Professional WordPress Mobile Plugin with Fully Customizable Designs

Installing a good WordPress theme is the first step to looks professional, especially, with responsive designs. But, when it comes to mobile displaying, things can be different and that’s why using a WordPress mobile plugin will solve the problem.

It lets you create your own mobile theme and the layout that make your visitors happen. However, some plugins can create basic themes, when the others come with premium quality designs, and control panel options. In this post, I’ll show you one of the best plugins to create powerful themes for smartphones.

Crete your own mobile WordPress theme

WP Touch is a premium plugin with powerful functions and add-on to extend the default functionality. It allows to build your own WordPress theme that’s fully mobile, and you can customize every single corner of your design.

The first thing that you can edit is the logo, you can upload your logo, and it will be automatically resized to the right dimensions. Then, when it comes to design, you have a large variety of default themes to use. Every theme is fully optimized for mobile devices, best of all, it support retina display.

This tool has the below features for every WordPress website:

  • The plugin and the themes come with 21 languages.
  • Custom Content.
  • SEO Optimized.
  • Theme switching.
  • Full customization.
  • 99% compatible with WordPress themes and Plugins.
  • Advertising options.
  • Let iOS visitors save your website as an app.
  • Pure CSS user interface.
  • 5 times faster than responsive themes.
  • Lots of extensions to add.
  • Works with caching plugins such as W3 total cache and WP Super Cache.
  • Works for desktops as well.
  • Works with any CDN.
  • Shortcode support.
  • And more…

This is one of the few plugins that offer these features from the same dashboard. It’s powerful in functions, but, easy to use and set up. In a few minutes, you can create a great and ready to use a mobile theme that reflects your own idea about the layout that you want.

Nothing is better than a faster website that loads in a few seconds and not minutes. The plugins create the themes that loads fast and exclude the elements, that you don’t need in the mobile version. Best of all, all is customizable, and you can change colors, fonts, easements, layouts, and more.

WordPress Mobile Plugin

When you upload an image or a video, the plugin will resize it automatically, and make it fully integrated in the new theme that looks beautiful and well-organized.

Difference between responsive and mobile themes

The responsiveness is one of the best ways to optimize the website for both, people, and search engine crawlers. But, when you need to find the difference, then, the responsive mode will load slower than the mobile theme.

The reason is simple, the mobile theme includes the minimum elements that the theme need for mobile devices only. That means faster loading time and that will impact positively the ranking of the site. At the same time, the mobile theme looks professional and better than the responsive layout that adjust itself automatically, depending on the device.

You can allow your iOS visitors to save your site as an iOS app, and it’s the only plugin that offers advanced feature. This is helpful for all sizes of sites, and especially, the e-commerce ones. If you look at some mobile sites, you will notice that they’re clean, easy to navigate.

That’s what adds a better user experience than the responsive layout, that save all the desktop theme elements what cause problems in the many cases.

WP Touch is not the only way to create a professional mobile theme for WordPress, there is another service called Douda Mobile, they convert a desktop theme into mobile them in a matter of minutes. You can use the final theme conversion, or use the customization tool to edit everything, and make the mobile theme look as you want.

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