Good Storm on Demand Dedicated Servers for High Traffic Sites

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A storm on demand hosting is a combination between powerful cloud platform with sophisticated and real dedicated servers. That gives you the power of the cloud computing and the flexibility of management and configuration.

It’s the most powerful web hosting solution that I can recommend for big websites and companies in need for a huge amount of web traffic and bandwidth.

The Dashboard

With lots of features, the Storm on Demand platform lets you manage your server and see the details in real time. So, you can manage or create new servers in a few clicks. Also, you can destroy, create server images and clone it in seconds.

Storm on demand dashboard

Storm on demand Dashboard

The following is a simple comparison between these powerful dedicated servers and the traditional services.

Strom dedicated servers comparison

The features

Unlike the traditional dedicated solutions, this enterprise level hosting comes with powerful features. The first feature that attracts the intention is the instant provisioning. That means the server deployment can take a few minutes only. As a result, you can upgrade or downgrade the RAM, the disk space, and much more technical things.

  • High performance

The cloud hosting offers the most powerful solution for any website or application. With powerful servers and optimized infrastructure, serving thousands of visitors to your website is easier than anytime. There is no worry about unexpected traffic and bandwidth. You can scale the server up or down, as needed.

  • Hourly billing

Few are the companies with hourly billing for dedicated servers. And the one I’m talking about is one of them. That’s much more flexible and better than the monthly plan solutions. In other words, the customer pays for what the website uses as resources.

  • Easy migrations

With a few clicks, you can migrate your whole server content like websites or apps to a new server. You don’t have to waste the time with tools or apps. All happens with the powerful dashboard that lets you move the server content by creating a copy of it, then, you can easily restore everything on the new one.

  • Super strong server security

This is a real power, unlike the other hosts, Liquid Web offers a real sonar monitoring and scan for all the servers. The best thing is the team of professional technicians with all the tools and the skills to detect problems and solve them in real time.

 sonar monitoring

  • Free DDoS Protection

These secure web servers come with strong DDoS protection. That means a lot in terms of security, especially these days. Thousands of DDoS attacks happen and the target is always online businesses or media. Thanks to this feature, your website will get a high level of protection that saves the money.

  • Clear server statistics

The dashboard comes with clear server statistics and disk usage. Thus, you see the stats and how your server performs in real time with graphs and clear data power.

server statistics

  • Host API

With a powerful server API access, developers have the ability to control the cloud hosting interface. That’s a great option for those with apps and online businesses who need multiple settings on the same server. Of course, there is a clear API documentation and lots of tutorials.

With such a great documentation, people around the world can manage, develop, and see how things work in real time without losing time and effort.


The cost of this amazing service depends on the configurations and the level of resources.

  1. The storm server costs $35 per month or 5 cents per hour. With that cloud server, you can launch any type of website and easily manage the resources.
  2. The bare metal servers cost $120 per month or 16 cents per hour.
  3. The third type of hosting is the storm SSD, it comes with premium efficiency and more power. Best of all, these servers are 100 times faster.

Also, every server can be selected with Linux or Windows operating systems.


Liquid Web offers the most powerful web servers with great features and affordable pricing model. The company offers quality customer support with years of experience. Unlike the other companies, with this one, you don’t have to worry about things like security and server speed. Everything is clear and there is no better choice than this one for serious business owners and webmasters.

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