Must Have WordPress Plugins in 2019: More Functions and Features

WordPress users use lots of plugins, especially, at the beginning when they ‘re newbies. That makes the site loads slower, and even can make some conflict in many cases. However, there are great WordPress plugins that everyone must have to make his blog or site better, secure and professional.

In this post I’ll show you these recommended plugins that you need to use, but, make sure to install the ones that you really need to speed up your site naturally.

For backup plugins, you can read: Best backup plugins for WordPress.

Some plugins are free and some others are premium. The selection is based on the plugins quality, usability, popularity, and security.

Must Have WordPress Plugins

Top WordPress plugins that everyone needs

1. WP SEO Pressor

This is the number one SEO plugin for WordPress. Unlike the other plugins, this one suggests smart changes in your post, and it follows the latest Google recommendations and guidelines. This is a must have tool for every blog and site that needs an SEO help naturally, by optimizing the content for search engines, but also, for users.

You can create your own post descriptions and title that appears in the search engine page result. You can also, benefit from the over optimizations warnings, that will save you lots of time.


This is a free plugin that adds a smart mathematical CAPTCHA to your login page and forms. It helps fighting spam by creating a complicated CAPTCHA that human only can solve. This is one of the easiest tools to reduce the number of spam comment significantly, by just installing and activating it.

3. Seed Prod

This maintenance mode and coming soon page plugin lets you create a beautiful and powerful page to your site visitors when you’re building it. Or, when you have a maintenance in your site. The plugin offers a large variety of functions, including:

  • The ability to offer email subscription form
  • RSS subscriptions
  • Social buttons
  • Professional and eye-catching countdown, more.

4. Google XML Sitemaps

Search engines can’t get notifications about your latest posts, if you don’t have a plugin that submit updates automatically, like this one. It’s easy to install and use, and you can set it up once and forget it forever. It generates an XML sitemap that follows the search engine’s best practices.

It creates a sitemap that contains your posts with the latest modified date, the latest posts, and pages, and the categories. Even, you can add images and tags if you want. But, I only recommend to include your posts, pages, and categories only, to avoid duplicated content.

5. Broken Link Checker

You need this plugin to avoid having lots of broken links that you can’t notice. It’s a simple tool that checks all your blog or site links and show you the broken ones, with the exact alert and response code.

That way, you can update the “Not Found” pages that you’ve linked to them in the past, or even, delete some links and replace them with new ones that work.

The plugins let you edit the link rapidly from your dashboard and you can disable every broken link and add “No Follow” attribute to it automatically.

6. Option Mosnter

You need this plugin if you want to build a strong email list rapidly. It’s a powerful tool that comes with complete pop-up and lead generating features, to boost your number of subscribers overnight. You can add email subscription forms where you want on the site.

You can create beautiful and professional opt-in forms for pop ups, widgets, bottom of the page, and more. The plugin cares about your site’s loading time, and it was created by developers who know how to make the tool with zero impacts on the loading time.

7. TinyMCE Advanced

This is the first plugin that you need when you want to create posts, it adds rich editing tools and options. You can style you post content as you like, adding bold, adding links, or modifying the word colors and everything else.

The default WordPress editor is poor from all these functions and that’s why installing this free plugin is a recommended, especially, for new bloggers and people who care about their site content and styling.

8. WP Smush.it

Every WordPress site should have this plugin for a simple reason, it compresses every new uploaded image, and it reduces its size without modifying its quality. So, you will speed up your website and make it loads faster than before. Best of all, you will also save lots of disk space.

9. WP Super Cache or W3 Total Cache

Both of these plugins work by creating a static cache copy of your blog and save it to your visitors. The loading time will be reduced significantly, and you will notice amazing faster site.

However, I recommend WP Super Cache because of its easy configurations and setup, you don’t have to do any complicated job. Just install and activate your free plugin, then, enable the caching options and it’s done.

10. WordFence

I’m always surprised by the professionalism that the people behind this plugin work, they scan everything on the web, and update their plugin quickly, even, before we can notice a large attack news on the web. It’s free to use and easy to configure.

This plugin scans your WordPress directory including plugins, themes, and files for every new modification and, it shows you every single code that has been modified in your site.

I only recommend this plugin for people who have no strong security software on their servers. It causes lots of HTTP requests, but, when you’re hosting with premium managed hosting services like WP Engine, you will never need any security plugin. They have the strongest security on their servers.

11. WordPress JetPack

This is all in one plugin that comes with many sub plugins in the same directory. There is a single dashboard to add, to disable the functions that you want in one click. This plugin comes with the native WordPress contact form plugin.

So, when you need to offer a professional, but light and easy content form in WordPress, nothing will better than this plugin.

12. WP Optimize

You need this plugin to clean your WordPress database and site with a single click. It lets you delete spam comments, auto draft posts, and pages. Best of all, you can use the database table optimization tool to save lots of space, and make the site loads faster with an optimized and a clean database.

Also, the scheduling option is good when you need to clean your site periodically and automatically.

These are the recommended WordPress plugins list for better blogging and experience. At the same time, they add more functions and protect your blog. But remember, you need to take care of your login details and never install plugins and themes that you don’t trust.

If I have a new plugin that I’ve tested and found good and useful, it will be added to this list later.

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