Cheap CDN: Best Services with SSD Servers and Transparent Pricing

To make your website’s loading time faster, you need to use a fast and secure CDN service. However, with many providers, finding a cheap CDN can be a little confusing, especially with large volume plans. For that, in today’s post, you’ll find the best CDN services with low-cost plans and transparent pricing. That way, you can choose the right Content Delivery Network for your blog or site and save money.

Best cheap CDN services

There are lots of CDN providers, but only a few ones are good and affordable. Luckily, there are good trusted CDN services that offer cheap plans with enough resources and great customer support. The following list f CDN is based on their prices and also, their support and quality of services.

1. MaxCDN

With years of experience and SSD servers, MaxCDN offers the lowest prices for the low traffic plans. Their smallest plan starts at $9 per month and that’s great compared to other CDN services.

Unlike the majority of the CDN services, MaxCDN suits the need of bloggers and small business owners. The company offers low-cost plans with enough bandwidth and strong security.

As the most popular CDN, MaxCDN has a fast SSD infrastructure with thousands of servers across the world. As a result, websites load faster than any other cheap content distribution service.

MaxCDN is an international CDN service with servers in the USA, South America, EU, Asia, and the Pacific. So, there is a worldwide CDN solution for small business owners and bloggers. Just choose the small plan and you’ll accelerate your website immediately.

Cheap CDN

MaxCDN hosts the website files and images and creates optimized copies for faster loading time. Furthermore, they work with worldwide peering partners. That means a super-fast page loading time and better performance for any website, blog, or application that you host.

The following are the MaxCDN peering partners across the world:

MaxCDN Peering partners

MaxCDN is the number one service and thousands of CDN reviews recommend it to bloggers, business owners, and professionals. That’s not only because of the low-cost CDN service their offer but also, because of their superior quality and reliable network uptime. In reality, you can’t find a good CSS, images, JavaScript, and video CDN like this one.

For security, and connection encryption, MaxCDN offers instant SSL. It’s a powerful SSL certificate for your CDN service that you can enable in real-time with one click. You don’t need any manual installation, just enable the service and that’s it. The Edge SSL works globally with optimized CDN architecture.

2. Incapsula

Incapsula is my recommended CDN and DDoS attack protection service.  That’s because of their amazing features and advanced security levels. Unlike the majority of other CDNs, this one offers a free CDN account with free Bot Mitigation. That’s great, especially for entrepreneurs who just launched their site online.

The free CDN account comes with:

  • Static content caching
  • Minification for HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • Static file compression
  • Powerful image optimization
  • Community support
  • Bot protection
  • Logging protection

Incapsula Global CDN Network

The company offers a paid CDN account with full optimization and phone support. Indeed, they have options like:

  • PCI compliance report
  • Advanced performance
  • Web application firewall
  • Global CDN
  • Static file compression
  • Real-time analytics, and much more

The great thing is that Incapsula offers a free CDN trial for 14 days. That way, you can try the service, modify options, and find how they can optimize and speed up your site. It’s a secure CDN service with advanced protection and real customer support that helps.

This recommended CDN offers support by phone, live chat, and also tickets. So, you can ask them questions and they can assist you with the initial setup.

Tips to maximize your CDN performance

Keep in mind that using a CDN service for your site will improve the user experience and also organic traffic. The reason is that Google uses page speed and also SSL as ranking factors these days.

To maximize your CDN use, avoid uploading large size images without optimization. You can compress your site images and save lots of disk space, which results in well-optimized and well-compressed images in your CDN storage. All that means a faster website with a better ranking after a few weeks. Just wait for Google to re-crawl your site after installing the CDN, and you’ll notice an improvement in the majority of cases.

When you use a CDN for your static resources, the web browser will get the content faster and from different servers. That’s a big benefit, especially if you use a fast and secure CDN hosting like the above services. Unfortunately, many people forget the importance of the CDN configuration and make mistakes. So, I highly recommend the one-one setup calls to the above CDN service to ensure the full optimization of your static files.

For HTML optimization, I recommend HTML5, and if you’re not yet using the latest version, try to move your site to the new HTML5. The new HTML is well optimized and easier to crawl by search engines. Best of all, HTML5 is fully supported by popular web browsers.

Another tip to make your site faster with a CDN, you have to use an optimized them. Your website theme should be clean from errors and well optimized for faster loading time.

Use a fast web hosting service

There is no way to make your website faster without great web hosting. You can use any CDN, but you’ll lose lots of speed and benefits of the fast web hosting service. If you’re using WordPress, then, I recommend WPEngine, it’s a fully managed hosting that’s poised to speed.


There are lots of CDN comparisons, but when it comes to quality, MaxCDN, and Incapsula are the most affordable and the cheapest CDN services. You pay for what you use and you get exceptional customer support.

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