting plan includes the following features.

  • Unlimited domain hosting and bandwidth
  • Cheap hosting plans
  • Free domain
  • Website builder tool
  • Free security and scan
  • One-click installer
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • FTP
  • 27/7 U.S customer support
  • 1 GB of free cloud storage
  • Support through phone, ticket, email and live chat

The company has the cheapest web hosting plan per year, and that doesn’t affect the quality. They offer good quality hosting with unlimited resources. Furthermore, the iPage email hosting is secure and protected by a spam filtering system to offer the highest level of security for your business and sites.

The iPage hosting services come with a U.S based customer support, and that means a better quality of help. At the same time, they’re considered as a good personal web hosting provider. That’s for the simple use and management control panel, and the great start-up wizard.

iPage vs Bluehost

In reality, beginners don’t need to use advanced tools, they just need to follow the easy setup process that helps to build a simple website. Many iPage reviews talked about the installation and how hard they find it. But, they forgot that they can follow the startup wizard.

Or simply, they can use the page builder tool, and everything will be working smoothly.

If you need to install WordPress or any other open-source software, use the auto-installer application that does the job professionally. You can’t find another professional and discount web hosting like iPage. However, if you’re a fan of the cPanel control panel, you will find a little different control panel.

Of course, it’s easy to use, and even, better than the standard cPanel. The iPage cPanel is customized and enhanced to offer better user experience for all, just spend a few minutes trying it and you will love it.

That’s without forgetting that the iPage VPS hosting is also recommended, it’s secure and reliable at the same time.

Bluehost features

Bluehost is a recommended and quality web hosting for small businesses. They offer professional support and a large variety of services. On the other side, their prices are expensive if you compare them to the iPage, especially, for the starter plan. You can also take a look at the other Bluehost packages to compare.

Even, if you consider their professional plan that comes with unlimited hosting, you will find it expensive. Just compare it to the essential plan of iPage, and you will find that you get the same features, with more functions and resources, but at a cheaper price.

I’ve found that the Bluehost tutorials are just a step by step paragraphs. There is no way to find screenshots and videos there. That’s not helpful for beginners who want a simple to use tool with a step by step web hosting tutorials.

At the same time, Bluehost is a reliable web hosting, especially, for their VPS packages. They come with powerful RAM and good uptime. But, they are not good like this powerful VPS hosting.

Of course, Bluehost is a recommended service, especially, for professionals. They have the following features.

  • Scalable resources
  • Enhanced cPanel
  • Protected resources
  • Free domain name
  • Cloud Flare added
  • WordPress hosting
  • FTP and SSH
  • Daily backup
  • Customer support by phone, live chat, tickets, or email

Bluehost offers a student web hosting service and hosting for no-profit organizations.

Their web hosting packages are depending on the resources. So, the shared plans will be the cheapest, and the dedicated servers are only recommended for high traffic sites. They cost more than the share plans, and even, the iPage dedicated servers.

Bluehost control panel

Some Bluehost reviews reported some problems from time to time. But, keep in mind that no one can give a real answer if he’s not an expert.

Some bloggers found the servers slower, and others found them super fast. While the truth is that every shared hosting needs to be reliable and affordable, at the same time.

If you want a fast hosting, you should consider the managed and the professional web hosting Liquid Web that offers all the premium services that you can imagine.

Bluehost vs iPage

Bluehost vs iPage: Hosting prices

If you want to get a web hosting for unlimited domains, you will need to upgrade your account. Or simply, use the “Plus” plan that costs more. You will get good services, but also, you will pay more than what iPage offers.

So, the winner is iPage for low-cost hosting and unlimited resources. But also, you get over $500 of advertising credits with Google AdWords, Facebook, and the Yahoo/Bing ad networks.

In terms of budget, you can build an online store and start selling faster with iPage. The complete eCommerce web hosting solutions make things professional for all.

Bluehost vs iPage: Customer support

Both companies are good in my own experience. However, I received some Bluehost reviews that reported a big downtime happened in the past, it affected the Bluehost reliability.

That downtime affected customer support also and no one found a way to get help at that time.

On the other side, I don’t have any record of a big iPage downtime. But, their customer support is not as good as Bluehost.

For the downtimes, both hosting providers have downtimes. Every company has an average of downtimes to make maintenance and doing technical upgrades. After all that, the Bluehost shared hosting still good if you can pay more for the second plan that offers unlimited hosting.

Bluehost vs iPage: Server speed

Because Bluehost has an optimized infrastructure for WordPress, I found that they have a faster server response time. But, if you know how to speed up your blog and make it fully optimized, then, the iPage will load faster.

Just avoid using lots of plugins and avoid adding big size images. Most importantly, compress every image before uploading it, that will speed up your site automatically.

Bluehost vs iPage: Cheap hosting plans

Comparing the hosting prices for different plans is not enough to get a clear idea about the best service. In today’s world of online business, the cost is more important if the customer gets the same, or at least, more features at lower prices.

If you compare Bluehost to iPage in the web hosting plans and prices, you’ll find that iPage is not only cheaper but also better. For a few dollars per month, you get a professional hosting with easier control panel and more features. iPage is more affordable and reliable web hosting than what Bluehost does.

Here are some real iPage customer reviews in the following screenshot.

iPage vs Bluehost Customer reviews

iPage or Bluehost: the winner web host

I’ll make it easy, if you have a small, or even, a medium website or blog and you’re not receiving thousands of daily visits, then, the iPage shared web hosting will be the best choice for you and your business. You will save some money. Also, they have affordable hosting and nothing is complicated.

On the other side, if you have a bigger size of the website, then, Bluehost can be somehow a solution, but with limitations and downtimes. For that reason, I recommend InMotion Hosting, it’s better than Bluehost, and they have powerful servers and SSD infrastructure that works faster, better, and more secure.

I hope you liked this web hosting comparison guide of Bluehost and iPage. For more details and even extra resources, browse the web hosting section from the main menu and read other comparisons and reviews.

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