10 Best Web Hosting Plans that you Can Pay Monthly

Nowadays, many WordPress hosting providers offer monthly payments. So, it’s better for those who want to see how things work without paying the full year upfront. But it’s not always easy to find a good web host that lets you pay on a monthly basis and get all the professional tools that yearly hosting accounts get, such as disk space, bandwidth, free SSL, and cPanel.

Now, if you’re searching for a good web host that offers what your blog needs, but without surpassing your budget, then, keep reading this guide. I’ll show you the top-rated blog web hosts that you can use for WordPress and save money.

One of the advantages of buying a short-term web hosting plan is that you’ll be totally free without any commitments. You can decide to stay with the company or to move to another provider. So, there is no contract or even setup fees with many services.

In the end, you’ll be able to try the options, and if, for any reason, you need to stop blogging, you’ll have nothing to lose, unlike the one-year payment option.

If you want to buy a WordPress hosting plan every 30 days, then, use any of the next providers I tested and verified. I’ll show you the WordPress web hosts. You can start with trials if you prefer saving money and testing how the control panel works, and get a professional web hosting account to try before purchasing a hosting plan.

Website hosting plans billed monthly

It’s not always accurate to use online reviews and customer satisfaction reports to know for real if a web host is good or not. That’s because many CMS and programming languages need different levels of server resources, specifications, and technologies. So, I’ll update the following comparison table of the best monthly web hosting providers to keep track of their latest prices, deals, and best features.

WebhostMonthly Hosting CostHosting typeOffer
HostGator$10.95CloudVisit HostGator
KnownHost$6.71SharedSee KnownHost
ScalaHosting$0.99 (trial)VPSVisit ScalaHosting
Bluehost$29VPSVisit Bluehost
WP Engine$27CloudVisit WPEngine
NameCheap$3.88CloudVisit NameCheap
GoDaddy$5SharedVisit FatCow
InterServer$5SharedVisit InterServer
iPower$7.95SharedVisit iPower
WPXHosting$24SharedVisit host

The difference with monthly website hosting

Many web hosting services offer long-term billing cycles to keep their customers and somehow stabilize their annual revenue. However, some of them take the risk and provide monthly web hosting plans for all types of sites because they know bloggers will enjoy using their services and stay for a long time.

That gives you the idea that choosing a web hosting plan and paying monthly reflects the quality of the web host that is risking their businesses and offers such low prices as a trial or regular costs.

Want to try a web hosting plan for 30 days?

If there are doubts about the web host, and you don’t have any idea about website management, cPanel, and other things, you may try the web hosting plan for a full month before buying it. The majority of providers offer a money-back guarantee for the first 30 days. Even more, some of them offer a money-back for 90 days.

When it’s not the time for monthly hosting?

As your blog becomes professional, and people visit it from Google search or even from social media sites, you’ll regret paying on a monthly basis because there is always a need to renew the service and make sure you have funds in your account.

Even if you neglect the fact that credit cards have expiration dates, web hosts won’t keep your blog hosted for free. So, ensure that you have up-to-date payment details if you should pay per month.

Paying for web hosting plans upfront, especially for biannual cycles, should be the best deal. There are discounts for that that will be applied automatically. Thus, choosing longer billing cycles is better for making your blog hosted without worrying about regular renewals.

Sites to get web hosting and pay monthly

Now, it’s time to talk about the differences and features of the following web hosts. Each platform has its own server architecture, and some of them are fully managed while others are not. So, choose the best web hosting solution that respects your monthly hosting budget and needs.

1. HostGator

Unlike other web hosts, HostGator offers more cPanel tools integrated by default, and the month-to-month WordPress hosting plan costs $10.95. So, if you’re willing to start a blog on WordPress and have unlimited disk space, then, choose this plan. You can also choose any of the other monthly hosting packages that come with extra levels of resources and even exclusive tools.

Regarding website management, there is no way to upload files and modify the code without FTP. So, HostGator lets you download and upload files to your blog using FTP. Moreover, there is a good tool in cPanel called File Manager that comes with different options.

Pro tip:
The default HostGator monthly plan should be enough to host a WordPress site and make it load fast. So, there is no need to pay extra costs for server resources your blog never needs. You can add resources later if you need it, but why should you pay for the unlimited domain when you’re not using them in reality?

I recommend this monthly web host for bloggers who want to have superior quality shared hosting without worrying about tools and support.

There are hundreds of free themes to choose from for food blogs, fashion blogs, and every niche in the blogging industry. But, if you can’t find the exact design you need for your blog, you still have the option to add your own premium theme and customize it directly from the dashboard.

HostGator’s best features:

  • cPanel control panel (here is a demo)
  • Well-known company
  • Good customer support
  • Lots of tutorials and guides
  • Unlimited email accounts

HostGator is owned by the same company that owns other platforms. But for speed, it’s faster and bigger. Bluehost is not billed monthly, but HostGator offers all the services in one place and for a short billing period.

Did you know that HostGator has a website optimizer tool in cPanel that can save up to 80% of the WordPress file sizes like Text, HTML, CSS, and even images? That can drastically reduce the loading time of your pages, so, don’t hesitate to enable it.

