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To find the best websites to sell online and make money, you need to browse forums and websites and hoping that you find a real answer. The big problem is that there are a few real websites, where you can really sell online securely, and legally without issues.

There are also thousands of websites to sell, but they simply have zero traffic, and nobody visits them. The last thing that you want, is to join them and find that a few people visit their marketplace each day. It’s a waste of time and money if you invest with them.

In this post, I’ll show the best websites to sell online, but with thousands of visitors to each site. You don’t have to worry about their business. I spent time searching for their traffic and if they receive visitors from search engines, or not, to ensure that their traffic is targeted.

People, who visit them, are people who want to buy and spend money. I’ve found sites with less than 20 visitors per day and they call themselves marketplaces. It’s a big issue if they are online for years without members.

I’ve used the Alexa traffic rank, the link popularity, and other factors to find only websites, where spending time creating a profile and list a product is the biggest investment you will make.

Sell Online with E-junkie

e-junkie is one of the biggest verified companies to sell your products online, without the need to host your files or products in another place. It’s the safest place to host your products and let buyers download them or order any product, digital or physical products.

The best thing is that you only pay $5 for up to 10 products with unlimited sales and with a limit of 50 MB of disk space where, you upload your digital products like e-books, mp3, and others. It’s the only website where you pay that monthly low fee with professional services. This is an Australian based company.

If you take a look at another website similar, you will find that they charge you $50 monthly fees, even, if you pay a single product. They even, limit your sales.

I’m not saying this after checking their website only, but I have 2 friends who have been selling their products for 6 years with e-junkie and never found a single problem with them. They sell eBooks and made thousands each month with $5 monthly fees because ebooks take a few Megabytes in the disk space.

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If you have products with big files you can select their other plans with additional disk space. You upload your files or create your product details, and get your links to start selling and receive your earnings to your PayPal account.

Unlike other companies, you don’t have to link your PayPal account with them, (others charge $34 per month), secure payments with custom thank your page if you want and all happens automatically, through a powerful script.

CNN and MTV Networks are clients of e-junkie, just to find that CNN uses their services for business is “certification” of trust and you don’t have to worry about anything.

Just sign up, and you will get a full week seller trial without paying. When you feel that the system is your best choice, then, start from $5 per month for up to 10 products, with unlimited bandwidth, unlimited sales, and the most trusted online selling system.

Best websites to Sell Online

If you want to let affiliates sell your products, and take a percentage of every sale, then it will be your best choice. Thousands of affiliates will drive huge traffic to your product page and multiply your earnings.

Sell with ShareASale

ShareASale is another popular website to sell anything from real products like food, clothes, computers, etc… to digital products, like e-books and guides. You get all the support you need to launch your product and succeed.

What I liked about ShareASale is that you can start selling to millions of customers around the world through their affiliates. Your product will be promoted everywhere, you can select what commissions to pay for affiliates who work with you.

If you have a real product (physical) or a digital product, I highly recommend using ShareASale to promote your products and give affiliates a percentage of commissions. The more you offer, the more affiliates you will get, and that means more sales and money for you.

It’s the best decision that you make, you don’t have to advertise, to get thousands of buyers. Best of all, their affiliates will do the work for you.

Some of the popular Sellers at ShareASale are, StudioPress and you will find other 3500 popular companies that sell their products through this website.

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The payment system supports credit card and PayPal and you will be charged one-time fees of $550 for full access to the support and help from their experts, to skyrocket your earnings.

ClickSure website for Digital Products

ClickSure is an affiliate program for digital products. It’s different from the above websites because you can only sell products that can be downloaded, such as software, and e-books or guides. They are the preferred affiliate network of thousands of sellers and affiliates.

They have a smart technology to track all the clicks and sales, to give you all the transparency about your sold products and earnings.


The above websites receive millions of visitors every day, no worries about how many people can buy your products. With very active websites, you’re guaranteed to make money without going with risky ways through other websites that people join and leave after a few days because they receive a little traffic.

Remember that traffic is what makes you money. A good product can’t be sold if you don’t list it in the right place with worldwide payment systems and the latest security software.

I won’t talk about any other website where you can sell products online, the reason is that they charge very high fees every month, and allow scammers to join their network and run with people’s money. They simply see what happens and never cancel accounts for scammers. Good Luck and don’t forget to leave your comment.

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