DDoS Protected VPS Hosting: Best Providers with Sophisticated Infrastructure

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There is no need to even think about a cheap web hosting if you have a company or a small business website that needs protection. The regular services use the lowest level of security against attacks. If you need a DDoS protected VPS hosting, then, you’re on the right way to make your website secure.  You’ll stop losing thousands of dollars, simply because you don’t have a DDoS protection in your server.

Today, I’m going to show you the easiest ways to get your virtual server DDoS protection without any technical work from your part.

How to get your own VPS with DDoS Protection?

Without a doubt, the VPS is the right choice for small businesses and website owners to guarantee the resources and avoid being victims of low-quality sites that can be hosted in the same server. However, not all the web hosting services offer a real DDoS Protection. So, in the below content, you’ll find the different ways to get a VPS hosting with DDoS protection and great customer support.

Inmotion Hosting with Corero

Inmotion Hosting is a great web hosting provider with years of experience and amazing customer support.    They have Two sophisticated data centers in both, the East, and the West of the USA. The company uses SSD servers to host websites, blogs, and files with the maximum security. However, DDoS attacks can easily destroy servers, So, they implemented a strong DDoS protection system from Corero SmartWall. It’s a combination of two companies, one in the web hosting industry and the other in the DDoS protection world.

The result is greater than what you think as a webmaster or a business owner. Purchasing a DDoS protected VPS hosting plan from InMotion Hosting will secure your business and give you the highest level of security against attacks and online threats.

The solution that both companies use is a high-performance DDoS protection system that works in real-time. It’s a powerful automatic attack detection and mitigation system that you can count on.

DDoS Protected VPS Hosting

Here is a simple overview about the system that secures the data centers and makes them well protected again DDoS attacks.

Threat Defense System

The DDoS protection system works in real-time, and it follows intelligence rules and millions of calculations to detect, then stop attacks. Of course, the system filters real traffic from fake traffic that targets your server.

The great thing about this combination of companies is that you don’t need any implementation. Every server is well protected and configured with a strong DDoS detection and fighting system.

DDoS protection system

LiQuid Web VPS with DDoS plan

LiQuid Web is a well know premium web hosting provider with lots of features. They offer great VPS plans with all the needs that you want such as SSH, SSD, the super fast network connection, and much more. The company offers premium VPS hosting, and you can secure it against DDoS with an extra add-on which is the DDoS protection that they offer as well.

The company has one of the best VPS with DDoS protection, this is how their DDoS protection system works with mitigation and full functionality.

DDoS Attack Prevention

Use InCapsula with your actual hosting

If for any reason, you have a good relation and experience with your actual hosting provider and you want to keep everything the same, then, I recommend InCapsula. It’s the best DDoS protection company without a doubt. They have the top quality services when it comes to DDoS, CDN, and Load Balancing.

Here are the different type of attacks that the company stops in real-time:

Blocking Any Type of Attack

The company uses DNS redirection techniques to filter the traffic through their intelligent system that detects the fake traffic from the real one. So, bad bots will be blocked and the real human visitors will be treated as real visitors.

Incapsula DDoS protection architecture

Incapsula uses advanced IP masking technology to protect your real server IP address and make things secure.


Building a successful business online is harder than anyone expect, but what’s really harder these days, is to protect it from online threats. DDoS attacks or others can cost you a fortune. No matter if you have a small size website or a big company website, you should have a DDoS protection for your business. It shouldn’t be neglected as it’s important, the same level as some products or services you sell. So, keep things professional and secure your website with one of the above VPS services with DDoS protection.

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