2. WP Engine

WP Engine is the fastest WordPress-managed web hosting. It’s also a friendly, reliable blog web host that comes with SSL, CDN, fast servers, and good customer support.

Managing a WordPress blog can take a lot of time and effort, and things, like updating the plugins and dealing with server issues, can be a pain. For that reason, I personally prefer the monthly billing WordPress hosting with solutions instead of shared plans.

If you’re like me, and you want to save time and focus on building more content instead of wasting time with web hosting problems, then, choose WP Engine.

The WP Engine plans start at $27 on monthly payments, which may not look cheap for many. But in reality, it’s the kind of web hosting that a professional blogger needs. Also, with WPEngine, you don’t need to install WordPress, as it’s a fully managed web hosting. The user gets the site ready to customize and use after pursuing the monthly service.

Pros of WP Engine:

  • Best security tools
  • Fastest WordPress servers
  • Support by phone or live chat (very responsive)
  • CDN included
  • Free SSL
  • Best caching system for WordPress

3. KnownHost

KnownHost is a trusted cloud hosting provider that supports WordPress and other CMS. But when we talk about quality, this will be better than other web hosts you find on the internet. In fact, KnownHost is good in terms of support, and fast for hosting a website or blogs.

Now, if there is a need for additional disk storage and resources, there are VPS and dedicated plans for all kinds of online businesses.

For monthly hosting pricing, the first plan costs $6.71, and surprisingly, there is a free backup for your blog. That’s not easy to get these days when companies try to maximize their profits and sell every single add-on to bloggers like you.

I can tell that this web host is secure. I tried them last year to test how things work. Besides the fact that SSL is free, I  found that they completed the Patchman server security, which is well-known in the industry, and it’s costly at the same time.

Talking about web hosting security with KnownHost will need a long article just to list all the features, but the main points are:

  • They use DDoS Protection
  • There is a sophisticated system that hardens web servers and makes it very hard to hack
  • Their CloudLinux server’s isolation. Thus, each web hosting account is isolated, and therefore, no matter if another blog hosted on the same servers has an issue or not, your site is still safe and secure
  • Daily servers monitoring against malware and virus
  • One of the few web hosts that employ a full-time security team

Here is an overview of how this web host that you can use and pay for per month is super secure for your blog.

4. ScalaHosting

ScalaHosting is another recommended blog hosting service for everyone. This provider should be accessible compared to many well-known companies in the same industry. It’s easy to use, but there is no cPanel

  • Dedicated WordPress firewall
  • Optimized hosting
  • Daily malware scan and removal
  • Automated WordPress updates: This is a great feature; you don’t have to update plugins or themes manually. Instead, the system does that for you at no extra cost, and that makes WordPress more secure
  • Free domain for your blog
  • Cloudflare CDN is enabled to increase the speed of page loading
  • Dedicated speed booster tool
  • Daily backup for one week; in other words, users can restore their sites using one of the full backups in the last 7 days.

Scala Hosting is a web host that lets bloggers try WordPress hosting for one month at the cost of $0.99. Then, they can choose a yearly hosting cycle or one of the other options.

Now, I found a good deal for bloggers who want to start a blog on managed VPS and save money. In reality, the first hosting plan is for a mini WordPress blog. But the last one is a fully managed VPS plan that can be billed month to month at the cost of $12/m.

The fully managed cloud VPS plan for WordPress works with 2 GB RAM and 1 CPU core, which is cost-effective compared to managed WordPress web hosts that offer the same resources but with HIGHER prices.

5. HostNoc

HostNoc is cheap in terms of prices but good in quality. You may find their disk space not enough for WordPress, and that’s totally true. The first place is not for WordPress but for hosting a static website. I don’t think that 100 MB of disk storage will work with WordPress if you consider the other resources. So, choose their premium hosting package and pay $8/m.

Even cheaper, there is a plan that costs $5.71/m for personal blogs. 500 MB of disk space should work for those who want to start their blogs for personal use and then upgrade to higher storage, RAM, and resources later.

The web host doesn’t only offer shared accounts, but also VPS and dedicated servers. I found their dedicated servers offer affordable, and also good for hosting different sizes of websites. So, there are always the right resources to get what’s needed for an application or website.

6. Bluehost

Did you know that Bluehost offers monthly hosting but only for their VPS plans? It’s officially recommended by WordPress and works well for blogs.

The WordPress VPS plan costs $29, and it’s much better than their shared web hosting solutions for many reasons. So, if you think that your blog needs dedicated resources, choose any of Bluehost’s Virtual Private Server plans that come with a dedicated IP address, 2 CPU cores, GB RAM, and a lot of resources.

Even if this kind of website hosting is costly compared to long billing cycles, it’s still good for managed plans. For many, they can’t afford the high cost of $300/year for VPS. Thus, paying every month, quarterly, or even Semi-annually is the preferred choice for website owners who run online stores.

