Sahifa WordPress Theme Review

The Sahifa WordPress theme is one of the most-rated products on the ThemeForest marketplace. Until now, there are over 10.500 downloads and 7.000 comments for it. That’s good, but bloggers and WordPress users need to test the theme in-depth and find what is good and what needs more work to make it better.

In this Sahifa theme review, I’m going to show you in detail how the theme works in the admin area and what you can do with it. Please note, that I’m not going to endorse the theme and make it the perfect one, but I’ll tell you to see the theme function as they are, and you have the choice in the end.

Also, I prefer showing the theme details in screenshots and videos for a better user experience. Before starting, take a look at what the Sahifa theme control panel looks like in your WordPress admin area.

Sahifa WordPress Theme Review

As you can see from the first look, The theme control panel includes lots of settings, options, and parameters to configure and customize the design and everything. That’s a good thing compared to other themes that offer a few options.

Sahifa is a responsive WordPress theme, which means no matter if the visitor browses your blog from a desktop or a mobile phone, the design adjusts itself automatically, and that’s what Google needs when they send traffic to websites. The responsive design is no longer an option, but a must-have feature on every website.

Sahifa WordPress theme video demo

Nothing can be better than a live video demo to demonstrate how the theme works, and what options are included in it. I’ve created the below video to show you all the available options and settings in the theme. That makes things clear, and you will see if the theme is your targeted tool or not.

Sometimes, bloggers and, especially, newbies buy themes, and then they find no options to make the theme customized as they want. They browse forums and lots of articles and tutorials, hoping that they will find a solution without the need to hire a developer later.

Unlike many other themes, Sahifa includes lots of options that need dedicated plugins in general. For example, you don’t need to worry about placing banner ads at all, you get the right functions.

Also, the theme comes with included custom login page URL, and a custom login page logo.

The Sahifa WordPress theme is recommended for blogs, news, magazines, and review sites in general. The theme features save lots of time searching for tools and plugins to install. The review system itself is better than a review system that you can find on a dedicated plugin.

Sahifa is also a powerful WordPress theme that you can use, for all sizes of blogs and sites. The advanced functions let you make the site look professional. You can easily make your design different from the others if you spend some time with the settings page and customizing the colors.

How to install the Sahifa theme?

Because no one was born with WordPress knowledge, newbies need to know the theme installation process, and that’s the most important thing to do. After all, you need to add the theme to your WordPress site and start customizing it.

Before uploading the theme to WordPress, make sure to use the zip file only. All the other files, such as documentation, PSD, and licensing, are for help and support only. If you upload the theme, WordPress won’t recognize the theme as a zip file, and you will get errors. So, copy the ZIP file only, and use it as the following screenshot from the Sahifa downloaded copy.

How to install Sahifa Theme

I’ve created a step-by-step tutorial on how to install a theme in WordPress, and you can take a look and apply the steps easily.

The theme widgets to use

This top-rated WordPress theme comes with a large variety of custom widgets to use, directly in your layouts. In a few clicks, you can add Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other social network accounts and icons. At the same time, you have lots of banner advertising options to use.

The theme supports the majority of banner sizes, and you can add responsive Google ads too. Your ads will look good for both desktops and mobile devices.

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