Best Electronic Affiliate Programs to Promote and Make Money

There are lots of opportunities where you can promote affiliate products directly from your website and earn a real income. But, if you have a tech website or blog, then, you can join lots of electronic affiliate programs, and create articles about them and get commissions when people buy from your links. However, to succeed with any affiliate program, you need lots of traffic and visitors, who read your posts and trust your reviews.

Today, I’ll share the best electronic affiliate programs to promote and earn real income. I’ve focused on this shortlist of big companies, they are branded with millions of visitors, and they are trusted by affiliates and even by Google.

Top electronics affiliate programs to promote

1. Batteries and their accessories

All-Battery is a high-quality Battery and laptops, digital cameras, and all the battery accessories that we know. It’s one of the best affiliate programs for electronics websites. You can earn a real income if you can send thousands of visitors who want to buy their products. Their customers spend, on average, from $20 to $2000 on a single purchase.

The program auto approves affiliates and you can start promoting it in the next few minutes. You earn 15% per sale and if you do maths, you can earn thousands of dollars each month. But, the only way to succeed is a high traffic website. Or, you can create a review on your blog and drive traffic from advertising networks for example.

USA4ink is one of the best inkjet and laser toner cartridge affiliate programs. They sell large great products from popular companies, such as Dell, Canon, Epson, Samsung, Brother, IBM, Panasonic, SHARP, and many others. This program offers a 30% commission from every sale. This company auto approves new affiliates.

2. Wonder Share

Wonder Share is a popular company that offers great tools, such as video converters, and editing tools. Also, they have a great application to recover iPhone, iPad, and iPod data in a few seconds. They offer other tools for Mac and PC data recovery. Affiliates earn up to 50% commission, and it depends on the product.

3. Best Buy

Best Buy, known as a consumer electronics retailer leader. It is a big electronic and review website, they have lots of products, from computers to iPhones and tablets. At the same time, their customers browse reviews to find good deals and save money. Affiliates earn $25 per mobile sales on average. For the other products, the Appliances’ commission is 5%, for laptops and tablets, you earn 1.7%.

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With Computing Geek Squad Services, the average commission is $25 and that’s high earnings if you have a website with lots of traffic. There are also other products to promote and their commissions range from 3 to 6%.

The Best Buy affiliate program runs on LinkShare, so you have to join LinkShare first, for free. It’s a big and premium affiliate network. Then, you can find the Best Buy program by entering the advertiser ID “38606” in the program search box, as the below screenshot, from the LinkShare dashboard:

Best Electronic Affiliate Programs

The best way to promote Best Buy products is to create detailed articles about them. Add your opinion and tell your readers about the pros and cons. Then, make sure to promote products that people are searching for. Laptops and Smartphones should be in your first level, then add other products, such as printers and accessories.

Electronic products are only successful when you promote them on a tech website or blog. The technology niche can help, but remember that you have to promote relevant products, and recommend them based on your own review, and not the others. You need to be honest with your readers, and they will buy from your links when they trust you.

4. Tiger Direct

Tiger Direct is another big online store, they receive thousands of visitors every day, from affiliates who make real income promoting electronic products, such as laptops, desktops, televisions, CPU processors, and many more home electronics and accessories.

Tiger Direct is a Google trusted store with a good review. You can join this program directly from your LinkShare dashboard. It’s the same affiliate network used by the above Best Buy program.

To apply for the Tiger Direct affiliate program, enter their ID “14028” in the search box as below:

Electronic Affiliate Program

Tiger Direct is a great revenue-sharing affiliate program, you earn 10% of every sale and you can expect thousands of dollars with high traffic websites or blogs.

5. Newegg

You can join this consumer electronics program from the Commission Junction network. Newegg sells over 500,000 products. So, you have a big opportunity to promote and make money with top quality products. You earn a 2.5% commission for every product sold through your links. This program offers a dedicated affiliate team to help.

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You can promote their electronic products with banner and text ads, you find them in your Commission junction dashboard after the signup.

6. Apple Affiliate Program

The famous Apple products convert well with review sites. People search the web for reviews and feedback about Apple products. They spend lots of money in their stores. With the experience of some friends, the Apple affiliate program is not easy to get accepted. You need thousands of daily visitors to your site, with high-quality content and your site must be in the tech niche.

That’s what you need to get approved for their program. But, remember that Apple is not any other brand, their products are sold by millions and you can make big commissions from iPhone, iPad, and so on.

These are not all the electronic affiliate programs to promote. But, it’s the best list of the trusted networks, they are a big business. However, to succeed with these programs, you need a solid website with engaged visitors, who trust your recommendations.

The best part about electronic and accessory products is that people buy them online, and look for discounts. Some of the above companies offer periodic discounts, especially, for the holidays. So, make sure to add that discount to your website and inform people about them. They will save money and you’ll make money at the same time.

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