How to Create a New Blog in WordPress

Starting a blog on WordPress is not a hard job if you follow some basic steps to make sure that all the needed things are the best. But when you find the tools that you need, things will be easy to manage and you can start blogging in the same day. In this post, I’ll show you how to create a new blog in WordPress without wasting your time and money with useless things. All you have to do is to follow the recommended hosting and plugins to install and things will be professionally done.

Creating a new blog on WordPress

The web hosting is the first thing that your blog needs, the server is the place where the files and the site tools will be saved and you need to make sure that it works fast and of course. The server should be protected with the latest technologies and using the best in hardware.

Best WordPress hosting

I’ve used all majority of the popular hosting companies and I know how they work exactly. Some of these companies worked well in the last years but now, they have lots of issues and it’s not recommended to host with them. Luckily, there are other good web hosting providers for WordPress, the first company called WP Engine is a fully managed WordPress hosting, that means an expert WordPress technician will set up your server settings and upgrade and update your theme, plugins and the blog itself on time and you don’t have to think about web hosting issues at all. The company is a premium hosting and they’re the fastest web hosting for WordPress with tests and real results. The average loading time is 150 ms and that’s a super fast host.

The best thing about thus hosting is the advanced security settings and the sophisticated infrastructure hat no other company uses. That’s why big sites and professional blogs use them and hosting your blog with that company is the perfect solutions if you look for quality, speed, security and of course the expert technical and customer support.

The above host can be expensive if you have a small budget, So, you can use the best alternative which is Inmotion Hosting, it’s one of the best-shared hosting providers. They offer a free SSD with a storage for your blog and that means more speed and better performances for the server. At the same time, this service offers a free domain name and even a free domain transfer if you have one. You can check your application to be automatically installed for you, that’s just a simple option in the signup process. They ‘re a cheap hosting and you can get the best customer support and hosting in general.

How to Create a New Blog in WordPress

IF you want to learn more about this company, read why Inmotion Hosting is Good host for WordPress.

Installing WordPress

If you want to use one of the above services, you don’t need to install WordPress, it will be ready for you and after the sign up, you can add your own customizations and theme options as you want. However, if you need to know more about the installation, you can read how to install WordPress on cPanel and it’s a simple task that takes a few seconds with the most powerful auto installer called Softaculous. But also, you can find more software to use like Fantastico and others.

Installing the theme

Every installation comes with one of the default WordPress themes, there are simple designs to start with. You can use these free themes from thousands of developers. But the premium themes is the best way to be professional. It’s not just a design, but the premium themes come with a control panel to customize everything like the design, colors, menu, links, text fonts and all the others. The good thing about these premium themes is the security and the speed and SEO optimizations that will help your content to rank faster in search engines and offers the best user experience.

The theme installation is simple, just follow this step by step tutorial and you will be able to set up your blog look and design in a few moments, then you can start customizing it if you want more options.

Installing recommended WordPress plugins

Now, that you have a blog with its theme, you need to secure it and extend the default functions with the right tools. You don’t need thousands of plugins. The fewer plugins you use, the better your blog will perform and the fastest, it will load. However, there are some important Plugins that you need to install.

  • WP Total Cache, this is the best caching system for WordPress, it generates a cached copy for your site and server it to every visitor, that means fast loading time.
  • WP-Optimize, this will help you clean your blog from junk file that you don’t need, it’s like the computer cleaner but this time, free the database tables.
  • Google XML Sitemaps will submit your latest blog posts to Google and Bing.
  • WordPress Jet Pack, this is all in one plugins package created by WordPress and it’s a must have plugins.

The blog backup is an important step to consider, there are free WordPress to Dropbox plugins to use and you can use the one that suit your needs and the blog will be backed up automatically and even every day. That will save a copy and when errors happen, you still have to restore the blog later from the backup.

These are a few plugins to use, however, you can use others or, ask me for specific plugins that you want to use. Just send me your idea from the contact page and I’ll be happy to help.

Start blogging

Now, you have the blog that works and you just need to create the first post or page. OF course, you need to create some pages like, the contact, some information about yourself or your company and others. To create your first post, login to your dashboard, it’s the WordPress admin area and then click “Posts” from the left menu, and select “New” to open the post editor. For a step by step tutorial, read how to create a blog post on WordPress.

Thus, you can create content and start building authorship, but make sure that you optimize your images by compressing them if you can. Then avoid using large size images that make your site loads slowly and that’s what you don’t need.

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