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Local Business Website Optimization for Better Marketing

Creating a local business is a great idea to get targeted customers from search engines and avoid the high concurrence with established websites. But, you need to make your local business website optimized for Google and the other search engines and this is not a hard job if you follow the below steps.

This is a step that you should understand because no one will find your business online if your website is general and similar to the others, you should focus on  some details and tell people, where your business is located in their regions and not anywhere else.

Add your address to every page on your website

It’s an easy insertion of information, but with powerful results, you have a local business and you should tell Google about that. OK, you can name your website with your city, but, the most important thing is the address and not the name.

Some companies add their address to the home page, but it’s not a smart method, simply because all the others website pages will appear without an address. So make sure to include your address in every web page in your site, the easiest way to do that is the header or the footer.

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The phone number is also very important, simply, because it includes the local area and it can really help in your local search ranking. Add your phone to your address, and you’ve optimized the most important part of the website.

Don’t add the address as an image, crawlers will never read it, make it in a text format. Thus, every web page will include that address and when people search for a product in your region or city, the address will help them find your website. This will bring more customers, remember that millions of people search for local products every day.

If you have multiple locations and you should add their address, you can create a landing page, where people can select their locations and browse the local website version. Or, simply detect the user’s location automatically with the help of your programmer and it’s done.

Be clear and exact when you list your address, write the full city name and avoid abbreviations as possible, you’re talking to crawlers and not human.

Google Local services

1. Google plus local page

You should create a Google plus local page and list your business to your customers. It’s like the Facebook pages, but with better features and advanced functions, you can let your customers add their reviews and connect with you.

This is a free service, and you can create your local page in a few minutes, just select the right category and add information as you can and don’t forget your website address. Your Google Plus page will appear in search results, and Google Maps brings more customers.

You need a Google account, even without a Google Plus profile you can create your local business page. Don’t forget to add your Google page to your website. It’s a good idea to add the Google Plus button or widget on your website and make it appear on all pages.

 2. Google places

Google places for business is a great way to let people find your business online. All you have to do is some basic information and it’s done, we’ve talked about this method as one of the best ways to promote a product online in the previous post. But, it’s also a powerful way to list your business in the Google world. This is also a free service from Google, and you don’t need any expert or special skills to create it.

Another idea is adding a great contact page to your website using Google Maps, it will help customers find your business better than the classic address.

Local directories and review sites

Millions of people browse local directories to find their products. You can take your business to the next level if you list it there. Please note that not all these directories are really good, so, make sure to use only the highest quality sites with high traffic and trust. Directories such as are visited by million of people who brows a business by location and categories.

Review from these directories can help your website to be found by people, when they type a location that you have. Even, if your web pages can’t rank higher for that location, high authority directories and review sites can appear with your address. This is why you should list your website and address there.

You don’t want your customers to add comments or questions and never found the answers. So, interact with them in review sites, explain them what they want and try the best that you can to make them happy and turn again to your website. A business without reviews is not an active marketing, you should give a positive signal that you have customers with questions and comments.

Give your Website a local taste

Local search optimization is not only for search engines, but also, for human, people will thank you for adding some of your local traditions, designs, names or whatever to your website. It’s a special action with a good impression. All websites can create good content and have great designs, but not all of them can add things that characterize their location.

For example, let’s say that your business is located in a northern place, you can simply add the snow to your design. In other cases add a great image of your city at the bottom of your website. The footer will looks local even without reading the address.

You can also, use the local history, to bring new ideas and integrate them to your website, or simply, use the most known place in your city or something similar. These are just examples of many ways to make your website optimized for your visitors. Amaze them with things they love and appreciate, this is how a business can be human and good at the same time.


As you can see, it’s important to add your business address. A phone number related to your location and make your content clear as local. Your website design is also important, let visitors know that you do business is located in their location and let search engines, and Google, especially, understand that your business is located at a specific location. You will attract more visitors and turn them into customers later.

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