Your Ultimate Guide to Trust Signals on WordPress Websites

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That’s not a secret: people should trust you to make purchases from you. That’s why you need to know how to make your company website or e-store credible and reputable. Don’t know what to begin with? This article is an ultimate guide for you on how to incorporate most effective trust signals to your WordPress website.

What Trust Signal Are?

Putting in a nutshell, trust signals are the elements or peculiarities of a website that elicit trust response from site guests. Whatever makes people think of you as a reliable provider of goods or services, is referred to as a trust signal. Obviously, there is no exhaustive list of trust signals as web designers keep coming up with new elements that ignite clients’ trust.

Why are trust signals important?

It has been reported and proved by a number of studies that the level of trust people have towards your brand correlates significantly with conversion rate. This is not hard to explain: if your online audience perceives you as a credible company, they are eager to acquire the products you offer. If the level of trust to your enterprise is low, people are ready to reach out for your competitors and overpay to get the product/service, the quality of which goes without saying.

Top 10 Trust Signals Every Website Should Include

In this post, I’ve picked 10 most winning trust signal that should be appealingly presented on every website with high conversion rate in mind. Use this list as a checklist when working on your website creation before launch or when updating it later on, and your site guests will trust you way more.

Introducing You and Your Team

Anonymity is not a thing sought after by your website guests. Believe me, the more real and personal you go on your site, the more site guests will feel that they are dealing with real people, ready to provide qualified assistance and deliver high-quality customer care.

How to address it? First of all, create a human-sounding ‘About Us’ page where you give the first-hand account of your company’s history and show you as the company leader. A photo is a must.

Then, ponder over most credible appearance of your ‘Our Team’ section/page. Ask your managers to provide their photos or make a fun photo shoot for them to showcase their smiling faces in your ‘Team’ section. The photos that you use should reflect positive attitude and professionalism of your workers. Provide information about every team member, including contact details, position and some personal data (e.g. education, hobbies, interests).

Our Team

Full Valid Contact Information

If people entrust satisfaction of their needs into your hands, they should know for sure that they would be able to reach you out in case this is needed. Contact information is one of the must-haves that you should take the best care of. Moreover, providing valid contact information lets you significantly boost your website rate in search engine results as search engines welcome businesses that have nothing to hide.

Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Don’t hesitate to provide your contact information a couple of times on your website. Go for its traditional location (i.e. the ‘Contact Us’ page), and go for displaying it either in Header or Footer section of your website. In this case, your clients won’t have to look for your contact details when they are needed.
  • Provide your phone number, e-mail address and FAX (if you have it), add your Skype, Viber or What’sApp contacts (if you have account in these apps).
  • Provide your full physical location (the one that can be used for reaching you by regular mail) and a Google Map with the location mapped on it and (optionally) with directions.
  • Don’t forget about social buttons as some clients may be more comfortable with reaching you out in social networks that they prefer.
  • Mention your working hours and days off in order to let all the people know when to contact you.

Contact Us

Blog Often, Blog Right

If you have a frequently updated blog, this is a signal that your company is thriving and actively developing. People trust such companies more than those that share their insights with the world once in a blue moon. Having said that, mind that sharing at least one fresh blog post a week is a must.

However, you don’t just need a blog post, you need the one that:

  • has a name and (better) a picture and short bio of the author below;
  • is well proofread not only in terms of spelling, but also in terms of logics of storytelling.

One more tip: to encourage comments and vivid discussion of your blog posts, leave informative replies to comments left by your site guests. Your attention to people’s opinions will be much appreciated.

Contact Us

Let Your Customers Speak: Reviews and Testimonials

Do you like being advised by people, who tried the product and know, whether it’s good or bad? I guess you do as this is, perhaps, the most reliable way to get a first-hand account of the product’s quality. That is why, objective, substantial reviews, and testimonials are a crucial trust signal for your website.

If you don’t have a ‘Testimonials’ page yet, go to ‘Pages’ in your WordPress dashboard and create one. What is left is to post the most informative and objective testimonials there. If you have a picture of the client from social networks – that’s just great! Don’t hesitate to use it. Moreover, mind providing a proper client’s name if it’s known to you.


Modern design and User-friendliness

You should always make sure that your website is user-friendly and looks appealing and trendy. This influences customers’ choice subliminally. Make sure that your navigation is well-though, your content is well-structured and readable, contact information is easy to find and all the information about your goods or services are provided in one place.

People don’t want to spend their time and money on obsolete, crummy websites. They just think of a question: If you don’t care about your website, would you care for them after they spend their money? For unkempt websites, they expect a negative response.

The takeaway lesson from this is that you should revamp your website from time to time and give it a redesign. The simplest way to turn your website into a top-notch one is to use a WordPress theme for it. I worked with many template provider over the years, and currently, I prefer templates by TemplateMonster as these templates are so simple to install and manage. If you’re in search for a great template, check out their collection WordPress themes and you won’t be disappointed.

Modern Design


Trust signals can’t be ignored by modern websites that target high conversion rate. To make people trust you, provide extensive information about you and your team, disclose all the ways to contact you in the place where it’s easily noticeable, frequently update your blog with proofread articles with a name behind them and don’t underestimate the power of modern web design.

If you follow these simple tips, you’ll be able to increase your website conversion manifold and grow your online audience.

Have I missed something out? Let me know in the Comments section. I’m always happy to learn more from your comments.

Take care!

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