Best Websites to Sell Textbooks for Cash

Sometimes, we forget that we have lots of textbooks, and we never use them again. It can be the time to sell them and make some extra money. Textbooks can still be used in parallel with digital learning. In this post, I’ll show you the best websites to sell textbooks for cash.

Of course, you can find other websites, but, as I said in the last article about the best websites to sell online, websites without thousands of daily visitors are a dead place to sell things. So, the next sites are selected based on business verification, high Alexa traffic, and trust by their users. In other words, you can sell your textbooks in a safe place, and get buyers who need them for study or work.

Top place to sell used textbooks online

Amazon TextBooks

As you know, Amazon is one of the biggest places to sell and buy items online. With millions of visitors every day, they make millions in daily transactions around the globe. Selling textbooks is an easy step for them. All you have to do is sign up and list your products there. People trust Amazon and return again and again to buy their products.


Half is a big company owned by the giant eBay. It’s the place where people buy, sell, and rent textbooks and books in general. After the signup process, you can add the text-book ISBN code to list it. The website’s Alexa rank is 20, which means that it receives millions of visitors every single month. You can imagine the potential that you get with a large website like Half and eBay, in general.


Chegg is another big company, they got 2 million users in just two years from their official launch. Millions of students and people from around the world use their services to sell or buy textbooks. Actually, there are over 5 million students and more than 7,000 campuses. They still grow every day and attract new customers, this is a good opportunity for you to sell your textbooks and make extra money.

Abe books

Abe Books is a company owned by Impact Radius. They have been in business since 1996 and have popular partners from all countries. You can sell your books and textbooks with them, they have thousands of affiliates who can help to drive traffic to your products. Joining this program is a good opportunity for you to make some bucks with used books and textbooks.

Please note that you can find thousands of websites where you can sell textbooks for cash, but they will never send a visitor to your books. Simply, because they don’t have traffic, with just a simple verification, you can find that they receive less than 20 visitors per day. It’s really a waste of time to list your books there.

To be able to sell textbooks or any other product online, you need thousands of visitors and buyers to your page, this is what makes you money. Don’t expect anything from websites with a little traffic. This is why I just recommend the above websites to sell textbooks for cash.

Don’t waste your time anywhere else, and start selling today with verified business companies that love helping you and take your hand step by step to success.

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