It seems that more and more people are switching their hosting providers to a VPS service. That’s a good signal of growing for a blog or website, in the meantime, it’s not easy to find a good service that offers the speed, the resources, and the customer support that every webmaster needs.

Today, I’m going to share a simple list of the best virtual private server hosting providers without any complications. I’ll not list any company that requires Linux knowledge or programming skills, to access your server.

I know how much people can suffer when they sign up for an account. Then, they found that everything works with SSH, and there is no way to access the server via cPanel, to upload or download files and so on.

The below websites offer the best server configuration, and the easiest file management systems. You don’t need any skills to set up your website, or install WordPress. Just use the one that suit your needs, and that works better for your business.

The best VPS service providers with cPanel

1. Inmotion Hosting

This is the best and the most trusted web hosting service that provides VPS, they offer SSD hosting, and that’s what speed up the connection inside the server.

In other words, this feature makes the website faster than the standard storage that uses HDD. But, you will notice that their prices are not cheap as the above hosting, it’s near to 50% more expensive, but the quality is better.

The RAM, for example, is the double of what the other services offer. The smallest plan comes with 4 GB of RAM, and 60 GB of SSD storage, with 2 TB or monthly bandwidth.

The automatic backup system creates a copy for the full website every 24 hours, and that’s an exclusive service for free. Plans come with 2 dedicated IP addresses as a minimum. Every VPS account comes with a full cPanel license for free with CentOS.

By the way, if you’re looking for a good VPS hosting discount, then, you’ll get up to 51% Off the regular prices, the company offers a special discount just for Trsutiko visitors.

VPS discount

In a last post, I’ve talked about the Max Speed Zone, which is an exclusive service to this hosting, this feature works as a CDN. It lets you choose between two decanters, one in the East, and the other in the West of the U.S.

So, it’s easy to add extra speed to your website when you host it on the right data center for your visitors.

When it comes to the customer support, you get the best of the best. There is a phone number available 24/7/365,  and of course, you can send emails or start a live chat session with an agent. They offer support for everything, including, the Apache web server, the network uptime monitoring, and everything else.

People can also use their own applications, the system support this feature, and they will help to make everything better.

VPS hosting services

At the end of the day, Inmotion Hosting is something that makes VPS hosting professional, but easy, at the same time. Your blog will run on a secure environment and works at amazing speed, and with guaranteed uptime. The service receives lots of awards all the time, and it worths every cent that people can spend.

1. Bluehost

Everybody wants a good service, but, at affordable prices. That’s why Bluehost is the number one company that you should try. No matter what website you want to host, they offer cheap VPS with good resources, and of course disk space.

For example, for the first hosting plan, people get 2GB or SAN storage and 2GB of RAM. At the same time, the company offers 1 TB of bandwidth and 2 CPU cores.

In the end, this is an easy to use hosting that works fast, and best of all, it’s secure.

If this is the first time you use a VPS, I recommend starting small, to test your site performance and understand the basics. Unlike the dedicated hosting that’s expensive for small and medium sites, the VPS is the best choice.

It can handle thousands of visits, and your website still work normally without issues. When you see that your site extra resources, you can use the scaling system that upgrades your resources instantly. There is no need to send a customer support ticket as many other services, all you have to do is to use the scaling option, and add more RAM or storage to your website.

Of course, people can contact the customer support, by phone, or even, through live chat, and also tickets. For tutorials and step by step guides, the site offers great resources for everything you need.

The site backup pro service creates a copy of your full website, you can restore it anytime you want if problems happen.

If you need an SSH access, you have that option, but, I recommend using the cPanel control panel that lets you install applications, manage your domain DNS, and everything else from one place. For some extra technical details about the Bluehost VPS, you can take a look at the next information.

Bluehost VPS hosting

This is what the majority of bloggers and people are looking for, the simplest way to host a website on a VPS environment, without worrying about technical problems or issues. Everything is there, such as, the FTP, file manager and the PhpMyAdmin dashboard is also offered, directly from the control panel.


I don’t want to add any other VPS service that makes the life complicated. I know that there are a couple of sites that offer speed hosting, but, when you need the help, nothing will happen. Wait days and weeks and hope that they will respond to your ticket.

That’s without talking about the hard work such as creating a server using SSH and that complicated work.

That’s why the above 2 companies are what I recommend for everyone who looks for quality and ease at the same time. But also, their prices are good and affordable, if you compare them to what you get as resources and professional support.

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