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InMotion Hosting vs iPage: Web Hosting Comparison

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For many years, InMotion Hosting and iPage were doing a great job in the web hosting industry. Both companies are popular and they get reviews from thousands of sites and bloggers. However, when it comes to choosing the right hosting plan, you’ll need one hosting provider and not all of them. The challenge here is to pick the right host for your website or blog, and I’m going to show you the comparison that clarifies the differences between the two companies.

InMotion Hosting compared to iPage

What’s InMotion Hosting?

Inmotion hosting is an SSD web hosting with a powerful infrastructure and amazing customer support. They have all the tools and the resources to make your website up and running fast at cheap prices. The company has two data centers in the US, and you can choose which data center will host your website.

Inmotion Hosting offers different types of web hosting including:

So, it’s a complete web hosting provider that you can use and get professional services. Their shared web hosting plans start from $4 per month and that includes the SSD features that you get for free.

The SSD infrastructure makes the website’s loading time faster, and it helps to save bandwidth and boost the server performances. The web browser will get the page from the server faster, and that’s because the server itself is executing commands and working faster than the old HDD servers.

This trusted hosting offers auto-installer software for lots of open source applications, including WordPress, PrestaShop, and all the eCommerce software and tools we know.

What’s iPage?

iPage is a shared web hosting provider that offers the cheapest services in the industry.  The hosting plans start from $3.25 per month and that means a lot for people with limited budgets and who need professional hosting.

The company has data centers in the US and they offer an easy control panel to manage your website files, and also to install applications like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or any other.

iPage is a low cost hosting provider with unlimited resources, including bandwidth, disk space, hosted domains, databases, emails, and much more.

The differences between the two hosts

Different kind of servers

Inmotion Hosting has SSD fast servers, while iPage still using the old HDD servers. Of course, there are no worries here, but only If you want to host a single domain or a blog with a few pages. But if you want a professional hosting, then, Inmotion Hosting is better, especially, for WordPress, and it’s the right choice. They offer stronger hosting services with lots of features.

The customer support

Honestly, Inmotion Hosting is better, they have a US based customer support. Furthermore, you can contact them by Phone, live chat or by emails. That doesn’t mean that iPage is a bad hosting, but the quality of their support is not on that level.

Web hosting prices

iPage is the winner for the low cost hosting plans they offer. However, the quality of the hosting is not the same as Inmotion Hosting that offers faster servers. If you have a limited budget, then both companies can be helpful for you as the difference is only one dollar per month and that’s nothing per year.

WordPress hosting

WordPress is the number one blogging platform for professionals and people who understand the web well. Inmotion Hosting offers a pre-installed WordPress website, all you need is to check an option when you create your account. Also, the servers are optimized for WordPress by following the best practices.

That’s a reliable web hosting with lots of options, and best of all, it’s cheap hosting and anyone can pay for it. You just need to have a credit card and it’s done.

Inmotion Hosting vs iPage

On the other side, iPage offers a WordPress hosting, but, you need to install it from the control panel. The WordPress installation is not hard, it’s a few clicks. However, if you’re not someone who likes the web hosting settings then, use Inmotion Hosting and get a ready WordPress blog or site without wasting the time.

Other features

When it comes to eCommerce hosting, iPage cannot be the right solution as they have slower servers with limited resources. On the other side, Inmotion Hosting has a business web hosting that suits the needs of every business owner. You can build an online store and start selling items online in a few minutes. That’s the powerful eCommerce web hosting that they offer.

Both companies offer daily malware scan and protection for your website. Also, they protect your emails from spammer, and of course, the create daily backups and that’s a great thing to consider these days.

The two hosting providers have a website builder tool that you can use to create easy website with a few pages, and all that in a few minutes. Just use the drag and drop website builder tool and it’s done.

If you want to build a professional website, then install WordPress or get it ready to use from Inmotion Hosting. That’s the professional way to launch your own blog. WordPress is SEO friendly and better in all the cases.

The cPanel control panel offered by Inmotion Hosting is easier to use, better in functions and anyone can use it for the first day. Of course the iPage control panel is different, as it’s from another provider, but it looks a little confusing compared to cPanel. But in all cases, the two control panels are professional.

Inmotion Hosting offers a free website transfer, that means, you can get your website to bet fully migrated from your actual hosting to their servers for free. An expert will complete the job for free.


Both companies offer affordable and reliable web hosting services, but when it comes to comparison, Inmotion Hosting is the winner with faster servers, more features, and better customer support. Best of all, our readers get exclusive 47% OFF the shared hosting.

Also, they get other hosting discounts and a free domain name by just visiting their official website. iPage is cheaper, but that will affect the quality of the hosting, as the server will be slower and that’s not a good thing.

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