Best Web Hosting Services for Food Blogs and Recipe Related Sites

Is there any specific fast and reliable web hosting for a food blog? Can you really use such providers to make your blog load faster and be secure?

In reality, there are many confusions that make beginners and even existing bloggers choose the wrong web host in the end. Food blogging is not the same as someone who writes short posts without media.

When you write recipes or articles, you’ll need to add lots of images and that’s what that kind of blogging is about. So, that adds many problems to the page loading time and makes the site slow.

For that, there are many server optimizations and WordPress tricks that can accelerate the site and make your reader happy. So, when you use the best web hosting provider for your food blog, you should increase site speed, conversion rate, and get more traffic and subscribers if you do things the right way.

Top WordPress food blog web hosts

Now, if you don’t want to deal with such complicated things, then, choose any of the following list hosting companies for blogs in the food niche.

1. HostGator

If you really want to get a list among the best food blogs in your industry, then, choose a reliable host and don’t just choose any plan. Choose the cheapest hosting plan for starting your food blog and add more resources when your traffic grows, step by step in the key in many businesses.

HostGator is a good hosting for food bloggers

Without a doubt, choosing a $2.75/month web hosting plan is good to start with, but when you choose the wrong provider, it’s not the best thing you need for blogging. However, when you choose any of HostGator’s cloud hosting plans, your blog will have an SSL, FTP, cPanel, and all the tools that professional bloggers use.

3. WP Engine (best option for pro food bloggers)

This is a fully managed WordPress web hosting, so, they secure the servers, protect them, and solve any problem that can happen. In addition, when we talk about images, WP Engine offers a CDN for free and it’s the preferred web hosting for famous nutrition and food bloggers.

So, all your blog images will be severed from global data centers. Moreover, their server’s response time is the fastest in this list, but also, they offer a shared environment, so, there is no way to get a  dedicated IP unless you use their enterprise-level plans.

Best managed hosting for food blogs
Best managed hosting for food blogs

The first plan cost $20 and it includes 35 premium StudioPress themes for free, they own that company now. So, you get the best WordPress optimized themes with HTML5 markup, and one of their best designs for food bloggers is the “daily dish”. However, you can choose from many other designs with every hosting plan.

If you want the pros of WPEngine hosting for your recipes-related blog, then, read the next features.

  • Automated migration with their customer WordPress plugin
  • You can copy any install in seconds
  • Faster server response time
  • Global CDN
  • Nginx and Apache servers
  • Used by influential bloggers
  • WordPress expert support
  • Out of the box WordPress optimization
  • The best web hosting management portal with lots of options
  • Free let’s encrypt SSL, but you can install your own in easy steps
  • Immediate disaster recovery when problems happen
  • Daily off-site backups
  • Free malware and hacks fixing service
  • You can transform billing between sites
  • Page-level performance

Of course, no web host is perfect, but this one is on the top list of the best recommendations. However, here is what we don’t like about WP Engine hosting:

  • Their prices are not for everyone, (small site owners find them costly)
  • Only built for WordPress

When you start a food-related blog with one of the fastest hosting platforms for WordPress hosting will have positive effects on Google crawling, indexing, ranking, and of course for the user experience.

4. Nexcess by LiquidWeb

I’m actually using this web host for a blog, and we found it the best solution for people who look for speed, blog security, user experience, and search engine crawling.

You’ll avoid many problems that happen with other popular web hosts, that’s not only because Liquid Web offers the best servers, but also, because your images will be compressed automatically. Here is how it works, the web host offers a premium quality WordPress plugin that compresses the blog images one by one or in bulk.

Of course, this is a paid plugin that you use for free in your plan, so it keeps that same image quality but compresses them and saves a lot of disk space. Here is a simple screenshot where you can see that we saved 56% of the total size of images with one click.

In addition to the above features, Liquid Web is a premium web host that uses the latest SSD web servers with a powerful caching system that works automatically. So, instead of 4 seconds page load time, your pages will be fully loaded under one second in general.

But even if the page loads in 2 seconds, it is still super faster than any other web host in the world, keeping in mind that WordPress is dynamic and use lots of resources.

