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Everyone wants to get the best web hosting provider with maximum speed and security. People look for a way to transfer a website from one hosting to another without downtime, that’s because of the traffic they receive, and nobody wants to lose traffic for a migration process.

At the same time, you can find lots of companies that offer a free website migration service. But, not all of them can guarantee to move your website, or blog and keep it active and working normally during the migration. Today I’ll show you the best hosting companies who offer professional website and domain transfer if you want, but with no downtimes and, best of all, for free.

Top hosting services with free site migration

One of these companies is InMotion Hosting, they are a reliable hosting provider with top-rated customer support. Most importantly, they have great services that other companies offer for additional fees, but this hosting offers them for free, and that’s what makes them awesome and professional.

When you want to transfer a blog, for example, you need to host it with them for a 12-month plan at least, and that is normal for people who want professional hosting and exceptional customer support. Then, they will ask you to provide your old hosting account to start the migration process. Please make sure that your actual hosting account is active, or the control panel at least.

Thus, their technicians can move your site with all your files without affecting the loading time. Your site is still active, and they will select the exact moment to disconnect your domain from the old host and connect it to your new hosting with them. The result will be a site working all the time and migrating to another server with zero downtime.

Free domain name transfer

Inmotion Hosting gives you a free domain name if you are a new customer, and it’s free for a full year. If you want to use your actual domain, then, they will transfer it for free and for a full year also. That’s great, and you will save money. Other hosting companies add fees for any domain transfer, but it’s not the case here; your old domain will be transferred for free.

A good web hosting

Unlike many other companies, Inmotion Hosting has its own technology, and it offers business-class hosting for all website sizes. If you have a small blog or high-traffic website, you will get the same features, such as unlimited disk space, and unlimited monthly transfer.

Max Speed Zone

This is an exclusive feature available only with this great hosting, usually. Their servers are fast and reliable, which means that you will get a 99.9% uptime guarantee. However, they are about the milliseconds of your website loading time, and they let you select the best zone for your server.

If you have a local business website, for example, in Washington, then, your best zone will be the Eastern data center. Your site will be loaded in less time from the eastern states in the USA, but also, in Europe, and Africa zones.

If your targeted customers or visitors come from the west, then, the western max speed zone will reduce the loading time, and work better for the western USA, the Pacific, and the Asian countries.

Free Website Transfer Service

The max speed zone makes your website load faster than before. Best of all, it makes the connection between data centers and servers more efficient and takes less time.

Free Website Migration Service

This trusted and cheap web hosting service works with over 35 ISPs in the United States and 46 others worldwide, to test, and optimize the speed of their data centers. See the below example, where the direct server connection takes less time than a peering connection.

Up to $300 in FREE Advertising Credits

From Google AdWords to Facebook, all new customers get free credits to advertise and promote their business online. After creating your account, you can claim your gift directly from your cPanel account.

Free daily backup

When it comes to security, no one can expect what will happen, we are all human, and we make mistakes. Luckily, this quality of web hosting saves your website files and makes them safer. The backup process runs every 24 hours and 36 hours at maximum; best of all, it’s automatic.

This solution works well for people, who need safe data without complicated hosting knowledge. Moreover, it is free.

The Inmotion Hosting cPanel is easy to understand, and it’s the popular cPanel interface that the majority of people use. You will find over 310 free applications, to install automatically, including WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, OpenCart, PrestaShop, and all the other scripts.

As you can see, moving a website to a new server can also make your site even faster than before. That’s only easy if you select the right hosting company with a professional transfer service and really fast customer support.

This is why I recommend Inmotion Hosting and not any other host in this case. If you compare the price and the services you get, you can easily find that you are a winner. Other companies charge you $99 for the blog or the website transfer process that they make.

Another company with a free blog transfer

If you need some other hosting companies to get your site transferred for free, then, Pressidium is a premium and managed WordPress hosting. They offer a free blog migration, and that’s without talking about their enterprise infrastructure, and amazing services. Make sure to send them a ticket after the signup and the verification email.

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