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Best Managed WordPress Hosting Service in 2018: Secure, Fast and Professional

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To use WordPress the right way, you need to install it and fast server with lots of settings and optimization tools. That process can take from a few hours and even days to complete the full work that makes your blog or site loads fast and most important, that should be secured.

However, you can use the best managed WordPress hosting service called WP Engine and forget all that hard work that you have to do for yourself and hope that you can get what you need.

This is a premium blog hosting that works only for WordPress. They have the latest technologies and the fastest servers with exclusive, and a powerful caching system that they’ve made especially for that open source application. Let’s take a look at this company and why they’re the best among the others.

Fully managed web hosting for WordPress

WordPress is the most useful and easy to manage blogging and content management software. You can create professional blogs and any other type of website in a few moments with some tips to apply.

However, what makes WordPress different from the other software is the flexibility and the dynamic tools that use thousands of HTTP requests.

That means more hard work for your server because of every request from the web browser. That’s why not all the web hosting services work well for WordPress, and even, they can cause errors in many cases and the site becomes slow.

That means bad user experience and lower search engine ranking and of course, that’s what you never need.

There are many features that make this hosting the best,  and I just want to list a few.

  • Managed Upgrades.
  • Unlimited data transfer.
  • Strong Firewall.
  • The only managed.
  • Traffic overage.
  • Daily backups.
  • One-click restore.
  • One click staging area.
  • You don’t need caching plugins at all.
  • 3 data centers in US, UK and Japan.
  • Best in class hardware.
  • The most advanced caching system.
  • Malware scans.
  • CDN.
  • Premium Phone, live chat and email support
  • Dedicated IP.
  • Dedicated environment available on demand.
  • And much more…

Super Fast WordPress hosting

Luckily, fully managed hosting companies like WP Engine invests in the infrastructure and optimize the server for WordPress. The first thing that they work on is the server response time, and that’s the hardest part.

The reason behind that speed is the powerful and a custom caching system that they’ve installed on every server. It’s called EverCache and it built especially for WordPress. This is the only WordPress hosting service that never allows you to use any caching plugins like W3 Total cache or WP super cache.

Know you why? It’s simply because the EverCache system speed up your blog multiple times better than any other plugin. It’s the most advanced caching technology that no other company offer.

Thus, the site will load blazing fast because of the server optimization, and of course, when you use fewer plugins, you will reduce the loading time.

Fast CDN included in every server

I always recommend using a CDN service to make WordPress faster. But when you’re using this fastest managed hosting, you don’t need any of those content delivery networks.

You get the best of the best server configurations and settings with exclusive and managed CDN that host your static media files and data. At the same time, the scalability makes is environment the only place to host

Hassle-Free WordPress hosting

When it comes to managing plugins and themes, and fixing problems that happen from time to time, by human mistake or a server issue. A managed WordPress hosting company is the only solution for people who need a good hosting, but without worrying about the technical part.

All you have to do is focusing on your business and site content and let expert with years of WordPress hosting do the work for you every day, and for ever.

That means, when a plugin or a theme needs upgrades, the technical team will do that for you and then make sure that everything works well. If errors happen, they fix it and the protect your site and that’s why professionals use their service.

If, for any reason, your site was hacked, they will fix it for you and you don’t have to pay any fees for that. It’s their work and they know what they’re doing.

Lots of people forget that hackers can destroy their sites and with a poorly configured and secured server, they can lose their hard work in a matter of seconds, and they can’t figure out how to react to that difficult condition.

Luckily, you have nothing to worry about here, all the site is fully managed by professionals who optimize and fix problems before they happen.

WP Engine is also a great eCommerce web hosting provider that takes care about the entire site files. It’s the perfect solution for both blogs and e-commerce sites and online stores. No matter what the size of the site you want to host, the only requirement is to use WordPress.

The strongest WordPress security in the industry

That’s right, unlike the other managed hosting services, this one know exactly the blog issues that can be a source of the attack. Or, that can be used by hackers to access your site or execute PHP inside a plugin or a theme.

What makes this hosting different is not only top-level security software they’re using. But also, the custom settings and configuration tricks that a few people know about WordPress.

Also, the customs vulnerability scanning will protect every file in your directory and the full site will be protected like never before. Just look at the what the founder of Balsamic, another popular website that receives

It’s not easy to completely isolate your databases, but that’s what this company offer to make sure that you’re the only person who can access your blog databases. Just look at the what the founder of Balsamic, another popular website that receives a huge number of visitors said.

best web hosting for WordPress

Real WordPress support

There is no other word to use to describe the friendly customer support for this premium hosting. I can say fantastic support and there is no other company that teaches, and educate their employees the WordPress programming and optimization during the years.

Look at the below testimonial from one of the biggest websites in the world with millions of monthly visitors.

Managed Hosting for WordPress



If you need the best web host for WordPress, you can find many. But, if you want the fastest provider, you can only find one and it’s WP Engine, that will take your site and business to the next level for the fully managed, and optimized environment. It’s the only hosting provider that works perfectly for WordPress and make it secure and protected from hackers.

On the other side, if you only look for a budget hosting for your WordPress site that’s fully managed, then, I recommend Liquid Web. It’s a top rated hosting provider with amazing features and premium support.

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