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InMotion Hosting vs GoDaddy: Web Hosting Comparison

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Recently, I was scanning for the best web hosting organizations, keeping in mind doing the exploration I did an inside and out examination between two of the best web hosting companies, InMotion Hosting and GoDaddy.

Be that as it may, I needed to explicitly take a gander at InMotion Hosting vs GoDaddy, just on the grounds that these popular web hosting providers are the shoppers brand among a great many people. The people who are looking to begin their own websites and host them professionally and securely.

The correlation between these two web hosting services depends on the review based on their background and reputation, unwavering quality, web hosting highlights, speed, and cost.

As a conclusion, I personally prescribe InMotion web hosting services. It’s the best, the fastest and the only company that offers great uptime and a free SSD hosting.

InMotion Hosting is superior to GoDaddy for individuals who’re searching for a solid and elite business web hosting arrangement for little organizations or companies. InMotion hosting is superior to anything GoDaddy, as a result of its center, calling, and experience.

Now, let me disclose this web hosting comparison as indicated by the aforementioned criteria. But, before moving ahead, let us understand, what these companies actually offer.

InMotion Hosting and GoDaddy

Web hosting is a kind of Internet facilitating services that permits people and associations to make their site available through the World Wide Web. And Web hosts are the companies with huge data centers. That gives space on a server possessed or rented for use by customers, and additionally giving Internet network, commonly in a server center.

Now let’s particularly take a gander at InMotion Hosting Vs. GoDaddy:

InMotion Hosting is a popular and a recommended web hosting organization. It just had one objective – offering the dependable web hosting administration at a moderate rate. They are all the more concentrating on serving for small businesses. That includes websites, blogs, and online stores. But f course, the company id one the best dedicated servers and VPS service providers.

Inmotion Hosting vs WP Engine

GoDaddy compared to InMotion Hosting is an immense and complete organization offering all administrations which you might require for your online portals.

InMotion gives hosting plans named Launch, Power, and Pro. While, GoDaddy suggest plans under the classification named Economy, Deluxe, and Ultimate.

InMotion Hosting vs GoDaddy: Important Elements

Most importantly, both InMotion and GoDaddy restrain the domains, sites, and databases on their least expensive level. Also, every portal can have a huge amount of sub-domains on it. Additionally, they both incorporate a free domain facility with every new hosting offer.

InMotion and GoDaddy both blend and match on their two least expensive levels. Both these companies offer a huge assortment of freebies, for example, application installers, email accounts, and marketing credits for advertisements etc.

  • Cash Back Guarantee: Both InMotion and GoDaddy start with cash back guarantees. But the cash-back scheme is slightly different. That’s because InMotion offers a 90-days guarantee while GoDaddy does it for only 45 days.
  • Backup Feature: The other important feature is their backup plan for the websites. Backup is always the biggest necessity according to the safety point of view. In this case, InMotion provides free data backup every 24-36 hours (up to 10GB). That’s what really means protection for your website. If you made a mistake and delete files, the daily backup includes them and solves the problem.

GoDaddy only offers this once a week, and also you have to pay the price to get this feature on your account. So, as per this particular scenario, InMotion undoubtedly wins the race.

  • Auto-Installer: Installing the applications manually can be truly difficult. To overcome that issue, all InMotion hosting plans accompany 1-Click Application Installer completely free of cost.

InMotion hosting currently provides 310+ Applications with their hosting plans, while GoDaddy just offers 70+ Application.

Along these lines, by utilizing InMotion Hosting you can get access to a portion of the greatest applications on the web, for example, WordPress, Drupal, PrestaShop, and much more.

  • WordPress: GoDaddy doesn’t accompany WordPress pre-installed feature. On the other side, InMotion gives this mainstream Content Management System along with your hosting account purchase. You don’t require any manual setup or download. It simply started as soon as you buy a hosting plan.

Pre-installed WordPress

  • Overall Elements Comparison: On the off-chance, that you are just arranging two or three websites or less, then InMotion Hosting wins by a wide margin. But, if you’re planning for numerous different websites, then GoDaddy’s boundless components on their unlimited arrangements may be a superior fit for you. However, when it comes to quality, InMotion is the best.

Additionally, GoDaddy doesn’t support some vital innovations like CGI, Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, and so forth.

Inmotion Hosting features

However, fundamentally in the event that you have a couple of websites arranged, then InMotion and GoDaddy will both be equally good.

InMotion Vs GoDaddy: Hosting Speed Comparison

Both InMotion Hosting and GoDaddy have benefited in ensuring a stable hosting environment. Also, both these companies offer good servers, however, InMotion offers free SSDs, which additionally have a major effect on speed.

InMotion Hosting’s server speed is intended for an extraordinary change of hosting speed. It takes 237 ms server reaction time to load a page. In my research, I found that InMotion hosting takes under two seconds to load a page.

While GoDaddy ensures enough server assets to back all hosted sites in order to make the websites run quickly and easily. But, GoDaddy is nothing contrasted with InMotion Hosting for devouring more than 700 ms for reacting to a server demand.

Here is a customer review about the GoDaddy server speed:

GoDaddy speed

InMotion hosting has Max Speed Zone Technology. It helps your site and email keep running up to 600% quicker than its rivals using a solitary server center, similar to GoDaddy.

Also, InMotion has been banding together with world’s driving ISPs and for immediate and quick information associations between the web servers and the guests.

