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After designing your WordPress theme you will find yourself in a big challenge that you never expected before. Selling a WordPress theme is the final step, but it’s not easier than creating the theme itself. There are many ways to choose and promote your product. But, the best way to sell WordPress themes is to list them in the right place without losing time in ways.

In one of my posts, I’ve talked about the best places to sell WordPress themes and one of those places is ThemeForest. In reality, it’s the best way to sell your web templates and designs. If you look at what you get as an author and compare it to other ways, you will find that submitting a theme to millions of members in that marketplace is itself a big investment.

The big mistake that the theme sellers make the first time is thinking that getting 50% with ThemeForest for every sale is enough for them. But, they forget that they’re doing nothing of payment management, billing software, and other services.

You make 50% of sales only when you have less than $5000 in total sales. Your earning percentage goes up with your total earnings and you can earn up to 70% of sales.

What you get with ThemeForest is exposed to millions of members, people browse their themes, to buy the best ones. If your theme is one of them, never worry again and expect sales in the first days. At the same time, you will get affiliates who promote your theme if they’re convicted of its value and features.

If you compare all that with other people who sell their themes on their own sites, you will discover that you’re the winner.

Creating a website just to sell your themes is not an easy step, you need resources and more work to stand out from the others with the hope to start selling. The biggest problem is telling people about your theme and invite affiliates to promote it. If you have a team of experienced people, you can sell and succeed. But, even, with that, you need months if not years to build a career.

You don’t have to spend money in order to get sales and best of all, you earn money with your themes with on biggest marketplace.

A success story that will inspire you

To give you a simple idea about the power of creating a premium WordPress theme, and sell it with Themeforest, you should take a look at the number one selling theme of all time there. The creators earned $100,000 in one month with a single theme. Yes, it’s one single theme, but not any theme, it’s the Avada theme by Luke Beck and Muhammad Haris.

best way to sell WordPress themes

Imagine a single theme that sold 53,000 times! It’s a fortune. Remember that they earn 70% now of every sale. Their theme is great and professional, but not themes from other planets. They’re people like all of us, and you can find many others who make thousands every day with a few if not only WordPress theme.

The only requirement is to be able to understand what people are looking for. Then, amaze them with your theme, they will tell the other about it and in a few days, you will be featured in the marketplace. It’s not very hard work, but a smart working way.

The biggest problem that theme sellers still making every day is creating general themes, never make that mistake again. People are looking for a theme that was created for their niche, a health company will browse themes marked as special for a health site. They won’t see a general theme, the same thing applies to all the other niches. Bloggers will browse the Magazine or Blog themes.

So, take some time thinking about a niche that you will work on. Create your theme and give it a special feature that people can’t find anywhere else, then you can work on other niches that the designers forget or never interested in them. It’s the way to sell your themes fast, without competition.

Another good feature about ThemeForest is that even if you’re new and without any resources, you list your themes with experienced people who sell for thousands of dollars every day. The marketplace search is open to every buyer, they can browse themes by, reviews, sales, or category.

They don’t have any bigger advantages than you (expect the total sales that most people never use). Buyers look for reviews if they really need a good quality theme, and others will search for any theme, based on its features and even with zero sales.

Please share your experience with ThemeForest or any other place to sell WordPress themes.

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