To sell templates online and make money, you need to find good and trusted websites where you can list your designs in total security and most important, to get paid. In this post, I’ll suggest a great list of 5 places to sell WordPress themes online without payment problems. But first, you need to create professional themes, that people live and that search engines can crawl easy.

That way, you stand out from the competition and make sales. If you need more details to create a great theme that sells you can read these tips about building powerful themes for WordPress.

Top websites for selling WordPress themes

1. The WordPress marketplace

WordPress is the fastest growing and the best blogging platform in the world. So you have great opportunities to sell your theme to thousands of bloggers. WordPress marketplace is the first trusted place by bloggers, they browse thousands of themes to find what they need exactly. However, most of the people are looking for free themes there. That’s why you need to use the following sites also.

2. ThemeForest

Places to Sell WordPress Themes Online

Theme Forest is a popular marketplace to sell and buy WordPress and other platforms themes and plugins. It’s owned by Envato. Their Alexa traffic rank is 114 which means that they receive millions of visitors each month. They have 3 million members and still growing.

This is a trusted and a large marketplace where millions of members sell and buy premium WordPress themes. All you have to do is to sign up as a seller, then, upload your themes. When they receive your designs and approve them, you can start making money.

You earn up to 70% of every sale, and there are authors (sellers) who make thousands of dollars monthly from their design sales.

3. Elegant Themes developer license

Elegant Themes developer license

Elegant Themes is one of the top quality themes seller, they have  over 200,000 members who buy their themes and plugins. You can purchase your personal developer license for $89, and start creating your unique Elegant themes. What makes them unique is their design options, you can’t find other themes like them.

At the same time you have 200,000 members who love and trust Elegant Themes. So, you don’t have to worry about selling your professional themes online.

4. Mojo code

 Mojo code

Mojo code is one of the most popular marketplaces to sell themes for WordPress sites online. They have 78,751 members, and you can join the site as a seller and sell your themes. But also, you can sell codes, scripts, and all things related to websites. Your themes will be seen by thousands of daily users. You earn from 50% to 70 on sales.

You can join MOJO Code and start uploading themes, after that wait for sales. They have the option to promote your own themes and products with banners and links. They send payments every 15th day of every month, they pay using PayPal, Skrill, and also wire transfers.

5. The Warrior forum

Warrior forum

Warrior forum is the largest marketing forum in the world. This forum receives millions of visitors each month. You can create an account and post threads to sell your themes and make money.

All you have to do is to create a beautiful page with detailed information that make people want to visit your theme page. You can also, advertise with them, but, I recommend starting with free threads first, to find your way.

The good thing is that you can control your own price, and negotiate with buyers. At the same time, you can promote your other themes listed on other marketplaces or websites. Just be creative and drive targeted traffic using professional threads.

To succeed with the Warrior forum as a WordPress theme seller, you have to be active, post well created threads, and search for people who ask for themes. You will be surprised how many people are asking questions about themes, and they can find your designs there.


You can sell WordPress themes online and make money by joining some programs. But, if you are not sure about their business, this post helps you to find only, the top trusted websites to sell your themes without problems. Best of all, they are the most visited websites that sell and buy themes.

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