10 Highly Customizable WordPress Themes

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Nowadays, starting an online business is not a problem unless you find yourself in the need to build the website for yourself. However, with lots of tools and options, you can choose the right hosting service nd get the best theme that you can customize fully.

The famous ThemeForest is a marketplace for webpage themes for various manners, namely WordPress. Below is a list of ten themes that are available for purchase on ThemeForest that are highly rated and offer a high level of customization.

the Customization is an important option for website owners, administrators and developers. Website builders often start with a vision and pre-designed themes are a great basis. However, they aren’t always exactly in line with that vision. That is why the option to customize is a requirement to many website designers.

Each of these themes sell for either $49 or $59. This is not necessarily a small amount of money, but consider the investment into your website and decide whether or not it is worth it based on your unique situation. Most themes sell for $39-$79, roughly.

Top Customizable WordPress Themes

Newspaper – $59

Top Customizable WordPress Themes

Designed for a site full of news articles, Newspaper is a truly beautiful theme. It will also work well for sites that are dedicated to reviews, publishing, or a magazine site. It allows for simple integration of SEO. Newspaper is also google ads and AdSense friendly. So, you can monetize your website easily without the need to implement a lot of code into the layout areas. Just add your Google Adsense code and that’s it.

Sahifa – $59


Sahifa, another news-oriented theme, is great for any aspiring website builder. Its main advertisement, aside from being easily customizable, is that it loads quickly. It is a modern looking skeleton that will serve any site well with minimal alteration.

The theme works well for both blogs and sites, but make sure to avoid ugly customizations especially with CSS. I recommend testing the theme customization multiple time with different browsers a,d devices. That’s the best way to avoid CSS problems with WordPres that happens with the page cache.

SimpleMag – $59


This is a theme meant for a magazine type of web page. It prides itself of simplicity. Headlining a drag and drop customization tool, it is particularly easy to use for both amateur and more experienced site builders. It also features SEO optimization and a specialized, extra-large, drop-down menu.

SmartMag – $59


The SmartMag theme is one of few themes that is optimized for an HD retina display. It will work well for magazines, as well as review sites or newspapers. It also offers drag and drop functionality. SmartMag designers also claim that sites using this theme fare better in search engine ranking.

Gonzo – $49

Responsive WP Magazine

Another theme specialized for magazine usage is Gonzo. Gonzo also advertises as a blog theme. It is HD retina display ready. The Gonzo theme prides itself on accessibility, which is great news for entry level website designers. This theme also has a specialized review platform. It also claims superior customer support services.

Valenti – $59


Valenti is a magazine aimed theme stocked fully with many features. Sporting a drag and drop customization feature, the Valenti theme is a great choice for a magazine site. This theme also features a drop down megamenu.

Jarida – $59

fully customizable WordPress News theme

Jardia, a beautifully built WordPress theme, is optimized for use with a magazine or blog or news website. Jardia lets users choose how many columns they would like on their website as well as whether they would prefer a boxed or a full style layout. It is also easily switched between languages for multilingual users or sites with a diverse audience. Jardia is retina ready.

Good Space – $49

Good Space

Good Space for word press is a minimalistic type of theme. Full of features, it offers 450 different fonts. This theme has a certain SEO setup that supposedly enhances search engine placement. With high customization availability, Good Space can be custom built to meet almost any website builder’s needs.

Newsmag – $49


Newsmag claims that it has built one of the simplest forms for composing and posting articles or blog posts. It is an exemplary theme for any publishing, review, news, or magazine website. YouTube videos are easily embedded and it uses excellent SEO practices. Newsmag supports google ads and AdSense. It is super easy to learn to use.

Goodnews – $59


The last on the list, goodnews, is still a great choice of a theme. Goodnews is simple enough for those that have little website experience, yet enacts features that portray a professional website. This theme can be custom built to accommodate marketing sites, review sites, news sites, as well as others.

To wrap things up

Website themes are nearly essential for people who wish to build web pages but aren’t professional web designers. It is an understatement to simply say that customization is important. The themes listed above are highly customizable and they are all rated extremely well by previous and current customers. They are all specialized for use with WordPress.

Using these may not guarantee that your website is successful but they will ensure that you have a great looking structure to house all of your sites contents. If none of these meet your specific need, search for more at ThemeForest. Good luck!

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