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Make Money with ClickSure Promoting Affiliate Products

In Business and Marketing by Fathi Arfaoui4 CommentsLast Updated: March 18th, 2018

ClickSure marketplace is one of the best internet places where people earn extra income. Some are selling their own products online, and others are promoting affiliate programs from popular websites.

The problem here is how to find a good and trusted affiliate marketplace and how choose good products to promote.

Before starting, you should know that thousands of affiliates around the globe, are making money from home with affiliate products. Probably, you have tried to find some affiliate networks like and others, but, there are many great places that you can use also. So, in this article I’ll show you some easy steps to make money with one of the best affiliate marketplaces and how to do that the right way.

What’s ClickSure

ClickSure is an online marketplace exactly like ClickBank, but, with less competition in some products. They have exclusive products to promote, which makes it easy for you to promote them. But, remember that you need to do the hard work to succeed. That’s not a get rich job (it will make you rich if you work hard and hard).

Now let’s start promoting ClickSure products, first, you have to join ClickSure as an affiliate. Then, login to your account and take a look at the right column that shows you the “Live Marketplace”.

There, you find the best products to promote, this is a good way for a starter affiliate to find a product that will be sold. Next, check all the 20 products and select the one that you wish to promote.

Make Money with ClickSure

To find your affiliate links and banners, you have to visit your affiliate link first, then, scroll down at the bottom of the page to find “Affiliates” link, click that link and  join the program. Now, all is done, you need to make a good strategy to drive visitors to your link and make sales.

That’s not an easy work, if you think that you just copy and paste your links everywhere, on forums, blogs, or social networks, then, this work is not for you.  The old and spam methods won’t work now, but, if you’re a hard worker, understand the next steps, and you will get sales later.

Create a review page about the product

You need a solid review page to promote your link without spam. I recommend that you purchase the product before writing a review about it, your visitors need a product that will solve problems and not a scam one. So, if you trust what you’ve purchased, your visitors will trust you too.

If you have a blog or a website, create your review and tell people how you find the products, and what makes it different from others. Add some good images and add your links at the end of the article. At the same time, optimize your article for search engines, this will help you to get more targeted visitors.

Now, you have created a web page where visitors will come to see a review about the product, and you need human visitors. My advice here is to never buy visitor from any company or individuals. All of them sells bots and not human visitors.

Join Facebook groups and stay active

The main reason, why I recommend Facebook marketing using groups and not Pages, is that you can’t create a fan page for each product, and then leave the pages. Facebook pages without thousands of people will not help you with affiliate products.

So, join Facebook pages related to your niche. For example, if your product is about health, find health groups on Facebook, join them and stay active without posting a link during 15 days.

That will help you to build relationships with people, post useful helps and tips. At the same time, stay focused on some groups, no more than 10 good active groups, this is better than 30 groups with few people.

After 15 days or more, you can start including links in some of your posts. People will click your links and visit your review page, simply, because they know you. Thus, you build new connections and promote your Affiliate links without spamming the others.

Remember that Facebook is a social platform, people are not looking to buy something there. So, you need a hard work to turn them into customers.

Join Warrior Forum

The Warrior forum is the biggest marketing forum in the world, with millions of active internet marketers and webmasters every day. Normally, registration is free, but they charge a one time $10 to ensure that you’re serious and minimize spam posts as possible. If you can’t join, it’s not the end of the world, just forget this step.

With warrior Forum, you have to be an active member, just comment on threads with useful information and don’t spam the others, learn new strategies and add your link in your signature. That way,  people will see your link and visit your page. Also, make sure to create a good attractive call to action.

Warrior forum will help you to learn more about marketing, use it to learn new ideas, participate in posts, and promote your ClickSure links in your signature.

Please keep in mind that not all the ClickSure products are good and useful, investigate on them and never promote those who sells money making dreams and lies, there are thousands of them.


You can make extra income using this simple method, you promote affiliate products and make money. But, remember that you need to work, this is the only way to succeed with ClickSure and all the other affiliate marketplaces, just chose the right product and drive targeted visitors.

I hope this post will give you some new ideas. What about your ways to promote ClickSure and other affiliate products?

Fathi Arfaoui: A Physicist, founder and owner of He shares Business, WordPress, Web Safety, and Blogging tips to build better websites and blogs. Thus, you will succeed online with the right marketing strategies and recommendations. Of course, you’ll find much more topics.


  1. Buying Clicksure products in order to write a review can be quite costly, in more ways than one!. Speaking from personal experience, I have had my credit cards comprimised several times after purchasing from Clicksure. Cannot trust Clicksure with personal information.

    1. Author

      You can contact the seller for a review copy, the majority will accept, that’s better, but remember traffic is the key, at least one thousand of daily visitor can bring sales. Good Luck

  2. hello Mr Fatthi,
    Can you please tell me the best way to get targeted traffic ?…(paid or free)

    1. Author

      The best targeted traffic source is always Google, when you build a site about a specific niche market and create useful articles for it, you get the best quality traffic from interested people. Fr paid traffic, I don’t recommend it unless you’re experienced with Google Adwords at least for a few weeks, it can be a good source for targeted traffic, but some niches have expensive PPC, imagine paying some $40 or more for keywords like web hosting or similar niches. My advice is starting with Google organic search by creating a bog about a specific niche, then, when you have traffic, you will notice good results, but it needs some weeks at leas with real work. Good Luck

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