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Fastest WordPress Hosting Service in 2019

There are lots of hosting companies offer WordPress hosting and they create special pages for that. But, when it comes to the reality, all of them use the same services and similar settings. No one of them will make your site faster with their shared hosting. Luckily, WP Engine is not only the fastest WordPress hosting service, but also, it’s the most advanced and secure platform in the world.

They have created a special environment for WordPress. So, they’ve added their own technologies with powerful resources, and settings. But first, let’s talk about this high quality and premium WordPress hosting.

Fast web hosting for WordPress

WP Engine is the fastest WordPress hosting, it’s a managed WordPress platform. They are proving the speed with every single site added to their thousands of WordPress installations, it’s not a regular hosting company, but a premium and the most advanced host. Furthermore, they have created their own infrastructure, especially for WordPress.

It’s like building a server exclusively for WordPress software, that needs extra resources to work properly with every request. WordPress is the CMC that needs a powerful server with advanced settings.

Fastest WordPress Hosting service

What WP Engine engineers are doing is an art of web hosting, and you will understand that when you host your WordPress site with them. People hear about this company everywhere on the web. But, remember that they host big companies’ websites, such as SOUNDCLOUD, Buffer and others.

These sites receive millions of visitors, however, they are fast and loads like sites with a few hundreds and not millions of visitors. Web page loads in 150 milliseconds and that speed only exist with WP Engine. Also, it’s the best WordPress hosting for beginners, who need a website that works, and without settings options or installing applications.

Now, let’s talk about some of the features that make WP Engine, the best and fastest WordPress hosting.

Fast and managed web hosting

This is a fast WordPress hosting with is a powerful infrastructure, and all the configurations that make the load balancing better. It’s the fastest hosting for WordPress with experimental tests, it’s not simply words that many other low-quality companies use in their marketing pages. WP Engine takes the different road, and proves their speed, instead of talking about it.

If you have a blog that loads in 7 seconds as an average, then, expects to reduce that loading time to 1 second with this awesome company. They are the only WordPress hosting company that uses a fully managed CDN service. Your site will load from different locations in the world, based on the user’s country choice or traffic.

managed wordpress hosting

Most scalable hosting

WP Engine proves it by the time, scalability is not just an advanced technique to make website loads normally, and fast, even, with unexpected traffic. What will happen if one of your posts will be featured on big sites, such as, New York Times or others? Simply, your site will stop loading, until that traffic ends.

It is not the case in WP Engine, they’re one of the top rated web hosting services. They have created their own caching system and technology called EverCache.

No more Caching plugins

WP Engine uses their own caching system installed in their fast servers. The popular caching plugins such as, WP total cache and WP super cache works well, but, they also take more time and cause extra requests to your server. They are the fastest hosting for WordPress, because of the powerful infrastructure, and the severe optimization.

This is why WP Engine disabled them totally after creating their advanced caching system that not only replaces those plugins, but also, it makes your blog loads blazing faster than any other host. The EverCache is the only caching system that speeds up WordPress. Best of all, all happens from the server without adding any plugins or codes and it’s available only on WP Engine.

Isolated and safe WordPress area

This is an exclusive service that only WP Engine offers. When you want to edit the CSS or anything in your theme or blog in general. Errors can happen and the result will be a crashed-site that needs extra work to find the issue.

Luckily, WP Engine has a service called One Click Staging, it creates a copy from your blog and allows you to see the changes, but without applying them to the active site. So, you can play with your CSS, and plugins without affecting the real site because you are testing it in an isolated and safe area.

Advanced WordPress security

It’s not easy to configure the server and make it secure all the time. That needs a lot of programs, and exceptional coding skills. But what WP Engine offers a security is more than that, it’s the top-level security technology. They filter each request to your site and block every invalid request, they have created and developed their own security system that works well with biggest sites.

They are also, the only trusted and secure WordPress web hosting which offers a free restoration and configuration after a problem happen with your site. If, for any reason, you made a big mistake and installed a virus in a plugin, for example, the system will isolate your blog from their server and they will clean and repair your site for free.

If you ask your actual hosting for a similar service, they will ask you to pay at least $140 for a medium site and thousands of dollars for a big site. This is why people love and trust WP Engine, it cares about your site and not just about their money like the other hosting companies.

You don’t have to worry about the backups, you can create your own backups. But, WP Engine will create daily backups for free, and send them to your Amazon S3 account, it’s a second-backup and no one else use it expects this host.

Expert customer support

Of course, this is the best WordPress managed hosting. That means you get a full support, no matter what the size of the site the customer has. The WP Engine professional team are engineers, and not just people who learn some details like other hosting companies.

You have a phone support, live chat support, or email support system. But my advice is to go always with direct phone support. It lets you explain what the exact issue you have, or ask them questions in real-time, so, they can look inside your site.

WP Engine Prices

As this is the fastest web hosting for WordPress, the speed and security will take a website to the next level, but that needs resources and lots of work. WP Engine prices are not cheap, like the shared hosting services. But, they are not expensive compared to the services they offer. Their price ranges from $29 per month for a single WordPress installation, to $249 per month for 25 WordPress installations.

However, they allow their customers to add their own needs, and the price is based on their site usage. They work with expert WordPress coders and programmers, they also, use the latest metal hardware and backup technologies that cost more than any other host.

WP Engine hosting worth every single cent of the money invested in a super fast blog or website. It’s better multiple times than any other hosting provider that you’ve tried before. A premium hosting with exceptional resources and technology worth the money. It’s simply WP Engine, the premium and best WordPress hosting.

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