Here is a customer review about the great uptime of InMotion Hosting:

InMotion Hosting review

InMotion is the recommended web hosting services for thousands of people around the world.

GoDaddy has the negative notoriety for the poor hosting execution. There are so many complaints about GoDaddy speed over the internet and on their own forum.

By and large, the execution of GoDaddy web hosting is more regrettable than InMotion hosting.

InMotion Vs GoDaddy: Cost Comparison

The InMotion business class web hosting “Launch Plan” is starting at $5.99. That’s currently 25% off. And also, they offer $2 off per month on initial buy. It includes features like a basic website, personalized emails, and start-ups. Also, it provides automated daily backup service for free.

For those who look for a professional web hosting, I recommend InMotion Hosting only. And the good news is that you’ll get an exclusive 47% OFF.

InMotion Hosting discount

GoDaddy has three hosting offers with moderate cost. There is an up to 42% rebate accessible for the “GoDaddy Economy Plan” and presently, it is accessible at $3.99 every month.

It includes one website, 100 GB Storage, unlimited bandwidth, 100 email addresses, free domain with a yearly plan and site backup and restores with paid alternative.

  • InMotion Hosting incorporates free SSD drives in all shared hosting plans. That empowers quick conveyance of content read and compose facility. It’s a reliable and affordable web hosting service. Best of all, you get all the tools to build your own website, blog, or online store.
  • GoDaddy incorporates Cron Jobs in every answer for empowering a simple way to schedule employments. All facilitated sites are under Spam, Fraud, and Virus assurance for a more elevated amount of security. That comes with cheap web hosting plans, but with low quality services and slow loading tile for your site.

Specialized Support with Information Center

Specialized Support:

Both InMotion and GoDaddy give responsive specialized customer support. That was demonstrated with holding times that normal under 60 seconds.

The clients are guaranteed to be helped with the genuine representatives through toll-free phone support or via live chat option. But, with my own experience, the InMotion Hosting specialized support is still somewhat superior to GoDaddy.

GoDaddy is a substantial company serving for a huge number of clients. The specialized bolster comprises of 3 sections.

The level one of specialized support is to react to the simple queries and make tickets. The stage second of customer support is to answer the basic inquiries and to resolve the basic issues. The third level of customer support is to determine the confused issues.

This model offers GoDaddy some assistance with supporting their clients deliberately. However, it’s not most proficient in the web hosting world.

The InMotion specialized customer support comprises of two levels:

The level one support representatives are all around prepared and can help with the 90% of issues amid the telephone call or through live discussion option.

It essentially enhances the bolster productivity that the clients can generally get the answers or get the issue determined in just a couple of minutes.

InMotion Hosting offers US-based specialized backing and join extraordinary significance on the productivity of specialized customer support administrations. Websites admin can contact the support representatives by means of email or via phone.

Other than that, InMotion hosting specialized customer support representatives additionally answer demand by means of 24×7 live chat option.

Individuals are urged to pour out any issues through the given correspondence directs in at whatever time. The legitimate arrangements are made sense of in the most limited time.

Notwithstanding the online support benefit, the two companies transfer a substantial number of instructional exercises. That includes how to design websites, how to make a decent web plan, tips of SEO, and much more. Those assets are made for individuals who need understanding about hosting.

Information Center:

At present, just offering the every minute of every day specialized backing is insufficient. The information center is likewise a key for the easy self-learning.

For this situation, both of these web hosting giants have set up a vast information base. It contains a great deal of helpful instructional exercises, tips, aides and some more.

Here is the InMotion Hosting support center fo tutorials and answered questions:

InMotion Hosting support center

Notwithstanding the basic printed posts, there are even numerous video instructional tutorials.

At the point when contrasting their information base, notwithstanding, I can without a doubt infer that the base of InMotion Hosting contains more rich data than that of GoDaddy.

Additionally, every one of the posts is very much sorted. So, you can discover your objectives effortlessly by entering the right gathering.

Reliability and Reputation Score

With nothing unexpected, the two web hosting providers have been performing great. I have seen numerous positive remarks on their unwavering quality, subsequent to checking the uptime that they are putting forth to their customers.

As indicated by the most recent uptime records, InMotion Hosting uptime touched 100% mark in the current month. While GoDaddy uptime was 99.93%. So, all in all, both are doing amazingly well.

However, the GoDaddy uptime is a big problem for many webmasters. Sometimes, it happens during hours without a solution. Take a look at the flowing customer complaint.

GoDaddy Downtime

Truly, InMotion Hosting is the premium hosting provider for shared and VPS hosting. On the other side, There are many similar points between the two services, for example, the WordPress feature, easy to use cPanel, and responsive specialized customer support.

Concerning the web hosting price, asset allotment, and speed, InMotion Hosting is far better than GoDaddy.

Final Words: InMotion or GoDaddy?

InMotion Hosting is the main web hosting provider that for the most part spotlights on the top-quality web, VPS and dedicated hosting services.

GoDaddy, be that as it may, spreads their administrations into numerous fields. They to give you a superior site running background but with lots of issues. For example, the enlistment and exchange administration for site building, domain names, email marketing, SSL endorsements, SEO, malware evacuating administration, and much more.

In case, if you’re searching for a solid, quick and expert web hosting provider for an individual or business website or blog, then InMotion Hosting is the only service that I recommend. Yet, in the event that you’re searching for an SSL provider or domain registrar, then GoDaddy might be a right decision.

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