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Best Cheap WordPress eCommerce Hosting for Professionals

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To start a business online, you need trusted tools, but the hosting is the most important thing to be able to create a fully protected website, and sell your products easily. At the same time, if you want to search for a good WordPress eCommerce hosting, you can find lots of providers who offer a large variety of options.

The problem with these services is the server speed, the uptime and the tools that every store needs. But also, you should think about the security, and what you can do to protect your website. Luckily, Inmotion Hosting is the best choice when it comes to professionalism.

Web hosting for eCommerce websites

Inmotion Hosting is a full SSD hosting, that means your website will run on the maximum speed, and using better resources that take care of security and loading time.

One click shopping cart install

The best thing is the easy to use a software installer that let you create any type of website in a few seconds. The most popular shopping cart application to use are the following:

  • PrestaShop
  • OS Commerce
  • Zen Cart
  • CubeCart
  • OpenCart

You can use any applications from these ones, and you can learn more about every service using this page.

Pure SSD servers

It’s not easy to find a business SSD web hosting in these days, simply because that will cost more, and force people to pay lots of money to get it. However, Inmotion Hosting offer that advanced hosting as a normal shared hosting, and you don’t have to pay any extra fees.

That’s why they have great uptime and reliable hosting that every business needs. Remember that the SSD speed up your site, the server access data 20 times faster than any other hosting, and it’s a great experience with them.

Free daily backup

This a very important thing to look for in every hosting, people can take care about their sites. But, when errors happen, they can only restore the full site with a backup. So, no one will be safe without a backup service.

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The good news is that this hosting creates an automatic copy of your website or store every day and save it In a secure environment. So, you can restore your site in one click if something wrong happens.

SSL certificates

No one will use your store if you don’t have s secure connection, people need to be safe when they enter sensitive information like the credit card details. You can use the shared SSL certificate that the company offers for you. Or, simply get a dedicated SSL if you want more professionalism in your business.

The result will be a safe store with encrypted connection between the server and the web browser of your customers. That’s what builds trust in the end and protect your data.

Thousands of templates and extensions

The good-looking theme can help attract more customers and if you browse all those designs and extensions, you will find great features and options. Just choose what you need and install the theme with one click.

The same thing applies when you need to customize the store functions and make them better. All you have to do is to install the appropriate extensions and if you need help and tips, contact the support team and they will be happy to help.

Advanced support center

Unlike other services, this one has great guides and tutorials to set up everything in your eCommerce website. No matter if you’re looking for easy tips or a step by step video guides, you can find all that in the support center.

As you can see in the below screenshot from their website, there are lots of getting started guides. They cover everything from choosing the best shopping cart system, to configuring your online store and optimizing it for a better user experience.

WordPress Ecommerce Hosting

Every application come with its own tutorial and tips, So, there is nothing to worry about when you need help.

Lots of Payment gateways to use

With one click of a button, you can add any payment method like PayPal, Amazon payments, Google Wallet, UPS and all the others.

There are hundreds of them and you need to find the ones that suit your business needs and follow your customer geographical location. My advice here is to offer a few Payment options to your customers that they use.

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For example, if people from the U.S comes to your store, then, they can easily pay with PayPal or a credit card. On the other side, if you have customers from other countries, they think about Google wallet and other options that they prefer and use.

Multiple languages and currencies

This is not any eCommerce hosting service, but the one that offers the more feature and options for your business. The shopping cart applications come with dozens of languages and lots of currencies.

So, you can offer the right content for your customers based on their location and the currencies that they use. That will not boost our sales, but also, it will help building the trust with your visitors who will become customers later.

Professional and friendly customer support

The customer support is a must have service for every hosting provider, but what this company offer is more than a standard help. They have a U.S based support and people can contact them by phone, live chat or simply send a support ticket if there is nothing urgent.

Honestly, you can’t get better support, and in my personal experience, they have expert technicians who know all about WordPress and every detail in the eCommerce hosting.

Other features

Inmotion Hosting is a trusted company that’s registered in the United States and has an AA rating with (BBB). But also, they offer unlimited disk space, unlimited monthly transfer and of course a free domain name to start your business easily.

If you have a website and you need to migrate it there, an expert technician will transfer your site for free to their server. With no downtimes. You can create unlimited email accounts and they will be protected against spam. The Safe email filter software scans every email and protects your inbox.

The service lets you access your site files using cPanel or any FTP software, and you can use the full SSH access to manage your applications.

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