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How to Pick the Right Inmotion Hosting Plan for your Website?

The web hosting is the most important element to start a business, or simply, to host a blog or any other type of website. You can make your visitors happy with fast loading web pages. On the other side, you will lose them, if you focus on other things rather than the quality of your hosting service, and all the related things.

We all know that there are thousands of companies, where you can start your site with them, but, Inmotion Hosting is the top of these providers for its quality, and exclusive features. Today, I’ll show you how to choose the right hosting for your website with them, and what you need to know in every case. That will not save you money, but also, time and effort.

What type of website do you want to host?

This is the first thing to consider. Things are different and it’s better to understand your needs from the beginning. The company offers all the hosting types from simple blogs to big sites. At the same time, they offer all the tools that every eCommerce site needs. However, choosing the best plan is not easy if you’re a beginner, but, you will learn all that now.

There are two main methods that you can use to build a website:

1. A static HTML website

It can be easy to build in a few minutes using the premium web builder. This hosting offers the best builder for a simple, and easy to use website. All you need is to choose a theme and add your content, then, publish with a single click of the button. It’s a “what you see is what you get” (WYSIWYG).

I recommend this options for everyone who needs a ready to use website just for information. It’s a good option for sites like restaurants, and the other jobs, where visitors need to read the content only.

In this case, you should use the Lunch plan, it cost less than the other, but, it comes with all the features that your site needs. Even, there are extra functions that you don’t need and this the recommended plan for you.

You don’t have to worry about the disk space and bandwidth, because they are unlimited. At the same time, you get a free domain name and lots of options. And of course, unlike the other hosting providers, the site will be hosted on SSD servers, and that’s what makes it load faster.

Visit the Web Builder page for more information.

2. An open source application

This is the professional use of the web hosting. The company has an auto-installer software for over 310 applications like, WordPress, and Joomla. But also, all the other list of eCommerce and any type of site. The best option here is that you can get a pre-installed  WordPress and that means no installation at all. Just check the appropriate option in the sign-up, as the below screenshot example.

Inmotion Hosting plans

The first plan which is the “Launch” works better if you want to host a blog, or any open application and create a professional website. You need to choose one of the other plans if you want to host an eCommerce website.

The second plan, for example, comes with ready eCommerce function and that means all the tools that every online store needs, such as, the payment options, more security, SSL, and much more.

The number of domains to host

The first plan allows you to host one website, the second one allows 6 sites. The third plan which is the Pro is needed when you want to install a big number of domains, and get a professional support, but, with priority. This plan comes with unlimited resources and that includes the total number of databases, email accounts, and everything else. You can choose this hosting plan if you want to host more than 6 websites.

The size of your website

Luckily, Inmotion Hosting plans let you use an unlimited disk space and bandwidth. However, the site performance depends on the site’s traffic and the plan. If your site is a blog that receives less than 700 human visits per day, then, use any of the first two shared business plans (Launch or Power).

You will never notice problems because of the nature of the server. They offer SSD instead of the old drives that slow down the site, and affect the performances, and even, in the highest traffic periods, you will get free RAM boost to handle that traffic. They are the only provider that increases the RAM for free, when the site needs that.

If your site gets more than 700 visits per day, then it’s better to choose the third plan (Pro), which comes with extra resources and power. Please remember to choose your data center location from the two options. That will work as a CDN and it will speed up the site.

In the third case, when you have good traffic like 1500 daily visitors, you can host using any shared plan. But, that can affect the server and make it loads slowly, So, you will affect the other people who host with you on the same server.

You can avoid all these issues and make your site loads at the maximum speed, when you choose any of the available VPS plans. By the way, Inmotion Hosting VPS is the most powerful compared to all the other hosting providers. It comes with SSD of course, and great RAM that ranges between 4 and 8GB, and up to 4TB of a premium bandwidth.

When you notice that your website becomes popular with thousands of visitors every day, you should think about a dedicated server. The company has the best quality and the resources, you can start with the first plan, then upgrade later when you need more resources.

Inmotion Hosting is not only the best provider, because they offer an exclusive SSD, but also, because they have the best U.S-based customer support. No matter if you want to call them by phone, starts a live chat session, or even, send them a support ticket, they will solve your problem, and answer your questions like no other company does.

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