Here are the best features:

  • Daily blog backups
  • Secure servers
  • Automatic image compression
  • Staging sites to test your blog
  • Free SSL
  • Faster caching system
  • No page views or traffic limit
  • Support by phone, live chat, and also emails

Cons of this food blog hosting:

  • It’s not cheap
  • Only Nginx servers

No other disadvantages we can talk about as this is an amazing service that works better than others and has friendly customer support.

5. Bluehost

It’s always easy to start a food and recipe blog with Bluehost, there is no need for complicated installations as there is a tool for that. Moreover, it’s a trusted web host that has affordable prices for long-term subscriptions, but for speed, it’s not faster than the above provider.

The basic shared hosting comes with enhanced cPanel, emails, and all the options and tools in one place. However, if there is a need for high permanence hosting, you can choose their optimized WordPress hosting package that comes with a dedicated control panel, simplified hosting management, and more power.

6. InMotion Hosting

If things like the best user experience and blog speed matter to you, then, InMotion Hosting should be your first option.

Their managed WordPress plan comes with optimized servers, faster SSD storage, secure systems, and best of all, a free premium version of the famous JetPack plugin.

In fact, with JetPack, you can enable one of the most powerful tools that every blog needs, it’s the image lazy loading.

That reduces the server requests and gives your blog a higher speed score in Google and other tools including Pingdom, GTmetrix, and others. So, instead of loading a post with 10 images, the system loads only the image that the user can see.

Also, there are other tools including social media automated sharing, which is so helpful for letting others know about your latest recipes, step-by-step preparation posts, and new foods.

So, that makes your blog get more exposure and be recognized by other food bloggers who may mention your blog on their popular sites. It’s all about social sharing these days, especially for fashion and food-related blogging.

Best Features:

  • Fast SSD hosting
  • Free private SSL certificates
  • Free domain
  • Pre-installed WordPress blog
  • Use any plugin
  • CDN included
  • Linux and Windows servers
  • WordPress drag and drop site builder with BoldGrid
  • Free blog backups
  • Unlimited hosting bandwidth
  • You can have email accounts with your blog domain
  • cPanel control panel to manage your blog files
  • Lots of premium WordPress themes and plugins to choose from for free
  • WordPress tutorials, and step by step guides


7. GoDaddy

This is not only a domain name registrar as its brand name, but also, it’s a good quality web hosting company you can count on. They offer shared hosting for any type of blog on WordPress for $5.99/month and there is unlimited storage and scalable bandwidth for food blogs.

8. iThemes

It’s not just a company that sells plugins and WordPress tools, but also, there is high-performance and reliable WordPress hosting. The plan cost starts at $11 per month and as I said, it’s not for anyone, but for those who care about speed, security, and uptime.

With every hosting plan, customers get all the iThemes security tools and sync plugins without further subscriptions. Besides that, the backup plugins which are premium and you get it for free take web hosting to the next level.

The kind of hosting that blogs for food and recipes need

Starting a food blog is basically the same thing as building any type of blog for recipes, cooking and other related niches, however, there are some things to keep in mind when choosing a good web host.

If we talk about WordPress, it’s a CMS that uses lots of server RAM and resources, which means money for the web hosting provider and they will never let you host a blog and have the fastest page loading time without paying for that.

That’s why installing a caching plugin is the first step in starting a food blog, that’s of course after choosing a good hosting plan.

In reality, there are thousands of web hosts, but not all of them work well for food bloggers, the reason is simple, if the blog publishes lots of posts with images (and that’s the case), then, shared hosting will never work.

That’s why we recommend a VPS plan for a blogger who posts regularly, also, think about SSD hosting, it’s faster and works better. Of course, every site should have an SSL certificate and that should be installed.

Now, don’t neglect the fact that a good web hosting provider should offer fast customer support. There is no way to get help without using the live chat option or phone call. We know some web hosts that are super fast, but when it comes to support, they’re the worst web hosting services, so, keep things easy, professional, and reliable for your blog and choose a solution from the above list.

To make the choice easier, we only focused on the top 3 web hosts, which we recommend for those who want to build their own recipe or food blog on WordPress.

There is no way to succeed without the right server configurations and hosting tools, and these companies provide what your site needs and what you readers like as speed and more.

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