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Best hosting sites for WordPress blogs

WordPress as a PHP and MySQL combination needs an optimized environment to handle the HTTP requests and work with fast loading time. But, bloggers and WordPress users find it a little confusing to find the right web hosting choice for their sites, based on prices, performance, and limitations.

Now, let’s find what is the best hosting service website for WordPress. So, you can choose the right provider without forgetting your blog needs and your budget.

Choosing the right web hosting provider

Before talking about the best hosting sites for WordPress, you need to consider your site size, and what you want to do with it. If you want to start a blog, then, you will have enough disk space and bandwidth. You don’t need to worry about limitations with these web hosting companies.

If you want to start a site that actually receives lots of visits, then, things will be different and you need to think about a VPS hosting plan instead of the shared one.

1. WP Engine

This is the fastest WordPress hosting provider with premium service. It’s a fully managed hosting, and that means no more technical issues and settings. All you have to do is to focus on your blog or site content, and let an expert WordPress technician manage the hosting for you.

The company manages everything such as security and speed. But also, they update and upgrade your plugins and the theme professionally and instantly.

The average server response time is only 133 milliseconds, and that’s a super fast hosting. It helps to rank your website better because the web crawlers can easily find what your site talks about and rapidly. Furthermore, Google, as the biggest search engine started using the site speed as a ranking factor, and that means a lot for your blog.

You don’t need any caching plugin like the shared service, simply, because the company has its own powerful caching system installed on the server, with lots of custom settings to speed up your site naturally.

Some features of this hosting are:

  1. free daily backups
  2. blazing fast servers
  3. Month to month payment option
  4. Scalable hosting
  5. Powerful caching system
  6. Expert WordPress support
  7. Premium hosting built especially for WordPress
  8. Stagging area for developing and testing
  9. CDN
  10. Top-quality scanning and firewall tools
  11. Managed updates and more…

Best hosting sites for WordPress

2. Liquid Web

This is a high-quality cloud hosting provider. They offer the most powerful servers in the world, and the RAM will amaze you. Of course, they have a fully managed and optimized WordPress hosting service. Most importantly, they have an award winner customer support with great people and friendly help.

3. Inmotion hosting

There is no doubt that this is a good shared hosting for WordPress. They offer a free SSD that will cost you money normally with other services. The result will be a fast loading time because of the server architecture and its optimizations.

The company has different business hosting plans and I recommend the “Launch Plan” that cost $5.99 monthly for 24 months or the $6.99 monthly for the yearly plan. That plan comes with two allowed sites to host with unlimited disk space and bandwidth.

In general, it’s a good hosting deal if you consider the price and that you get a free SSD and daily backups for free. That’s without forgetting that the company offers one of the best customer support through phone, chat, tickets, and email.

Of course, they have the greatest forums with tutorials and lots of information that no other company offer with that high quality.

Inmotion Hosting offers a free website or blog transfer service. So, one of their experts will do that work for free and move all your site, even, they transfer your domain for free if you want. They offer the Max Speed Zone that allows you to select one of the two data center locations to host your website.

That will speed up your site, even without a CDN, especially if the majority of your visitors comes from the U.S. Also, you can use the pre-installed WordPress service when you sign up. Just select WordPress to be installed and it’s done professionally, like no other service.

4. Bluehost

Bluehost has its own infrastructure that speeds up every single process on WordPress. At the same time, they offer full SSH access. So, you can run codes if you have applications to host with WordPress.

It’s recommended to choose the second shared hosting plans that cost $6.95 per month. It’s the best for webmasters who need an unlimited WordPress hosting with a free domain name.

Unlike the first plan that lets you host a single website only, this one has no restrictions, and you can host as many sites as you can in a single account. Of course, you get an auto-installer application for WordPress and many features.

I hope that this helped to choose an affordable and high-quality hosting plan for your WordPress blog or website. They are all good companies and I recommend them because I’ve used and still use their service. The customer support is always available, and you will save money and lots of time doing configurations.

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