7. NameCheap

NameCheap web host was offering a first-month free plan, and I think it was because of spam. They decided to make it $1 to verify that the person who’d like to get the web hosting deal is serious and not a robot. Actually, there is a special offer of $1 WordPress hosting that’s renewable each month. And that includes backups, security, and managed services.

Now, let’s talk about reliability. NameCheap is a cloud-based web hosting that hosts millions of domains. But sometimes, I find their servers slower than what is expected to be. Even if their managed WordPress hosting is cheap, that’s not the best way to start a professional blog and make it load fast.

8. GoDaddy

If you’re forced to buy a domain name with a yearly payment, then, switch to GoDaddy hosting. It lets you get the blog domain for free. That’s not all, you can buy the “Deluxe” WordPress hosting plan on a monthly basis, and that will cost $12.99.

GoDaddy is a popular company with good services and US data centers, and they offer cPanel. The main features are the following:

  • Good hosting plans
  • Unlimited disk storage and bandwidth
  • Free domain name if you choose the one-year billing cycle
  • Easy cPanel control panel

9. InterServer

InterServer is a cheap, but good web hosting service that costs $5. You can use this provider for a WordPress blog, website, or any other project online.

Personally, I don’t find their servers fast, like WP Engine or InMotion. However, they have a value hosting plan for beginners and those who need to save money buying a web hosting plan.

InterServer is a cPanel web host, which means, you get all the tools to install WordPress or other CMS. In addition, there is a website optimizer to compress all its files with GZIP and also a File Manager.

Is there a trial period?

Yes, InterServer lets you try their web hosting plan for 30 Days, which will cost just one penny.


  • Price lock, you pay the same prices you signed up for
  • Privately-owned data center
  • Unlimited SSD storage
  • Free website migration

10. iPower

With iPower’s monthly web host, you can sign up for WordPress plans and get all the essential tools. But that option is not available for their first plans. All you have to do is choose their “Pro” plan and continue.

Next, when you find the checkout page, choose the $7.95. It’s a professional web host that you can use to build any kind of site. But for WordPress, I’d recommend installing a caching plugin and don’t use lots of tools; you’re what makes your blog work slowly.

Advantages of iPower monthly plans:

  • Easy web hosting for beginners
  • Free instant activation
  • SSL for free
  • Different plans to choose from that are suitable for beginners

11. WPX Hosting

If WordPress server speed and security matter to you, then, choose the WPX Hosting monthly billed plans. WPX Hosting offers one of the best-managed site hosting services for WordPress. So, they take care of things like daily backups, malware removal, and complete blog protection. Here is what makes this web host a better web hosting solution for bloggers:

  • UK and US datacenters
  • Free unlimited SSL certificates
  • Optimized web servers for speed
  • Friendly customer support
  • No surprises for renewal prices
  • Ranked number one on Trustpilot user reviews

I tested their web hosting service, and it worked well even without adding any caching plugin. However, it’s not for everyone; this is not a cheap web host. But once you realize that your site loads super fast, and its security and web hosting are fully managed, you’ll forget the hassles of dealing with security problems and pay the monthly hosting cost of $24 as it is worth it.

Save money on monthly web hosting packages

Choosing monthly site hosting plans is not enough to cut the costs of running a website, especially on WordPress. Actually, many companies have raised their prices because of the next cPanel plans.

It’s not an option for web hosts to continue offering the same packages year after year at the same cost. Now, think about your website and what you should add as plugins, tools, and services. If other companies add extra costs, you’ll end up paying surprising amounts of money each month.

That being said, bloggers can reduce their spending on web hosting by using WordPress plugins instead of the add-ons that web hosts offer, like SiteLock and SEO; here is how:

When you sign up for a hosting plan, don’t check the options for site backups and SEO tools, most of these add-ons have alternatives for free. For backups, install a backup plugin for free, and it will send daily or weekly backups to your Dropbox account, amazing cloud storage space, or even email.

Avoid making a backup In your web hosting account, some plugins schedule daily backup and save the large files on your web hosting account which will consume all the allocated disk space and cause serious problems.

For security, web hosts like Bluehost and HostGator offer the same features but with different names. You don’t need the site backup or the CodeGuard. Instead, you can harden WordPress with htaccess and make it secure with extra steps.

Then, install a security plugin that comes with a firewall, and strong protection. For Instance, tools like iThemes Security Pro are a must-have WordPress tool that every website owner should add.

Choosing the best month-to-month web hosting

It depends on your web hosting budget and the size of the blog. However, if there is one web host that I should start with, I’ll choose HostGator. There is a WordPress hosting with monthly billing that you can try and test for 30 days.

You don’t have to pay upfront for one year as many other providers do. But keep in mind that paying for web hosting for one month only won’t save you money. So, if you want to cut the costs of your blog hosting, use the annual payment option instead.

Besides the great one-penny trial, the company has thousands of servers, multiple data centers, and decades of experience. So, going with this popular company is the right decision for both beginners and advanced users of WordPress.

Isn’t it true that paying for your web hosting on a monthly basis saves money and is better than the full-year upfront hosting at once?

Are there any pros and cons that you’d like to save regarding any of these web hosting providers? So, use the comment section below and let me know what you think.

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