Best Professional, Premium and SEO Ready WordPress Themes

When people start building their new WordPress blogs, they think about the design and only a few of them look in-depth at the SEO optimizations and the clean coding that makes their sites load fast. In our days, things are changing rapidly and those eye-catching templates that worked in the last years will never work again.

The good WordPress theme should be clean and reflect the main blog topic from the first visit. At the same time, you need to spend lots of time browsing thousands of themes and hope that you can find what you need and never lose mind.

That’s why I’ve selected a few high-quality WordPress theme sellers that you can use and forget things like blog speed and clean layout. They are all created by well-known designers and SEO professionals who build the best of the best product for WordPress.

Top sites to find SEO ready themes for WordPress

1. Template Monster

This is the oldest and the most trusted place on the web to find premium WordPress themes. But also, you can find all the designs that you can imagine for other applications and even HTML websites. Unlike many other sites, these designers offer fully responsive WordPress themes with professional control panels.

So, you can customize your theme with a few clicks and even, you can backup the settings and everything is easy to use.

You can search for themes by category, and that makes things easier for you to pick up the right template. As you can see in the following screenshot, every category of themes comes with a number of designs, and you can search for sub-categories for more specific theme designs and layouts.

WordPress themes search

These top-rated WordPress themes will easily speed up your website loading time and offer a better user experience. The good thing is that you can also, get the hosting service and the installation if you want. In other words, if you’re a beginner with WordPress, you will get a professional theme, with the web hosting, and the theme installation service at once.

2. StudioPress themes

I’ve tried the majority of their themes, they are all fast and clean, but I prefer using the Epik theme. First, it looks professional with the dark colors, but you can also, use the other 9 colors and make the theme layout custom. This theme has a fixed width and it’s an HTML5 and Schema markup.

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Second, I recommend the News Pro theme, it’s well-organized and coded, and you can use it for a magazine website or news blog. There are 5 color styles and 6 layouts to choose from. The theme supports the custom background and header functions, and it’s also, a mobile responsive design that loads super fast.

New Pro theme

3. Themelab

Themelab is a company that works with WordPress themes and with the new ownership, the company becomes more powerful. They’ve created awesome and attractive WordPress themes that work well.

Unlike many other marketplaces, this theme design service takes the blog speed and loading time as a priority and the new themes are a reflection of that care and professional work. When you use their themes, you’re making your blog better and easy to rank in Google search with good content of course.

SEO ready WordPress themes

My recommended theme is MODERNMAG, it’s an SEO ready theme with custom background and site title colors. In a few clicks, you can control all that and make things exactly as you want.

The theme comes also with a pre-made and custom page layout, and you’re free to choose one of them or to create your own layout. Of course, the theme is fully responsive, SEO optimized, and it looks good on any desktop or mobile device.

4. ThemeForest

The problem with ThemeForest is the huge number of themes. There are thousands of themes and it’s not easy to browse them all and pick the best one. However, some themes are popular there and Sahifa is an example.

That theme has near to 11,000 downloads and remembers that it’s a premium theme that comes with a full control panel to edit everything, such as the layout, colors, and widgets.

To be honest with you, it’s hard to list all that theme’s features, that need a dedicated article. But, you can visit the theme’s page and see for yourself how much it’s powerful.



These are not the only places to find premium and professional WordPress themes, but, they are at the top of the list, and I highly recommend them for professional projects and serious people. You can extend these themes functions with your own tools. But the most important thing is that they are well coded, clean, and SEO friendly. That’s what makes the good content indexed faster and well in Google.

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