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A content management delivery network is the only way to speed up your website. It lets you build a great user experience with visitors. But sometimes, people select the wrong choice, and they believe in it without any testing knowledge or experience. The fastest CDN in the world is not easy to find if you follow the wrong tips and recommendations.

Thousands of new bloggers and site owners follow bad recommendations from people who never tried the service. So, they close their eyes to what happens in the world and still trust their slow networks that never work.

Today I’ll show you the fastest content delivery network (CDN) in the world. But, based on tests and real investigations with the help of some of the top monitoring companies.

TOP CDN providers

1. MaxCDN

This is the leader of all the CDN services these days. They have hundreds of thousands of hosted websites and blogs, but also, they host the high traffic website on any platform. It’s recommended for all small businesses and, especially, for small and medium websites.

By the way, this is the cheapest CDN, their prices start from $9 per month with 100 GB of bandwidth and 2 zones. Of course, they have other plans for all budgets and everything depends on your website data and the total number of visitors.

If you have a high traffic website, they have powerful plans with 350 TB of bandwidth and 100 zones all over the world. If you need more resources, they have custom plans and you can send them a ticket, or contact them directly by phone and set up your own CDN plan.

2. CacheFly

To make things simple and clear from the beginning, the winner’s content delivery network providers in all tests are MaxCDN and CacheFly. Both are fast and recommended for any website size. However, the first one is economic and offer affordable prices.

Their competitors failed in the first speed test. It’s not a CDN company like all the others that sell nothing other than a simple service that you can get for free, with a simple application configuration in your hosting server.

Features and speed

To tell you the speed of the above content distribution networks, and why they’re the fastest CDN in the world, I’ll start by showing you some of their clients. The next companies use Cachefly as their only content delivery system:

fastest cdn in the world

The fact the Microsoft uses them is itself the best proof of speed and reliability. You can also find all their popular clients directly on Cachefly website.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the features, and why Cachefly is the fastest content delivery network, really and without fake commercial promises, like what many other CDN companies are doing.

Cachefly is one of the best content delivery network services. It was tested by two of the most popular testing and monitoring companies, Cedexis and Paessler. Both found that it’s the fastest CDN without debt. They used also another good CDN performance comparison, by CloudClimate and they found the same results, look at one of their tests below:

Global content distribution network

As you can see the average (10) requests in blue indicates that Cachefly is the fastest one. The first test request which is red indicates the same result. But, with a very small difference. We use the average testing method because it’s the exact way to compare.

Fastest refresh time in the industry

Regular networks will refresh your mirror image CDN and apply the new changes, but they will never make it faster than Cachefly. Tests show that the Cachefly refresh time is from 10 to 40 seconds. You will never get that speed with any other company.

When you made a mistake on a page, for example, wrong URL, spell grammar, etc… Your visitors will stay see the wrong version even after minutes of your update. But, it’s not the case with Cachefly, after 10 seconds for your update, your visitors in all continents will see the updated version.

100% Uptime Guaranteed

The only network that guaranteed 100% availability, they know what they say, and they prove it all the time. Forget lies from other companies and get your site available all the time.

Gzip Compression and Expires Headers

Their system and technology support the Gzip compression, your files will be compressed before sending them to browsers which accelerate the page loading time. At the same time, you will get a the expires header features to make a copy of files and set an expiration date for their cache. This will reduce the HTTP requests and save you lots of bandwidth with your host.

High-speed servers in all continents

Cachefly is not a CDN with few servers in two or three continents as the others, they cover the 5 continents. In the United States only, they have servers in the following locations.

  • Los Angeles
  • San Jose
  • Seattle
  • Dallas
  • Miami
  • Atlanta
  • Chicago
  • Washington DC
  • New York

In Canada, they have a super-fast CDN hosting server located in Toronto and Montreal.

Look at their Global network map below, or see it in action with Cachefly directly.

CDN hosting servers

Cachefly dominated the TCP Anycast networking since 2012 with an innovative and exclusive performance that you can’t get from any other CDN in the world until now.

To prove their performance and let you see for yourself how their services are unique and the fastest in the world. You get a 30-day trial for any plan. Best of all, you can get a custom plan if you want, they offer exclusive bandwidth on demand.

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