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How to Manage Multiple WordPress Sites from One Dashboard

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When you have many WordPress sites and blogs, you will find it confusing and even, hard to manage all of them. You need to login to each dashboard to install or update plugins and themes. At the same time, you have to check the security and all the backup configurations and that’s a hard job with dozens of installations.

Today, I’ll show you how to manage multiple WordPress sites from One admin area using a powerful tool called ManageWP. It’s an easy to use WordPress management plugin that comes with lots of features from monitoring to backup, security, deployments and much more.

Best way to manage multiple WordPress sites

There are a few tools that you can use, but all of them works with limitations and they can risk your site with their low-quality security. But the only tool that you can use with total security is ManageWP and there is no need to learn how to use it, simply because of its powerful tools and easy management. Let’s see what the tool offers as functions.

 Full management

Of course, you need to link all your sites in order to login to them at once when you need but with fully secured connection. Then, you can start managing your WordPress sites.

To update plugins and themes, you no longer need to login to each blog individually. Instead of that, you can use the one-click update buttons and all your sites will be updated to the latest versions of plugins and themes.

Manage Multiple WordPress sites

Also, you can upgrade all the WordPress installations to the latest version at once. That will fix lots of problems, especially when it comes to security, the first thing to do is being up to date with the latest WordPress realizes.

upgrade multiple WordPress sites at once

As you can see from the above example, there is an option to manage individual directories like plugins.

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SEO Analytics and Traffic monitoring

Unlike other tools, WordPress users can optimize their sites and view their traffic and analytics from the dashboard. For example, bloggers use the powerful SEO tools that monitor backlinks, on page SEO, Google Analytics, social media management and all the other features that every site needs for better ranking.

SEO monitoring

The best tool in this section is the keyword monitoring tool, it checks your keywords ranking every day, and find the current positions and it shows you if the ranking is improving or not. That helps fixing issues when you make changes in your sites.

This simple job needs hours of work for a few sites. So imagine what will happen with more sites? But you get all the job done for you in that powerful dashboard.

Full security

You can use the famous Sucuri malware scanning and security protection for all your sites at once. Your directories will be safe from viruses and security issues that cause hacks and even SEO problems. The two-factor authentication options let you login to your central dashboard using SMS or email login after the default login option.

That way, no other person can access your dashboard and that’s what will secure all your site at the same time.

multiple WordPress sites security

 Backup monitoring for all your blogs

With a single click, you can backup, move and restore any site you want directly from your central admin area. The backup scheduling option comes with daily, weekly or monthly backups.


The automatic backup can be for the full site, or only files or databases, you can configure all that as you want. Best of all, you can backup your sites to Dropbox, Amazon S3, FTP and of course email.

backup monitoring

 Deployment and migration

If you have multiple WordPress sites and you want to move them all to a new hosting. That will a long process that takes time and make things hard. With this central dashboard, you can migrate all your sites at once. It’s a powerful mass migration tool and all you need is the new server’s FTP details and let the tools do the work for you.

At the mean time, you can clone, deploy and create multiple sites  from the same dashboard and that will save lots of time and money.

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Content management and bulk posting

In a few clicks, all your WordPress sites will be updated with new content. You need to select the content and the destination, then, sort blog posts by status and you get the full list to manage them.

Also, managing comments and delete the spam ones is easy with this tool. The same thing applies for links and categories. All the sites can be managed at once or individually.

Uptime monitoring and instant notifications

To manage multiple WordPress blogs from one dashboard. You can use all the above tools, but the best part is that you can receive instant notifications when your sites receives spam traffic that can be generated from bots or spammers. Monitoring traffic spikes, is easy and you can set up how the tool will treat additional traffic.

For example, you the tool will send alerts when there is an addition 50% of traffic and you just need to see if it’s normal because one of your posts goes viral or just a spam traffic that you need to block.

This is how to manage all your WordPress sites and blogs using the same central dashboard. No more waste of time and money, and you get all the power and the tools to secure, update, backup, move and publish content from your admin area.

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